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In the Philippines, churros are a street food that is similar to donuts. In Spain, churros are considered a “national” dish. In the Philippines, churros are usually topped with sugar, condensed milk, or chocolate. They are very delicious and are usually eaten for breakfast, as snacks, or as part of a meal.

Churros are a staple food enjoyed by people all over the world. Known as “puffs” in the United States, churros are actually deep fried dough balls that are usually dipped in your favorite hot beverage. The dough is made with flour, eggs, baking soda, and salt, and is often topped with cinnamon sugar or chocolate before being deep fried.

Spanish churros are one of those foods that I have been meaning to try forever. But I didn’t know if they were as good as they look. I thought to myself…they look good, but would they taste as good as they look? Well, after reading a little about them, I decided to give them a try.



This Spanish Churros Recipe Is Quite Simple!

Do you want to add a touch of sweetness and a touch of Spain to your home? The way to go is with our simple Spanish churros recipe!

These delectable deep-fried dough sticks are soft on the inside, nicely browned on the exterior, and dusted with a sweet cinnamon-sugar coating.

Churros are a wonderful dessert for entertaining guests, but they may also be enjoyed as a sweet snack or even breakfast (if you want to do it the Spanish way).

Of course, you may eat churros by themselves, but in true Spanish style, you should dip them in rich, creamy Spanish hot chocolate!

fried spanish churros on plate with branch behindFresh Spanish churros on a platter!

Churros are a treat that we like to indulge in every now and then. There’s a deeper connection for Lisa.

When she lived in Spain, she would often have churros when she met up with pals. It’s a wonderful combo to enjoy churros and hot chocolate while chatting with excellent friends!

During the month of December, she even had a churros truck directly outside her apartment. Lisa, on the other hand, learnt how to make them herself – and it’s really very simple!

With this churros recipe, she may enjoy churros once again — while also introducing Eric to some Spanish culture!

Churros are a favorite winter snack (at least in the north of Spain), but they are also delicious all year.

1629406848_512_Spanish-Churros-RecipeSpanish hot chocolate with a kick – ideal for dipping churros!

Churros, for those who are curious, have a rich and interesting history. While they are popular in Spain and Portugal, it is unclear how they arrived there.

According to some stories, Portuguese sailors brought the concept for fried dough back from China.

Others attribute the Arabas, who arrived in what is now Spain in the eighth century, with establishing the concept.

Whatever the actual genesis story of Spanish churros is, we are grateful for their existence.

Traditional churros are long, however smaller churros may be prepared at home (depending on the size of your cookware!)

Step-by-Step Instructions for Making Spanish Churros

You can see the recipe card at the bottom of this article if you want to make these wonderful Spanish churros.

You may also look at the process pictures below if you’re a visual learner who wants to see how each stage of the recipe appears.

1629406849_967_Spanish-Churros-RecipePrepare everything!

First and foremost, set up your “work station”; this will make things simpler later.

In a bowl with a flat, broad bottom, combine the sugar and cinnamon. Remove two plates and stack two papertowels on one of them.

1629406851_101_Spanish-Churros-RecipeIt’s time to start making the dough.

In a medium mixing bowl, combine the flour and a generous teaspoon of salt. Because you’ll be adding hot water later, it has to be heat resistant.

1629406852_448_Spanish-Churros-RecipeBring the water and butter to a boil.

In a small saucepan on the stove, heat the water and butter until the butter has melted and the water is about boiling.

Make care to whisk the mixture on a frequent basis.

1629406853_612_Spanish-Churros-RecipeFill the mixing bowl halfway with liquid.

In tiny increments, pour hot water over the flour in the mixing bowl while stirring with a whisk or a spoon.

Slowly pour in additional water, stirring constantly to avoid clumps.

1629406855_694_Spanish-Churros-RecipeCombine, combine, combine!

Continue to mix until the dough no longer sticks to the sides of the bowl.

1629406856_313_Spanish-Churros-RecipeIt’s time to start piping!

Fill a piping bag with the dough and a star tip.

1629406857_828_Spanish-Churros-RecipeThe oil should be hot.

In a medium-sized frying pan, heat the oil. When frying the churros, use enough oil to nearly completely cover them.

The precise quantity will be determined by the size of your frying pan and the size of your piping bag’s star tip, since the thickness of the churros will be determined by these factors.

By dipping a wooden spoon into the oil, you can see whether it’s hot enough. It’s hot enough when tiny bubbles develop around the oil.

Turn the heat down to medium after the oil is heated enough to add the dough. You don’t want the churros’ outsides to brown too fast while the insides are still warm.

1629406859_493_Spanish-Churros-RecipeToss in the dough.

The dough should now be squeezed into the oil. The sticks may be made as long or as short as you want.

Cut the dough using a knife or a pair of scissors after you’re happy with the length (that always works well in our case).

1629406860_33_Spanish-Churros-RecipeCook the churros in a skillet.

