Jersey Mike’s Sub in a Tub is Yummy and Perfect for Keto

Jersey Mike’s Sub in a Tub is Yummy and Perfect for Keto

If you’re looking for the tastiest way to stay on track with your Keto diet, look no further than Jersey Mike’s Sub in a Tub! Enjoy all the delicious flavors of your favorite sub sandwich without worrying about all the carbs and guilt – it’s truly a yummy and perfect Keto meal.

What is Jersey Mikes Tub?

Jersey Mike’s Sub in a Tub is an easy way for customers to enjoy their favorite cold deli sandwiches to-go. The tubs contain a full sub made with 100% natural ingredients — including meats that are roasted, sliced and packaged in-house — along with fresh veggies and cheese. Customers also can choose from a variety of breads, condiments, and other customizing options to create their perfect sandwich.

Tub sandwiches are perfect for anyone who wants a delicious sub on the go, but they’re especially great for people following a Keto-friendly diet. Because each order is made-to-order, customers can customize their sandwich with no-carb options such as extra meats and cheese, as well as low-carb dressings like olive oil and vinegar or Jersey Mike’s signature vinegar and oil blend. The convenient Tuber also allows customers to ditch buns or bread altogether for even fewer carbs!

Can Jersey Mikes do a lettuce wrap?

Yes, Jersey Mike’s makes wrapping your favorite sub in a lettuce wrap an easy alternative. Ask your sandwich artist to wrap your deli opt-in in fresh lettuce for a low carb option. Depending on the ingredients you choose for your sub, you can make it a fit for almost any diet or lifestyle. Choose from lettuce wraps, gluten-free options, vegetarian sandwiches and more!

What oil and vinegar does Jersey Mikes use?

When you order any sub from Jersey Mike’s, you have a variety of tasty oils and vinegars to choose from. Their signature olive oil and red wine vinegar dressing is the perfect complement for their subs in a tub. They also offer white balsamic vinaigrette, red Italian dressing, and creamy Caesar dressing — providing ample options to bring out the flavor of your favorite sandwich. With their unique blend of ingredients, each dressing adds its own unique flair to any sub in a tub. As an alternative marinade option, customers can also choose to substitute one of these dressings into their subs in lieu of olive oil and red wine vinegar — making a keto-friendly meal complete with delicious flavors.

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