Low Carb Fettuccine Alfredo

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love food. I love to try recipes, and I especially love to make my own food. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. There’s nothing I enjoy more than sitting down at the table with a great meal and a glass of wine and just relaxing. I’ve been cooking with the best of us for over 30 years, and have cooked and served thousands of people in that time.

The traditional Alfredo sauce is made from cream, butter, and Parmesan cheese, and it’s probably one of the most delicious foods ever invented. As a fat committment blog, I’m told that fat is not the enemy. However, it’s high in calories (about 500 calories per cup) and it can derail your weight loss efforts. I’ve been experimenting with fettuccine Alfredo recipes for a few months now and I’ve come up with one that’s far better for you.

Fettuccine Alfredo, aka fettuccine alfredo, that creamy, buttery, cheesy pasta dish that is often topped with cream and Parmesan, is one of the most famous Italian dishes. Traditionally, fettuccine is made with butter and cream, and is usually served with Parmesan cheese and a nice glass of white wine.. Read more about low carb fettuccine noodles recipe and let us know what you think.

When You Miss Carbs, Try This Keto Alfredo Sauce (Alfredo Sauce)

Pasta has never been one of my favorite meals, but when given the opportunity, I could eat a lot of it! My two greatest weaknesses have always been cereal and any bread or roll that could be slathered in butter, but as Matthew stated in a previous article, we’ve perfected The Best Keto Bread on the Internet and don’t miss it. However, I’m missing pasta more than ever, and when I’m missing something, I have to replicate it keto-style, which is precisely what we did. We offer to you our Fettuccine Alfredo Low Carb with Blackened Shrimp, a rich and creamy keto alfredo sauce that will not disappoint. 

low carb fettucine alfredo final picture  

The Ultimate Duet of Keto Alfredo Sauce and Blackened Shrimp

Matthew and I usually work together on the whole meal, with spoons and forks flying, spices pouring, and feet stomping on each other (human and cat). It’s like a lovely dance! This time, though, we decided to make the meal more of a duet. I made the Keto Alfredo sauce and Matthew made the blackened shrimp, and they both turned out great!  

Keto Alfredo Sauce is the first performer. 

I started the performance by gathering the necessary components for a classic Alfredo sauce:

  • creme fraiche
  • Butter
  • Whipping Cream (Heavy)
  • Parmigiano-Reggiano
  • Powdered garlic
  • Season with salt and pepper.

I chose classic since I hadn’t had a decent Alfredo sauce in a long time, and I thought the subtlety of a traditional sauce would complement the highly seasoned blackened shrimp well! It’s crucial to know who will be playing with you in any musical composition so you can play to your own skills as well as the strengths of the second performer! I knew not just the second performer well, but also how he operated in the kitchen and what he had planned for the shrimp, which made my job much simpler.

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I added the ingredients to the pot one by one, allowing one to absorb the flavors of the others and tasting as I went. It’s usually a good idea to sample your meals before serving them, particularly sauces, since they’ll probably be the star of the show, covering everything in sight! I had perfected the sauce after allowing it to reduce. I reduced the heat to a low simmer and waited for Matthew to finish his act.  

Blackened Shrimp is the second performer. 

Matthew had already started putting together the seasoning for the shrimp as I was preparing the sauce, just like in any great duet. He chose to use:

  • Paprika
  • Powdered garlic
  • Powdered onion
  • Thyme
  • Cayenne
  • Season with salt and pepper.

low carb fettucine alfredo blackened shrimp spices

As I continued to mix the Alfredo sauce, he liberally seasoned the shrimp and put them on a hot pan. We were in complete agreement at the time. After a few minutes, the shrimp were perfectly seared and “blackened.” We knew it would not only taste great, but it would also make for a great picture opportunity.

low carb fettucine alfredo blackened shrimp cooking  

The Ideal Combination

The two major sections were finished and put away. We knew we couldn’t use pasta, but we wanted something that had a spaghetti-like texture. You’ve been missing out if you haven’t tried the zero-carb, zero-calorie noodle! For this meal, we used Miracle Noodles, which are available in a variety of brands.

We started by rinsing and drying the noodles with paper towels. Second, we dried them out even more by heating them in a skillet for approximately 5-7 minutes. The second step we performed is not required by the packaging instructions, however it is strongly recommended for these noodles. It aids in the loss of their jelly-like consistency and strange odor. We covered them in the Keto Alfredo sauce when they were fully dry. It was fantastic! We finished the show by plating the blackened shrimp on top of the noodles and sprinkling parsley on top. All that remained was to eat and enjoy!

Our Fettuccine Alfredo with Blackened Shrimp uses zero carb, zero calorie noodles for a perfect ketogenic meal!

low carb fettucine alfredo final picture

Fettuccine Alfredo Low Carb

Low-carb creamy pasta dish with parmesan taste and blackened shrimp on top.

40-minute total time

4 person servings

Serving size (calories) 250kcal

Time to Prepare: 10 minutes

30 minutes to prepare


Seasoning for Blackened Shrimp (Makes Enough For a Few Batches)


Alfredo Sauce

  • In a small sauce pan over low heat, melt the butter and cream cheese.

  • Stir in the heavy cream and parmesan cheese until everything is well mixed.

  • Garlic powder, salt, and pepper to taste.

  • Rinse and dry the gluten-free noodles. You may also cook them for 5 minutes in a pan over medium heat (optional).

  • Pour as much or as little Alfredo Sauce as you want over the noodles and toss to mix.

Seasoning for Blackened Shrimp

  • In a mixing dish, combine all of the ingredients.

  • Season the shrimp with salt and pepper.

  • Place a tbsp of coconut oil in a skillet over high heat and add the shrimp.

  • Cook until the vegetables are soft and “blackened.” Serve the shrimp on top of the Alfredo sauce and noodles.

Nutritional Information

Low Carb Fettuccine Alfredo

Per Serving Amount

250 calories 180 calories from fat

daily value in percent*

20g/31 percent fat

Carbohydrates account for 31% of total calories.

13 g (26%) protein

* Percent Daily Values (%DV) are calculated using a 2000-calorie diet.

Chef’s Specialty: Main Dish


Low-carb fettucine alfredo is a term used to describe fettucine alfredo that is low in

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There are plenty of fettuccine alfredo recipes out there so why write one of your own? Because this one is different. It is very low carb and very easy to make. It’s not fettuccine. It’s fettuccine alfredo with low carb vegetables. The vegetables make it low carb. The almond milk, cheese and cream make it rich and creamy. And the garlic and red pepper make it a little spicy.. Read more about low carb alfredo sauce store-bought and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many carbs are in fettuccine alfredo?

There are approximately 3.5 grams of carbs in a serving of fettuccine alfredo.

What kind of pasta has the lowest carbs?

The best pasta for low carb diets is whole wheat spaghetti.

Is Palmini pasta Keto friendly?

Palmini pasta is not Keto friendly.

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