Easy Slow Cooker Corned Beef Silverside

Silverside is a traditional Irish dish where the meat is rolled in salt, pepper, and sugar before cooking. The beef is then braised in a pan of boiling water with onions until it becomes tender.

The how long to cook corned beef in slow cooker is a recipe for Corned Beef Silverside that can be made in the oven or on the stove.

This has been a family favorite since I was a child; it’s a quick and simple recipe that yields delicate, fall-apart meat. Enjoy my Slow Cooker Corned Beef Silverside recipe.

Slow Cooker Corned Beef

Corned beef is best cooked slowly, so a slow cooker is ideal – but you can also make it in an Instant Pot or multi cooker, so I’ll give instructions for that as well. 

Sliced Corned Silverside with Mashed Potato & Mustard

Corned Beef Silverside is a kind of corned beef.

Corned beef is a piece of beef called brisket that is cured for a lengthy period of time in a salty brine, a process known as “corning.” You can make a beautiful tender meat by cooking it long and slow. As you begin to slice it, it should truly come apart! 

It has a unique pink color that results from the curing process, which stabilizes the meat’s color. So don’t be alarmed if the color indicates that it hasn’t been cooked properly; you’ll know it’s done when it’s nice and soft and falling apart! 

Family Favourite Corned Beef


Corned beef may be made in a variety of ways, from the simple recipe I describe to using ginger ale, adding veggies, and more! I like to keep things as straightforward as possible. My technique still yields a beautiful result, and I keep these materials on hand at all times. 

Table Served Corned Silverside


Corned beef is best cooked over a low heat for a long period, preferably between 7 and 9 hours; but, if you don’t have the time to cook it on low, you may cook it on high for 4-6 hours. 

I just used a pinch of brown sugar, a dash of malt vinegar, and enough water to nearly cover the meat. That concludes our discussion. Preparation takes just a few minutes. 

Slow Cooker Beef Brisket Corned


I usually rinse the corned beef well before putting it in the slow cooker to minimize the salt content. We serve this with mashed potatoes, veggies, and a mustard sauce as is our custom. 

My husband loves corned beef sandwiches, so the following day I had the cold meat on fresh white bread – try it, it’s delicious! 

Ingredients and Method for Corned Beef in the Slow Cooker

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Just Slow Cooker Recipes Corned Beef

So, here’s my recipe for Slow Cooker Corned Beef Silversides.

I hope you have as much fun with this one as we have over the years. 

Just Slow Cooker Recipes Corned Beef

Silverside Corned Beef in a Slow Cooker

4-6 servings

Time to prepare: 5 minutes

Time to prepare: 8 hours

Time total: 8 hours and 5 minutes

Only a few ingredients and delicate fall-apart meat in this delicious slow-cooked corned beef silverside.


  • 1.5kg Silverside Corned Beef
  • 2 tablespoons sugar (brown)
  • 1 tbsp. Malt Vinegar
  • Almost enough water to cover the meat


  1. Rinse the corned meat well to eliminate any salty brine.
  2. Add the meat, brown sugar, and vinegar to the slow cooker.
  3. Pour water over the meat until it is nearly submerged.
  4. Cook for 7-9 hours on LOW or 4-6 hours on HIGH, or until the meat is cooked and easy to break apart at the edges, covered with the slow cooker lid.
  5. Carefully transfer the slow cooker contents onto a dish, leaving the liquid remain.
  6. Cut into slices and serve.
  7. Enjoy!
  8. Refrigerate leftovers for excellent sandwiches the following day.


Instant Pot Corned Beef in a Multi Cooker

Using the same manner as before, cover and pressure cook for 1 hour 45 minutes, let steam to escape via the vent before gently removing and serving.

I hope you like this beautiful, simple recipe; there are no complicated methods required to make great, flavorful corned beef!


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Good luck with your cooking!



Slow Cooker Corned Beef Pin



The corned beef slow cooker spices is a recipe that uses a crock pot to cook corned beef. It cooks the meat in the spices and water for 8 hours on low.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should corned beef be covered with water in slow cooker?

No, corned beef should not be covered with water in the slow cooker.

Is corned beef the same as silverside?

No, corned beef is a type of meat that has been cured in brine or salt. Silverside is a type of fish with a silver-colored belly and a white back.

Why is my slow cooker corned beef tough?

I am not a cooker.

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