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A personal trainer and nutritionist, Denise Allen works with individuals and families to help them achieve their fitness and health goals. She also has a passion for parenting and specializes in working with families in the area of food, nutrition and fitness for children.

Coach Denise Allen is a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Specialist, and Weight Management Specialist. She is a BBG Certified Group Fitness Specialist and a certified personal trainer. She is also a weight management specialist and a personal trainer. She provides her clients with the tools, information and motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Coach Denise Allen likes to use humor to get her message across to clients. She is a great motivator and will help you have the body you want, and the life you want, whether you have been struggling with your weight or not.

I am a healthy living coach, a Certified Diabetes Educator, and a Certified Personal Trainer. I am also the author of the book, “Just A Little Bite”, a cookbook that teaches you how to reduce calories to lose weight without starving yourself. By following my simple meal plans and eating smart, you will experience weight loss.. Read more about coaching and let us know what you think.

I work with them on a daily basis, so I am well aware of how fantastic their instructors are.

Denise Allen, one of them, will be introduced to you today. This way, you’ll be able to find out as well.


Denise Allen enjoys being on the go.

She’s been bopping along at her treadmill workstation for the whole of our hour-long phone conversation.

“What do you think of the desk?” I inquire of her.

“Do you like it? She shouts, “I adore it!” “With my feet on the ground, I simply feel so much better and more productive.”

She continues, “I’m like a monkey.” “It’s impossible for me to sit still.”

Denise is very serious about her affection for her desk. She is an ardent supporter of this piece of equipment since it has made a significant impact in her life.

However, she sees the funny side of a treadmill-focused workplace, while being a strong supporter of the walking desk. She jokes, “Of course, if I really need to focus, I sit down.”

Clearly, she is a lady who isn’t too serious about herself.

We can laugh at ourselves because we’ve grown up and accepted ourselves. Denise has earned and wears those characteristics with pride, having just celebrated her fifty-ninth birthday.

At the same time, as a self-described “A-type” personality, she has the vitality of many women half her age – and her need to learn more drives her continuous inquiry.

Grass-roots, yet with a lot of movement. Spirited, but astute. When you put it all together, it’s easy to understand why Denise is such a great instructor.

Denise Allen

Denise was fat as a kid, but you’d never guess it by looking at her now.

She was ridiculed for her weight, as were many overweight youngsters.

By the time she graduated from high school, she had adopted an active lifestyle and, not surprisingly, had lost weight.

Her heavier self, though, lingered in her mind. And that “little chubby girl” is still a part of her on the inside.

She understands how it feels to be self-conscious and uncomfortable in her own skin. Vulnerable, slightly ashamed, and vaguely humiliated. She understands how it feels to be evaluated only on the basis of her physical appearance rather than her skills and capabilities.

Denise’s work as a coach has been enhanced by these experiences, however unpleasant they may have been. She understands and respects her customers’ concerns and reluctance. She understands their motivations. She is aware of the situation.

“I’ve always been interested in health and wellness.”

She attempted to convince her family to eat a vegetarian diet when she was a child, years before vegetarianism became fashionable. Then, as a teenager, she got interested in various supplements and wanted to try them out.

Her family tolerated it all, but were perplexed by it, even though they ridiculed her about her whims. Denise, on the other hand, felt like an anomaly. What had piqued your interest? What was the point of it all? She had no idea where to put it.

She had no idea that her interests might lead her to her career since she lacked mentors and role models. As a result, when she started university, she decided to major in business.

Her choice “seemed like the proper thing to do at the time,” she adds. It served a useful purpose. Sensible. And, in some ways, business was a terrific match for her, given her apparent managerial and organizational skills. In addition, the hotel business, where she started her career, enabled her to blend her passion for people with her passion for travel. What could be better than that?

Meanwhile, her passion for fitness continued to simmer. Over the years, she took up many different activities, participating at different times and different seasons in running, Nordic skiing, biking, swimming, paddle boarding, hiking, and snowshoeing. She participated in triathlons and marathons. She was always up for trying something new.

She laughs, “Actually, I’m a bit ADD with my sports.”


Denise eventually got her personal trainer certification.

It was a hit with her. When her children were younger, the job provided her with flexibility and enabled her to plan her schedule around their needs. As a result, she gladly left her corporate career to work part-time in fitness and teach a few weekly courses.

She then co-founded a successful bath and body products business with a buddy. It was exciting, entertaining, and artistically gratifying, but they ultimately had to choose whether to grow the company or let it go, and with their children still requiring a lot of their attention, they chose to sell.

Denise continued to work as a personal trainer on the side throughout this time. But, now that her son had started college, she thought it was time to go back into the workforce.

She ended up as a national accounts manager for a big business that serviced the medical fitness sector, conducting webinar trainings.

The job was in some way related to health care. It required her to utilize her “OCD-level” organizing talents, as well as her outstanding people skills, since it was a training job.

