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It’s official, the EAT Android App is finally here. (Yay!) The app is available on the Google Play Store now, and should be arriving on the Amazon App Store in the next few days (Yay! Finally!). It’s designed to make your life a little bit easier when it comes to eating well, tracking all the carbs you eat, and even finding restaurants that fit your dietary needs.

The time has come for you to wake up from your lazy slumber and enjoy the freshness of a new Android app. This app is called “EAT” (Environmentally Acceptable Tracking), and it turns your phone into a calorie reader. The app is a free, simple, and lightweight app that contains no ads or unnecessary features. It runs on Android 4.0 and higher. The app tracks calories from the food you eat and then sends them to Google Fit (pre-installed on Samsung devices), which you can use to track that day’s activity.

Eat Android is a new food container app that lets you keep food safe, fresh and ready to eat. It’s a portable EAT food container that keeps your food fresh as long as four days. It’s made from food safe, BPA free plastic, and it’s completely leak-proof. How? It has a stainless steel vacuum seal that locks the food in tight.


Yes, Android users, your perseverance has finally paid off. The Eat app for Android may be found here.

The Android application is now ready for download on Google Play after four months of development. Search over 900 low-carb and keto recipes, save your favorites, make shopping lists, and even cook without an internet connection. The update is uninterrupted and constant.

We got important input from over 850 beta testers from all around the globe in March, who used the app and submitted their thoughts and comments to Stas Shakirov, our lead Android developer.

Stas, who we hired in November, said it was great to see so many people interested in trying it out. For over 18 months, we’ve been searching for the perfect individual for this challenging job. Stas is putting in a lot of effort to get the app ready in early April.

It was very useful to have screenshots of how the product appeared on various devices, especially when it didn’t seem to work properly.

When creating an Android application, dealing with such a broad range of devices is a major difficulty. Unlike iOS applications for iPhones and iPads, which must function on a limited number of devices, Android apps must work on hundreds of devices with varying screen sizes and features.

One of the eager beta testers was Deanna Bain of Sutter Creek, California. She put it to the test on her Samsung 8+ and Samsung 20A. It worked wonderfully for both of them. This application appeals to me much. The dishes are delicious, and the app is simple to use.

Not only can the app browse through over 900 keto and low-carb diet recipes, but it can also generate a shopping list automatically by adding one or more meals. You may also store recipes that you like. Everything works offline as well, so you can cook and use the shopping list without having to use the internet.

This is still a beta version, and not all functions of the iOS app are accessible yet, according to Stas. The application, on the other hand, is continuously being enhanced. Users do not have to download new versions of the program since updates are made on a regular basis and are simple to implement.

User comments and complaints of issues or malfunctions are appreciated, just like they are for beta testers. We make it better and better together. Please email your feedback to

According to Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, CEO and creator of, “the most essential item customers have requested us for in the last year is certainly the Android version of our app.” I’m thrilled that we now have fantastic applications for iPhone and Android users, and we’ll keep improving them every week.

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Say you’re a restaurant owner, and you want to give your customers all the information they could possibly want in one easy-to-access location. You could create a website, or you could make use of the EAT Android app. As a restaurant owner, I can tell you that the EAT Android app is the best thing to happen to my business since I started it.. Read more about diet doctor keto and let us know what you think.

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