Commit to Yoga: 10 Reasons Why Your Best Friend Is Your Perfect Yoga Partner

Struggling to stay consistent in your yoga sessions? Having your best friend as your yoga partner can make you commit and make yoga much more fun! Committing to any activity, such as yoga, can be challenging, especially if you are just starting out. You probably joined a yoga session very motivated and determined. But just a week later, laziness kicks in, and you feel like doing it tomorrow, which never comes.

Do you know the solution to this problem? Your best friend! Yes, just like they make all of your problems easier to deal with, having your best friend by your side can be the best motivation.  In this article, we have listed ten reasons why your best friend is your perfect yoga partner.

You Don’t Have to Do Yoga Sessions Alone.

Starting off yoga itself can get overwhelming, and having no familiar faces around can make it worse. With your best friend by your side, you don’t have to attend any yoga sessions alone.

Set a time when both of you are free and sign up for a yoga lesson or even practice at home together. If you are someone who can’t stick to a routine, knowing that someone is doing it with you will make it easier to be consistent. You can make this your own BFF yoga time!

They Will Motivate You

Best friends are our support system. A lot of times, we know what is good for us but are not motivated enough to follow through. A best friend is always there to give that little push you need.

So if you are ever tired after a long, busy day at work and just want to sink into your bed or just feel too lazy, your best friend will make sure they pick you up and make you do your routine yoga with them.

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It Makes Yoga Fun

Yoga might seem like another routine work that needs to be done. This mindset can make it feel harder than it actually is. What if you could change your perspective a bit? Your best friend can actually make yoga feel like another fun activity you two are engaged in.

They Make You Feel Comfortable

If you are a beginner, even thinking about your first few yoga classes can make you feel uneasy. You may feel insecure about your body among all the toned bodies of the yogis in your class.

You may think you look awkward in your yoga pants or may feel uncomfortable trying different positions in a room full of strangers. But when you have your dear friend around, you feel more at ease and focus less on what other people may think of you.

You, Will, Get Better

Having a partner makes you better at anything. Both of you will push each other to bring improvement to your sessions. You become more competitive and always want to be better.

Having your best friend as your yoga partner, you will have someone you can compare your progress with. If you are doing yoga alone, you won’t see how much better you are getting.  But with a partner, you can clearly feel your progress, which will eventually boost your confidence too. In this way, you will be unlocking your full potential in no time.

You Get a Boost of Confidence

Are you afraid that you might embarrass yourself in your yoga class amidst all the pros? Your best friend will wipe away that fear and give you the boost of confidence that you need.

Having them by your side makes you care less about your mistakes and hence, helps you focus on more important things, such as learning the yoga poses right.

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You Can Learn Partner Poses

Do you ever scroll through your social media and see people doing photogenic yoga poses with their partners? Making your bestie your yoga partner is your chance to do those poses!

There are lots of yoga poses that need a partner, so if you are practicing solo, you might be missing out on that fun – and perhaps more challenging – poses. With your friend, you can learn partner poses as well as take cool photos for your Instagram feed!

They Don’t Care About Your Mess.

Any form of exercise can make us a bit conscious. You might be worried about sweating a lot and wondering if you stink or have flushed cheeks or a very bad hair day.  But the good news is, your best friend really doesn’t care about this mess. They have seen you at your worst, and seeing you sweaty or stinky is never a biggie for them. So you can practice with them with no awkwardness at all, which is never going to be possible with a stranger as your yoga partner.

You Can Share Things with Them

Whether you need a pair of yoga pants, cute tops, water bottles, yoga mats, or even have a crush at your yoga class, your best friend is always there to have your back.

You don’t have to buy a lot of yoga pants. You – along with your friend – can buy what you like and share them whenever you feel like it. Talk about having two pairs of pants for the price of one!  This is also true for fancy water bottles and even yoga mats. And that cute yogi you are eyeing in your class, your bestie can actually be your wingman or wingwoman and set you up!

It Makes Your Friendship Stronger

You may think that your friendship with your best friend is already the strongest it will ever be. But having them as your yoga partner will definitely make your friendship deeper and stronger.

You see them almost every day, following through a lifestyle routine with them, making memories, and learning something new every single day. Be the BFFs who stay healthy together!


Making your best friend your yoga partner is the best thing to do, whether you need to stay committed or you just want comfort.

They will keep you motivated, help you maintain a routine, and make you feel at ease. You both will grow through this and also get better at yoga. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a yoga course now with your best friend!

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