Raw Jackfruit Fritters (Kadgi Phodi)

Kadgi Phodi is a popular Gujarati dish made from raw jackfruit. It’s usually deep fried and served with chutneys, tamarind sauce, and green chilies.

Raw jackfruit can be deep fried to make a delicious snack called raw jackfruit fritters or kadgi phodi.


I think God made raw jackfruits just for Konkani people!! 🙂 Even if he didn’t, Konkani would certainly devour the rest of the raw jackfruit! 😛 Raw jackfruits are a favorite of Konkani’s! In Konkani, it’s known as kadgi.

Raw jackfruit fritters, known as kagdi phodi in Konkani, are another delicacy that Konkanis like. They’re tasty, spicy, and crispy on the exterior with a soft center. These raw jackfruit fritters are prepared by deep frying raw jackfruits coated in a spicy masala. 

The most popular and beloved vegetable in Konkani cuisine is raw jackfruit. Raw jackfruit is used in a wide variety of Konkani cuisines. Here are a few examples:

  • Raw jackfruit curries with peas, chickpeas, or any other pulse are known as kadgi gashi and kadgi randayi. Both are popular in Konkani cuisine. 
  • Another Konkani cuisine favorite is kadgi chakko, a dry side dish prepared with raw jackfruits and coconut masala.
  • In Konkani, we create delicious raw jackfruit pickles called kadgi nonche, kadgi adgai. 
  • Raw jackfruit, lentils, and onions are used in kadgi ambat and kodel, which are coconut-based curries.
  • Raw jackfruit is also used to make delicious fritters known as kadgi phodi. 

Here’s how to make delectable kadgi phodi (raw jackfruit fritters). 🙂 Have fun preparing and eating!

To make these fritters (kadgi phodi), choose raw jackfruit.

Tender raw jackfruits are ideal for making kadgi phodi, which are soft, tender, and juicy fritters. To prepare this meal, tender most raw jackfruits to raw jackfruits that aren’t fully grown or mature would suffice. You can tell what stage of growth raw jackfruit is in by looking at its size and the thorns on the peel. Most raw jackfruits have small thorns on the peel that are extremely close together. The thorns become bigger and further apart as they develop.  

Choose raw jackfruits in photo 1 above raw jackfruits in photo 2: The thorns on the raw jackfruit skin in photo 1 indicate that the fruit is still growing and has not yet ripened.

Pick raw jackfruit with seeds that are still tender and developing. Raw jackfruits with firm seeds on the interior are fully grown jackfruits and would not provide the proper texture for these soft kadgi phodi fritters. They are unsuitable for making fritters and make them very hard. 

Pic 1: These raw jackfruits in photo 1 are ideal for making kadgi phodi. 


Pic 2: This ripe jackfruit has nearly achieved its full potential. The thorns on the peel are evenly distributed and completely developed.



  • 1/4 of a medium raw jackfruit – should yield 12 slices, each measuring 2-3 inches long and 0.5 inches thick.
  • 1 cup rice (medium grain rice would enough)
  • 6 to 8 red dried chilies
  • 1 tamarind, about the size of a lemon
  • season with salt to taste
  • For deep frying, oil

2-4 people

Time to prepare: 50 minutes

You’ll need the following ingredients to prepare raw jackfruit:

  • A sharp sickle (known in Konkani as koithi) or knife.
  • There are plenty of fresh newspapers.
  • Grease your palms, knives, and cooker with coconut oil or any other oil.
  • Several dishes to store the chopped raw jackfruits as well as the discarded skin.
  • Paper towels

Method of Preparation:

Preparing jackfruit in its uncooked state:

1. On the floor or at your table, spread down three layers of newspapers. Cleaning jackfruit sap off the floor/table afterwards is a hassle.

2. Apply a coating of oil to your palm, knife, and chopping board to prevent the sticky gum from raw jackfruit from adhering to your hands and knife.

3. Cut the raw jackfruit in half through the center, wiping away the white sap with a tissue paper.


4. Cut it into half more finely. Depending on the size of the item, cut it into half. In Konkani, these halves are known as’shedo.’ Clean the jackfruit with a paper towel if it has extra gum seeping out. Alternatively, it will make your cutting board sticky and dirty.



