Pork Hocks and Cabbage Soup

As winter approaches, many people start planning meals for the upcoming holidays. However, not everyone is fortunate to have a family recipe to follow. Fortunately, I am. My mother taught me when I was a little girl how to prepare a classic Jewish dish called “Stir Fried Pork Hocks and Cabbage Soup”.

A lot of people have a lot of negative feelings about pork because they are afraid of it. Cabbage Soup is something I’m not very fond of, but I like the way it goes well with a lot of dishes.

One of my favorite kinds of cooking is cooking with of all things, leftovers. You can make so many delicious dishes from leftovers, like this Pork Hocks and Cabbage Soup. It is perfect for a cold winter day, especially when it tastes so good and you have a lot of leftovers.

Pork Hocks and Cabbage Soup

The soup made with pork hocks and cabbage is very wonderful. It’s simple to prepare at home; all you need are pork hocks and cabbage, along with a few other ingredients.


2 pounds (900 g) pork hocks, cut into 3 inch lengths    
1/2 sliced yellow onion    
6 quarts water    
1/2 cabbage head, cleaned and drained, cut into 2 inch lengths    
2 tblsp. fish sauce    
sugar (one spoonful)    
a quarter teaspoon of salt    
black pepper, 1/4 teaspoon    
a handful of cilantro and green onion, chopped    

Pork Hocks with Cabbage Soup Instructions

  1. In a soup pot, combine pork hocks, yellow onion, and water; simmer until pork hocks are soft.
  2. Add the cabbage and simmer until it is soft (crisp cabbage less cooking time.)
  3. Fish sauce, sugar, salt, and black pepper are used to season the dish.
  4. Serve with cilantro and green onion on top.
  5. Serve immediately with rice or crusty toast.

Serve immediately with rice or crusty toast.

Enjoy it



Braised Pork Hock with Straw Mustard is a dish similar to this one.

daily value in percent

19.8 g (7%) total carbohydrate

139 percent Cholesterol 417mg

47.9g 61 percent total fat

16.5g 83 percent Saturated Fat

5.1 g of dietary fiber (18%)

263 percent protein, 131.5 grams

Sodium (mg): 2316mg (percentage): 101

13.5 g sugars (27% sugars)

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If you’ve never had pork hocks (or pig feet), you may be wondering what they are. Well I’ll tell you. They’re the feet of the pig.. Read more about smoked ham hock and cabbage recipes and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should ham hock be soaked before cooking?

Ham hock should be soaked in water for about 30 minutes before cooking.

Do you remove skin from ham hock for soup?

Yes, I remove the skin from ham hocks for soup.

Is there a difference between ham hocks and pork hocks?

Ham hocks are the meat of a pigs hind leg, while pork hocks are the meat of a pigs front leg.

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