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This is a note for anyone interested in getting into ketogenic nutrition training or looking to become stronger on their ketogenic diet. I have been a huge fan of the ketogenic diet for a long time and I would like to share my knowledge with those who are just getting started or are looking to become stronger on their ketogenic diet.

The ketogenic diet has been well documented as a powerful and effective tool for weight management. The ketogenic diet involves a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet such as the Atkins, the South Beach or the Zone diets. The diet is designed to force the body to use fat as its primary fuel and produces a state of ketosis in the body.

A few months ago, I founded a ketogenic nutrition training program with a personal chef from Swiggy (an online food delivery platform). The program aims to provide high quality content on the benefits of a ketogenic diet to an audience of aspiring health and fitness enthusiasts. It is aimed at people with less than 6% body fat and a body mass index (BMI) of less than 30. But we need your help to spread the word!


A new online keto training and certification program is now available for dietitians, nutritionists, and other health professionals who want to enhance their keto certification.

The renowned American Nutrition Association created and released the online course. Jeff Wolek, PhD, Parker Hyde, PhD, Dr. David Perlmutter, Dr. Ted Nyman, cancer researcher Mariam Kalamian, and nutritionist Amy Berger are among the course’s founders and writers, all of whom are well-known figures in the area of keto nutrition.

The Ketogenic Nutrition Education Program of the American Dietetic Association

Nina Teicholz sent an email to the following address:

It’s interesting since the ANA, which includes the American College of Nutrition, is a strong group. It’s incredible that they would build such a structure.

There are two levels to the curriculum. Ketogenic Nutrition Basics is the first level, which consists of two courses and about 24 hours of online instruction. It goes through the fundamental ideas and science of the ketogenic diet, as well as its history and how to put one together. This training enables medical trainers and dietitians to assist clients with the keto diet without having to be certified.

Advanced Ketogenic Nutrition is the second, more intense level, which is intended for certified nutritionists and health professionals. The course is divided into six parts and contains about 70 hours of online instruction. The ketogenic diet for a variety of health conditions, including diabetes, PCOS, epilepsy, cancer, and neurological disorders, is covered in the modules, which include not only the first two offered in the first degree course, but also additional training on the ketogenic diet for a variety of health conditions.

Participants may take a certification test after completing a higher level course and, if successful, become a Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist (CKNS).

The main aim of the new program, according to the ANA, is to educate professionals on the proper, safe, and successful therapeutic use of the ketogenic diet in a range of chronic metabolic disorders.

Many people now claim to be ketogenic treatment specialists and sue their customers for their services, with little or no verification of the quality of their services and recommendations. An approved training program and certification procedure would be a fantastic addition to assist the general public in finding competent experts to assist them on their keto journey.

You may also take advantage of our free CME course available online. Physicians, nurses, dietitians, and physician assistants may receive recognized continuing education credits for participating in the course. Keep an eye out for information on our next low-carb health coach training. Soon, everyone will be able to get practical, science-based instruction in carbohydrate-free diet to improve health.


Check out our updated list of physicians that advocate for a low-carb lifestyle.

Doctors that specialize in low-carb diets are delighted to be included among them: There are six reasons why it is critical for world health.

A training for doctors on treating patients on a low-carb diet


For physicians, low-carb and ketogenic diets are recommended.

Do you work as a medical assistant or know a doctor? Are you curious in low-carb and ketogenic diets? If that’s the case, feel free to use or share this material!

A new ketogenic nutrition training program has been launched in the UK. It is designed to help people suffering from obesity, and the current BMI (Body Mass Index) values in the UK where a BMI between 25-30 is considered being overweight, and over 30 being obese.. Read more about ketogenic diet diploma and let us know what you think.

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