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We all know the keto diet is a healthy way to break away from the standard American diet and embrace a whole new approach to food and nutrition. However, there are so many misconceptions about the keto diet that it can get confusing not to mention the health benefits of it. So, what is keto, and why should you care? Ketosis is a way of eating that leads to ketones, a byproduct of the breakdown of fat that helps your body burn fat and stay in ketosis. Without it, your body cannot burn fat, and it will lead to weight gain, depression, and a host of other health problems. **Note: **This is not a sponsored post.

The Southern Keto diet is a very unique diet. It consists of a lot of the same foods that are macrobiotic, but instead of being a food replacement, it is a lifestyle. The diet is about eating the way the Southerners of the United States eat, which is extremely different from most of the rest of the country. Not only does this diet have its own set of rules for how you can eat and what you can eat, but it also has a very unique way of cooking that is also very different from most of the rest of the country.

All of the recipes in this book are keto approved and will fit into a low carb lifestyle. That being said, this is not a strict low carb cookbook. This book is for anyone looking for easy low carb recipes that taste great, are quick and easy, and will be a joy to cook with. I will show you how to make low carb recipes that taste amazing, are healthy, and are very quick and easy to prepare.


We selected Natasha Newton’s Southern Keto for our April book club.

Everyone, I am a southern lady who loves southern cuisine, and this cookbook is a must-have! Prepare to be wowed by pages and pages of delectable low-carb recipes, featuring many famous southern favorites such as cornbread, hash brown casserole, finger sandwiches, hash browns, pies, and more!


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First, let’s speak about the author. Natasha Newton is a model and actress.


Tasha has battled with her weight since she was a kid, and when she was nine years old, she was given her first diet. I can really relate to you since I was on Weight Watchers when I was younger and was instructed precisely what to eat – tuna, salad, and hard boiled eggs were constantly on the menu.

Tasha’s need for the food she craved drove her to seek it out while she was away from home. Years of yo-yo dieting followed, and she eventually reached a weight of over 300 pounds. She eventually came upon the keto diet by accident and hasn’t looked back since!

She transitioned from a yo-yo diet to a keto lifestyle and is currently doing very well.


Tasha’s whole Southern Keto tale is fantastic. She also discusses her struggle with Crohn’s illness and how the ketogenic diet has impacted her life. Her tale is near and dear to my heart as someone who has fought colon cancer. Tasha’s easy and tasty dishes will not only inspire you, but will also make you fall in love with her.


Southern Keto not only has a lot of tasty dishes (over 100), but it also goes over a lot of essential keto concepts. This book is a fantastic resource.

The following are some of the things you’ll discover on the Southern Keto sites (along with some great recipes):

Begin the Keto Diet

Calculating carbohydrates, counting macros, checking ketosis, monitoring your progress, and staying on track are all covered in this section.

Keto cooking and nutrition


This section includes a convenient list of keto-friendly foods, such as basics, oils and fats, and sweets, as well as where to purchase them. Oatmeal is one of the most important items in her cupboard. This is a new product for me, and I’m excited to give it a try. I like how the author provided a list of her favorite kitchen equipment and utensils!

Lina prefers silicone molds for her recipes, while Ashley prefers to cook in a Dutch oven, which is detailed in this chapter of the book.

Keto advise that is practical


Apart from the recipes, this is one of my favorite sections of the book! In this area, you’ll discover low-carb replacements and tips on how to swap out your favorite high-carb meals with keto-friendly alternatives like B. Low-carb cheese croutons may be used instead of croutons. You’ll also learn how to eat keto on a budget, as well as suggestions for special events, dining out, and traveling with the keto diet.

Model of a menu

I like the author’s inclusion of a sample meal including some of her favorite dishes from the guidebook. Menus for breakfast, fish fry, kids’ cooking, appointments, and more may be found here!


The Southern Keto website has all of these information and more. Stay back throughout the month for recipes for some of the book’s delectable meals!

I wasn’t always a fan of the keto diet. But now, after using hundreds of recipes, I can say that Southern Keto is my first choice for eating a low carb diet. I look at the ingredients, the research (and not just the marketing hype), and I make a decision. If Southern Keto is good for me, then it’s good for you.. Read more about southern keto drop biscuits and let us know what you think.

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