Delta 9 Candies: A Delicious Way to Explore Delta-9 THC


If you’re a veteran marijuana user, the idea of using delta 9 candies or gummies to attain a high may feel alien to you. This is especially the case if you come from an era where the strongest weed carried single-digit THC, with little of that sweet sinsemilla in sight.

To say that the landscape has changed is an understatement, akin to suggesting that the Kardashians might be on television and social media a little too much. These days, it is normal for weed to have 20% THC or more, with 30% monsters lurking in the shadows. Then there are joints laced with rosin or moon rocks, not to mention concentrates with over 90% THC!

What delta 9 candies and similar edibles offer is a tasty way to consume THC. Perhaps more importantly, you can rely on such products to give you a reliable measure of how much THC you’ve consumed, assuming they have third-party lab reports.

Below, I look at what might happen when you consume delta 9 candies, but first, let’s learn more about how strong weed was in a previous generation.

The Truth About the Olden Days

Movies like Up in Smoke might give you the impression that there was seriously strong weed available in the 1960s and 1970s. The reality is quite different. Remember, marijuana wasn’t legal in any state medicinally until California broke the modern prohibition seal in the 1990s.

It was less a case of strong marijuana not being available and more about a lack of access. There was practically no sinsemilla weed available (less than 5%) until about a decade into the 21st century. Then, things got a little crazy. With an increase in legality, breeders began growing more and experimenting, leading to some extremely potent stuff.


According to research, the average THC content of products seized by the DEA was about 4% in 1995. By 2014, that percentage had grown to 12%. You can bet that any similar study these days will have that figure close to, or above, 20%.

Of course, smoking marijuana is fun and is considered a social habit. Nonetheless, not everyone wants to be vilified for their usage of weed, nor do they want the scent of smoke on their clothes and hair. This is where delta 9 candies come into their own.

The Benefits of Delta 9 Edibles

The thing about smoking marijuana is that you’re never quite sure how much THC you’re consuming. Even if you know the THC percentage and the precise amount of flower you’ve added to your joint, there are other calculations to consider, which means it’s all but impossible to get a proper idea of your consumption level.

By contrast, when you try candies such as delta 9 THC gummies, you know exactly how much THC they contain. Take the D9 gummies provided by Premium Jane as our example. This reputable brand has decided to combine delta 9 and CBD into one candy. Thus, you get 10mg of delta 9 THC plus 10mg of CBD in each gummy. It isn’t easy to find such a product, and users suggest that the addition of cannabidiol makes the experience even more pleasant.


If you’re a THC novice, it’s probably best to begin with half a gummy. If you find delta 9 candies with even more THC per unit, perhaps you should reduce your intake to a quarter of a gummy.

Also, please remember that it could take up to 120 minutes for you to notice the effects of this edible. This means you should not consume any additional THC after your initial dose until the next day. There are many examples of people overdoing it by taking several edibles because they didn’t feel the effects right away. Needless to say, consuming 50mg of THC wasn’t quite as much fun as using a small amount!

For those moving onto D9 after using D8, remember that while structurally similar, the two cannabinoids are far from being the same. In the delta 8 vs. delta 9 debate, it’s essential to note that D9 is about twice as potent as D8, so bear this in mind.

Use Delta 9 Candies Sensibly & Enjoy the Effects

Those who try delta 9 edibles such as gummies may feel the urge to use more than the recommended amount. After all, they taste great, and you won’t feel the impact right away. However, please resist the temptation. Consume only a small amount at first because you can’t quite tell how you will be affected.

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