Preparing chicken wings for lollipops

If you were to tell me that your kids loved chicken wings, I would probably assume you were a parent of wild and crazy kids. But then I would probably be wrong, because this is America. This post is about a very simple recipe that my kids enjoy, and I have included pictures to prove that they are indeed lollipops, not chicken wings.

When I first saw these wings I thought they were a bit of an oddity. They looked a bit chubby, and the way the white meat was laid out so neatly just didn’t seem right, especially as a chicken wing. When I went into the kitchen to try them I found they were delicious! The best bit was how they just melted in your mouth, and not the slightest hint of grease. The recipe for these chicken wings is quite simple. You will need to have a deep fat fryer or deep fryer to brown the wings. Wash the wings (they must be cleaned of all meat) and pat dry with kitchen roll. Season with a good salt blend to taste (I like to use a mix

One of the many great things about living in the Northern Hemisphere is the fact that summertime offers us the chance to eat all sorts of great foods, such as […]

Everyone’s favorite and most often requested meal in restaurants with an Indo-Chinese menu or as a beginning, particularly in chicken. Everyone cooks it in their own unique way. Because chicken lollipop is one of my favorite appetizers, I’ve marinated it in a variety of ways and with various sauces, which I’ve shared with you. Chicken lollipop is prepared with chicken wings, and although it is simple to make, it does require time. You can create two chicken lollipops from one chicken wing, one meaty and the other less meaty. You will learn how to make chicken lollipop with step-by-step directions from my photos.



    • Take a chicken wing for example. Break the chicken wing in half at the joint using a sharp knife.
    • Already, one portion resembles a chicken lollipop. The chicken drumstick is what it’s called. Only a little amount of pruning around the bone is required for this one.
    • To release the skin, cut around the point of the bone. To make it appear like a lollipop, hold the base and press the flesh down to reveal the bone. One chicken lollipop has been prepared.
    • Two bones are connected in the other portion of the wing. Remove the thin bone by separating it.
    • Carefully pull the flesh from one end of the bone to the other. Make sure the flesh isn’t entirely pulled out.


  • To make it appear like a lollipop, hold the base and slowly press the flesh down to reveal the bone. Trim the narrow end of the bone cleanly and remove any remaining skin.
  • Once you’ve prepped your chicken lollipops as described above, you’re ready to cook them in a variety of ways.


The secret to making lollipops at home is to use a pastry bag to make a hole in the top of the chicken wing. We did this with a #16 size pastry bag at first, but it was a little difficult. We then found a #12 mm size pastry bag, which was much easier. If you don’t want to use a pastry bag, you can make a hole in the top of the chicken wing by poking it with a knife.. Read more about lollipop | chicken recipe and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make chicken wings into lollipops?

You would need to use a mold or cookie cutter.

Is chicken lollipop made from wings?

I am not sure what you mean by this, but I will answer your question anyways. Chicken wings are made from the pectoral and pelvic girdle of a bird.

How do you pre prep chicken wings?

You can either use a deep fryer or a pot of boiling water.

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