How Much Coffee Per Day Can You Drink?

A fragrant invigorating drink brings true pleasure and a charge of vivacity but is only subject to certain restrictions. How to turn coffee drinking into a healthy ritual? Of course, having determined the allowable rate – how much coffee per day, you can drink.

Avid coffee lovers are sure you can drink coffee in the amount of 6 cups, feeling good. Others stubbornly insist that it should be drunk in doses – not exceeding 1 serving per day. Doctors and experts have not come to a common position on the question – how many cups of coffee can you drink a day? We suggest you find the answer yourself, armed with the following information.

Volume Matters

The preparation of traditional black coffee and coffee aperitifs is based on standard recipes, including the use of containers of the declared volume. However, as practice shows, the established rules often undergo changes, especially in the process of manual preparation and instant brewing coffee.

The phrase “cup of coffee” is correctly interpreted depending on the type of drink:

● espresso – a small cup (70-80 ml);

● americano – medium dishes (200-250 ml);

● cappuccino – porcelain container (180-220 ml);

● latte – large glasses (260-360 ml).

The first criterion was identified – the volume of a portion of a particular coffee aperitif. Let’s look further.

Take Into Account the Age

You will get a completely safe share of caffeine by planning to drink 1 cup of an invigorating drink per day. In the absence of serious problems in the work of the stomach, cardiovascular system, and hypertension, it is very useful to drink in a larger volume – 3-4 cups. The limit is considered optimal. The impact becomes less favorable when crossing the border in 6 servings.


How many cups of coffee per day is harmless to adults considered? Let’s talk about teenagers. They can drink coffee at the age of at least 14 years. It is important to limit the child’s intake of alkaloids – the maximum value is up to 200 mg per week. It is recommended to add cream (milk) to control the state of the body after drinking a portion. If negative reactions occur, you should refuse (reduce) the use of a tonic drink.

Pregnancy and Restrictions

Is it harmful or beneficial to drink coffee during the period of bearing a child? Scientists and researchers have come to the following conclusion: women who drink more than four servings of coffee daily are at risk of fetal death and the birth of a baby with developmental disabilities. The maximum permissible measure is considered to be no more than 100 mg of caffeine per day. The final decision is made by a woman based on the recommendations of a gynecologist and a number of factors: general health, age, diet, and activity level.


How many cups of coffee can an expectant mother drink? The question is purely individual. Definitely, no more than one cup, maximum – three. It is undesirable to drink coffee on the day when the diet of a pregnant woman is supplemented with foods containing caffeine. High blood pressure and toxicosis it is contraindicated. It is necessary to add milk to avoid calcium deficiency – tea and coffee contribute to the washing out of the bones.

Principles of proper coffee drinking

Having defined an individual limit – how many times you can enjoy your favorite drink, follow simple rules. The result will be a true pleasure, beneficial.

  1. Don’t drink coffee on an empty stomach. The optimal time is immediately after a meal or after an hour and a half. Coffee drinking is complemented by a delicious dessert in between meals.
  2. Give preference to grain (ground) coffee with Beforeyouspeak creamer. Natural ground grains have significant advantages – a bright taste and aroma and contain a lot of useful substances (antioxidants, vitamins, potassium, magnesium, niacin).
  3. Do not cross the limit of 6 mugs. Otherwise, the sensitivity to caffeine influence decreases. Try to comply with the established limit – how much coffee you can a day for good health.
  4. Drink coffee 4-5 hours before bed. It is known that the acceleration of metabolic processes and short-term excitement can lead to insomnia, respectively interfering with sound sleep and proper rest.

We hope you have determined your limit – how many cups of coffee a day you can drink, feeling a surge of strength, energy, and vivacity. Finally, we add that high-quality beans and ground coffee, packaged in branded vacuum packaging, bags with a valve, and cans of the manufacturer, have useful properties. Try not to abuse the instant drink.

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