Explore Key Factors That Trigger Criminal Behavior

You must have heard that a criminal act takes place only when there seems to be a motive, an opportunity, and a means. The best way to understand what criminal behavior is all about; you may attempt to gain sound knowledge and comprehension of criminogenic requirements. These requirements are traits related to criminal behavior and thinking, according to Police 1. Criminology has unveiled several risk factors that may trigger criminal behavior.

In 2018, around 1.2 million violent cases of crime were recorded by the FBI. Moreover, around 7 million property-related crimes were reported in the United States. These statistics, unfortunately, demonstrate that we cannot deny that crime is an integral part of American society. However, each individual committing a crime is motivated by a unique life situation and reasons; experts have identified a few predominant factors that lead to criminal behavior.

Biological Factors

The brain’s chemical makeup may lead to several complications, from epilepsy to clinical depression. Experts firmly believe that your Biology may prompt an individual to indulge in criminal activities. It does not imply that you are born a criminal. Biological factors such as differences in autonomic arousal, neuroendocrine functioning, and neurobiology may motivate you to commit crimes.

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Dysfunctional Family

Often, due to the absence of active family support and emotional bond, individuals may be inclined toward criminal activities. An individual may lack the necessary family support when confronted with problems, and there may be a lack of proper communication between him and his family. Often family members are involved in criminal activities. Individuals learn to follow the examples set by others. Moreover, adverse experiences in the growing up years may boost the chances of criminal behavior. According to several studies and research, individuals often become convicted criminals because they face 4 x as many hostile childhood incidents as non-criminals.

Lack of Self-Control

Self-control is the ability to control one’s impulsiveness and temperament. People who lack self-control may end up doing things they never thought of doing in the heat of the moment. They generally do not deliberate or think before springing into action.

Anti-Social Thoughts & Values

Some criminals demonstrate criminal thinking. They embrace criminal rationalization and firmly believe that the criminal act they were involved in was justified. People with such a mindset will have no remorse or regret for their criminal acts or behavior.

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Initiating the Bail Bond Procedure

You may land up in custody, thanks to your criminal bent of mind or any of the above-discussed risk factors. You should seek bail when arrested. You cannot wait in prison till your hearing in court, as that can be frustrating for you. You may seek bail. Contact a bail bondsman at the earliest. Once the bail bondsman is satisfied that you are qualified for bail, he will prepare the relevant complex documentation or paperwork. You may require filling out some crucial documents like bail bond application, promissory note, and bond agreement.

The agreement will highlight the bond amount, the expected premium, your commitments as a signer, the terms and conditions that point out the duties and responsibilities of the defendant, and how violating a condition or rule can adversely influence his free status. Once the paperwork is complete, you have to pay the necessary charges or initial payment. Your bail bondsman will pay the set bail amount on your behalf and make sure that all is well for the release process to get started. Get in touch with a bail bondsman in Caswell County, NC to get out of jail quickly.


The bail bondsman will provide accurate answers to all your queries to make sure that you have a sound understanding of your role and also the exact role played by the bail bondsman. You must understand how to avoid any adverse legal actions against you.

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