Her greatest professional pleasure, however, came not from her “actual work,” but from instructing her weekly exercise class, as she gradually and painfully realized. To put it another way, she came from her “passion.” Denise felt suffocated in her job, no matter how hard she tried to appear differently. She wasn’t being true to herself.

During this trying time, one bright spot in her life was her developing connection with Calvin Buhler, a coworker at the time. Calvin had worked as a personal trainer, much like Denise. Calvin, like Denise, could tell the difference between respectable and untrustworthy experts in the industry. Calvin, like Denise, was a health and wellness enthusiast.

They lived in separate cities and only saw each other once in a while. When they did get together, though, their discussions energised her. So when Calvin told her about a coaching program he’d enrolled in via, she jumped on her treadmill and began doing some research.

“I knew I wanted to be a part of PN Coaching the moment I heard about it.”

She adds, “It sounded great for me.”

It wasn’t like she needed to drop a lot of weight. True, she had gained around ten pounds as a result of many years of professional unhappiness and excessive sitting. She hadn’t been able to move it even with the treadmill desk.

Still, her weight wasn’t the only reason she wanted to work with a coach. She saw this as an opportunity for development and learning, as well as a chance to concentrate on what was really important to her. A opportunity to rekindle her relationship with the person she wanted to be.

Denise began working with PN Coaching in 2012. And immediately from the outset, this seemed like a significant shift. It has nothing to do with weight!

She was discouraged, detached from her emotions, too exhausted to problem-solve, and brittle when she came to PN Coaching.

She was happily married, adored her children, and adored Lake Tahoe, where she now resides. But, for some reason, professional unhappiness had sapped much of her pleasure. She’d lost contact with everything that was important to her.

Her life felt dramatically altered by early September, after two months of coaching sessions, exercises, and routines. She welcomed each day with fresh optimism and purpose, since she was physically strong, emotionally resilient, and intellectually bright. Even her intimate connections seemed to bring her greater joy.

What’s the real kicker? Her weight had been constant up to that time.

In fact, she hadn’t dropped a single pound until late October.

Denise decided to join PN Coaching in order to reduce weight. She felt great even before she dropped the weight.

What had occurred?

The solution is straightforward. She had begun to live in accordance with her ideals. She was prioritizing the things she loved most by focusing on inner wellness.

She created a “purpose statement” around halfway through the training.

She said, “I will spend my life with health and wellbeing at the top of my priority list.” “I’ll keep setting a positive example for others. I will serve the freshest and healthiest meals to myself and my family. I want to spend as much time as possible in nature. I’m going to climb mountains, run through woods, swim in lakes, breathe fresh air, and realize how fortunate I am to be alive every day!”

And when she carried out the instructions in that statement, the additional weight dissipated, almost like a cloak that was no longer required.

Denise found patience to be the most difficult lesson to master.

“Patience, patience, patience is what I would tell any newcomer to the program. “However, it was very difficult for me,” she confesses.

I have faith in her. Allowing independent, quick-thinking high achievers like Denise to slow down may be very challenging.

“However, faster isn’t always better,” she argues. “PN Coaching provided me with the chance to do so. I got so much insight, so much self-awareness, from being forced, for the first time in my life, to slow down.”

Denise, for example, had always been her own best guinea pig when it comes to diet.

She’d found a few years ago, while suffering from hypothyroidism, that a Paleo diet appeared to be the greatest fit for her requirements.

But, with the help of coaching, she took a step farther and tried reducing sugar. She discovered she had fructose sensitivity as a result of the procedure. Too much sugar causes her liver to stall, much like putting the incorrect petrol in the car.

She may now make more educated food choices because of this information. She may respect her own metabolism and stay at her ideal weight.

She adds, “It’s all trial and error.” “We’re all a little different, and in the end, we have to find out what works best for us.” The beauty of this program is that it provides us all the resources we need to accomplish just that.”

Denise’s most significant commitment, apart from fitness and health, is her expanding extended family.

Denise’s family has expanded to include a son-in-law, daughter-in-law, and grandchild in the years since she joined PN!

She’s pleased that her children have acquired her adventurous spirit. They share her enthusiasm for doing good in the world and for seeing new places.

They share her passion for exercise as well.

With me as their mother, they didn’t have much of a chance to sit still,” Denise quips.

But it’s obvious she’s not remorseful about passing on her athleticism to kids. It’s a gift she’d want to share with her customers as well.

Denise Allen's Family

Denise is passionate about educating people and sharing her knowledge on how to eat, exercise, and live a healthy lifestyle.

Calvin Buhler adds, “She sees potential in individuals even when they can’t see it themselves.” “And she’s a natural communicator. She is able to connect to individuals from all walks of life and assist them in understanding difficult situations.”

Denise Allen is a coach that can help you make significant changes. She is dynamic, organized, and enthusiastic, and she has the knowledge of experience.

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