What Causes Fire Accidents at Work? How to Prevent it?

Fire is the leading cause of fatal work accidents, causing thousands of deaths and costing billions of dollars in property damage yearly. Fire safety consists of many aspects that need to be integrated into your organization’s plans.

Understanding the causes of these accidents and implementing preventive measures is crucial in ensuring a safe work environment. One common cause of workplace fires is the improper use or absence of automatic door closers.

For businesses and companies, it’s vital to spot potential dangers, prevent accidents, and save their workers’ lives. In addition, every business must work on fire safety to avoid paying fire injury claims.

Common Causes of Fire at Workplace

Generally, electric short circuits are the main reason behind fire accidents in the workplace. However, different causes might leave you injured in a fire accident at your workplace. The leading causes of fire accidents at work are:

  • Electrical Fires are most familiar with faulty or incorrectly installed wiring, poor insulation, and faulty wiring.
  • Smoking Materials Catching Light – smoking materials have an ignition temperature that is not too high, meaning they can start on their own if they come into contact with something hot enough.
  • Mechanical Ventilation Equipment Malfunctions – these can occur if the blower in the machinery or ventilation system is not working correctly.
  • Dusty Working Environment – this can make workers susceptible to fire from static electricity and dust, which, when combined, increase the risk of ignition.
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Preventive Fire Safety Measures at Workplace

While it’s impossible to identify every possible cause that can lead to fire accidents at work, there are a few safety measures that can help you prepare for any situation. The following are some of the main fire safety measures to prevent fire at work:

  • Earthing – this involves linking electrical equipment in a building to the ground. This technique is helpful because it safely discharges any faults from electrical systems and protects against electrocution.
  • Emergency Evacuation Procedures – these should be put into place to save your workers’ lives in case of fire or other disaster hazards.
  • Installing Fire Extinguishers – Make sure to install fire extinguishers and sprinklers in convenient places around your workspace.
  • Regular Testing Of Fire Suppression Equipment – ensure you test your fire suppression equipment and that it is not worn out or damaged, as well as servicing it regularly.
  • Proper Storage for Flammable Chemicals – ensure that any potentially hazardous chemicals are safely stored away with all staff trained on the correct handling procedures and usage. Keep any chemicals that have the potential to start a fire in storage areas like these flammable cabinets with STOREMASTA design.

Additionally, conduct timely maintenance of the ventilation system to ensure it’s working correctly. Ensure filters are cleaned, chemicals are at the proper levels, and adequate oxygen is available. Getting in touch with fire protection services in Houston, or one nearer to you, can certainly help with taking the necessary measures mentioned above in order to prevent a fire in your workplace.

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Pursuing Fire Injury Claims

Do you want to pursue your worker’s compensation claim? Every company recognizes the importance of fire safety measures, as there are laws that deal with workers’ compensation in case of a fire accident. If you are eligible to pursue your compensation claim, contacting a reputable workers comp or personal injury lawyer will help you obtain your entitlement benefits.

Fire accidents can cause serious trouble by causing troubles and pose a significant threat to everyone in the workplace. Therefore it’s best to encourage safe practices and take part in necessary measures to ensure the workplace is safe.

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