Fry the churros until golden brown on both sides, about a minute. Remember to rotate them every now and again.

To avoid sticking, we suggest frying no more than 4-5 churros at a time.

1629406861_322_Spanish-Churros-RecipeTake the churros out of the pan.

Remove the churros from the pan after they are golden brown on both sides.

Place them on a dish with paper towels on top to allow the excess oil to drain.

1629406863_706_Spanish-Churros-RecipeSugar the churros and roll them in it.

Take one churro at a time and roll it in the sugar-cinnamon mixture until completely coated, about one minute.

It’s critical that the churros are still warm when they’re covered with sugar, so don’t delay!

Place the churros on the second dish and continue the processes until all of the dough has been used up.

With this recipe, we typically get around 15 churros, although ours are a little shorter. So, depending on how long you cook them, you may get a few less.

1629406864_697_Spanish-Churros-RecipeA delicious batch of freshly made Spanish churros, hot and ready to eat!

Enjoy the churros while they’re still warm! When dipped in Spanish hot chocolate, they’re wonderful.

Storage Suggestions

We suggest just preparing as many churros as you intend to consume since they don’t keep well.

If you have to, keep them for a couple of hours, but they don’t keep well for longer. It’s better to prepare them fresh since they become mushy fast.

Recipes that are similar

If you liked our Spanish churros recipe, try these more traditional Spanish dishes:

  • Gazpacho is a raw vegetable soup that is served chilled to keep you cool.
  • Patatas Bravas – A traditional tapas dish of Spanish fried potatoes served with a smokey bravas sauce!
  • Sangria is a pleasant Spanish beverage that comes in a variety of flavors.


  • 1 cup flour (all-purpose)
  • 1 quart of water
  • 1 tablespoon unsalted butter
  • a pinch of salt
  • for frying oil
  • For the outer layer dusting, combine sugar and cinnamon.


  1. Begin by setting up your “work station.” Fill a flat, broad bowl halfway with sugar, making sure the bottom is covered. Add a pinch of cinnamon to the mix (optional). Remove two plates, one of which should have two paper towels on it.
  2. In a medium-sized, heat-resistant mixing bowl, combine the flour and a pinch of salt.
  3. In a small saucepan on the stove, heat the water and butter until the butter has melted and the water is about boiling. Stir often.
  4. Remove the saucepan from the heat and, whisking briskly with a whisk or spoon, pour the hot water over the flour in tiny amounts. Whisk until you get a smooth, clump-free dough that doesn’t cling to the bowl’s sides.
  5. Fill a piping bag with the dough and a star tip, and heat the oil in a medium-sized frying pan. Make sure there’s enough oil in the frying pan for the churros to be (nearly) completely coated when they’re done. By putting a wooden spoon into the pan of oil, you can see whether it’s hot enough. The oil is heated enough when tiny bubbles appear.
  6. Reduce the heat to medium-low (to prevent the churros from browning too fast) and press the dough into the hot oil. Fry the churros for a few minutes, turning them periodically, until golden brown on both sides. To avoid them sticking together in the pan, just cook 4-5 churros at a time.
  7. Remove the churros from the pan and put them on a dish lined with paper towels to let the excess oil to drain off. Take the individual churros and roll them in the sugar/cinnamon mixture after about 1 minute, then put them on the second dish without the paper towels.
  8. Rep the procedures until all of the dough has been utilized. Serve the churros while they’re still warm. They’re fantastic with a cup of Spanish hot chocolate.


It’s critical that the oil doesn’t become too hot. You don’t want the churros to become too brown on the exterior while the interior is still uncooked. That’s why, after the oil has heated up, it’s preferable to reduce the heat to medium. This gives the insides of the churros ample time to cook before the outsides get too brown.

Information about nutrition:

Approximately 15 servings 1 Serving Size: 1 Serving Size: 1 Serving Size: 1 Serving Size: 1 Serving Size: 1 Serving Size 47 calories 2g total fat 1 gram of saturated fat 0g trans fat 1 gram of unsaturated fat 2 milligrams of cholesterol 16 mg sodium 7g Carbohydrates 0g fiber 0 g sugar 1 gram of protein

An online nutrition calculator was used to determine this nutritional information. It should only be used as a guideline and not as a substitute for expert dietary guidance. Depending on the particular components used, the exact values may vary.

How did this recipe turn out for you?

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Think of churros as the “French” answer to doughnuts—they’re thicker, stickier, and taste delicious when dipped in chocolate or sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. (And while we’re at it, let’s call this a “French” doughnut since it’s actually a type of churro.) This recipe combines the best of both sweet and savory while keeping the healthiness of the churro intact.. Read more about easy spanish desserts for spanish class and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Mexican churros and Spanish churros?

The difference between Mexican and Spanish churros is that the former are fried in oil while the latter are deep-fried.

What are Spanish churros made of?

Spanish churros are made of a type of dough that is fried in oil.

What are churros called in Spanish?

Churros are called churros in Spanish.

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