5. Remove the prickly peel off the raw jackfruit’s outer skin until you get a smooth surface. 

7. Remove the extra inner, middle, and ridge section, but leave a thin layer so that the jackfruit’s interior compartments are kept together securely and don’t dissolve completely while cooking.


8. Cut the raw jackfruit into thin slices with a thickness of 0.5 inch or less. Also, cut the raw jackfruit into pieces that are 2-3 inches long.

The size and thickness of the jackfruit chunks are entirely up to you. If the slices are thin, they get crispy; if the portions are thick, each bite into the fritter, kadgi phodi, results in a mouthful of jackfruit. When making extremely thin slices, they tend to crumble while cooking, resulting in highly crunchy kadgi phodi. To achieve soft, juicy, tender kadgi phodi with a crispy, crunchy, spicy batter on the exterior, make them semi-thick. I create semi-thick phodis for soft, delicate phodis and thin kadgi phodis for crispy kadgi phodis.

9. To remove extra gum, place chopped raw jackfruit chunks in a dish with water. Raw jackfruit chunks will not cling to the plate or vessel in this manner.

10. Intensity For 1 whistle, boil them with salt and 1 cup of water. Please limit yourself to one whistle. Raw jackfruit slices should not be overcooked. We just need cooked raw jackfruits since we’re going to deep fried them later.

It’s also OK if they’re a bit raw. Deep frying will finish the cooking process. If the raw jackfruit chunks get mushy or overcooked, they will dissolve during pressure cooking, and the fritters will lose their form. Deep frying them gets tough after that. They readily split into tiny pieces after that.

To make cleaning the pressure cooker easier afterwards, add 2 tablespoons of oil to the pressure cooker when cooking raw jackfruit. Gum won’t cling to your pressure cooker if you use oil.

11. Once the pressure in the cooker has been released, remove the cooked slices as soon as possible to avoid additional cooking. Drain the water and set the containers aside to cool. Aside from that, the slices continue to cook in the hot water.

Getting the batter ready:

To coat the raw jackfruit slices, we’ll need a spicy batter. Spicy, crunchy fritters are made with a ground rice batter. To prepare the batter, combine the flour, baking powder, and salt in a

12. Allow rice to soak for 30 minutes. Any medium-sized rice grains would suffice. Sona masuri or dosa rice

13. After 30 minutes, thoroughly wash the rice grains and drain all of the liquid. To create a smooth paste, combine soaked rice, red chilies, tamarind, and salt in a blender with just enough water to form a paste. The ground batter/masala must be thick, therefore don’t add too much water.

13. Put the ground masala/batter in a mixing dish. 

14. If your batter is too thick, add a little amount of water (approximately a few spoons) and combine thoroughly. This ground batter should be somewhere in the middle between thick and pouring thin. If the sauce is too watery, it will drop off the jackfruit slices and not adhere to them. 

If the batter becomes too thin, thicken it with gram flour or rice flour. To get the required batter consistency, add a teaspoon of flour or more. To avoid clumping, thoroughly combine all ingredients.

15. Heat the oil in a deep fryer. 

16. Dip cooked raw jackfruit slices into the batter one at a time, coating them well on both sides.

17. Once the oil is heated, drop the batter-coated jackfruit slices one by one into the hot oil.

18. Fry till the masala all around the raw jackfruit slices becomes a golden color and is evenly browned. 

If you want it to be a bit crispier, cook them for an additional minute.

19. Drain excess oil from fried raw jackfruit fritters on blotting paper and serve immediately.

Suggestions for serving

Serve them hot as a side dish or a lunch or supper starter. They’re also a great teatime snack. 

More recipes for fritters (bajo, phodi in Konkani) may be found here.

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Kadgi Phodi is a popular dish in Gujarati cuisine. It’s made from raw jackfruit, which is fried and then cooked with spices. The dish is served with chutneys or yogurt. Reference: gujje fry.

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