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Hello! Hope you’re doing well! I’m a chef, and I just love to cook. I’m also a writer, and I love to share my recipes with you. I’m glad you’re here. I’m going to share some of my little smokies!

Smoking a little meat in the backyard is a great way to provide the family with a tasty meal and a healthier lifestyle. Smokey little smokies are a popular choice for a quick yet satisfying meal, or to serve at a party or family gathering.

For those that enjoy the great outdoors, a new barbecue appliance is just what you need. The new Stovetop BBQ Little Smokies, available at, is easy to set up and start cooking. It offers a simple way to grill indoors, and is perfect for anyone that loves to cook.


When I need a fast and simple appetizer, I seek for one with few ingredients that is also tasty. That’s exactly what these Little Smokies Stovetop Barbecue are. Make this fast snack on the stovetop or in the crock pot for a hands-off variation.

To create the ideal quick appetizer, little cocktail hot dogs are fried in a delicious barbecue sauce.

You may also like my French Onion Dip, Mediterranean Puff Pastry Tart, or even my Pizza Dough Garlic Knots as an appetizer.

A forkful of Stovetop BBQ Little Smokies.

What exactly are the Little Smokies?

Little Smokies, often known as Lil Smokies, are a tiny smoked sausage brand. Cocktail hot dogs, cocktail weenies, cocktail wieners, tiny hot dogs, and more variations exist. While they are smoked, they must still be cooked before eating, much like regular sausages and hot dogs.

If you have a different kind of tiny hot dogs or sausages, you should be able to use them in this recipe. Another option is to purchase full-size hot dogs and sausages and slice them before cooking so that they are bite-sized appetizers.

A bowl of Stovetop BBQ Little Smokies.

Is it possible to make BBQ Little Smokies in a crockpot?

Try cooking this dish in a crock pot for a hands-off variation. To prepare in a crock pot, combine all of the ingredients and simmer on low for at least an hour. Serve when your guests arrive, and use the time while they’re cooking to finish up any last-minute cleaning or other tasks. While the stovetop and crock pot are the finest ways to prepare this dish, I recommend avoiding the instant pot. It turned out to be total mush, according to one of my readers, and would have just taken a few minutes longer to make on the burner.

A bowl of Stovetop BBQ Little Smokies in sauce.

When should Stovetop BBQ Smokies be served?

To be honest, you may eat them anytime you want. However, I prefer to have them on hand in case we have visitors and I need a fast snack. I’ve prepared them for both casual get-togethers and New Year’s Eve celebrations.

I prepared them for our Super Bowl party last year, and they were a big success. I’ve also created these for other special occasions like Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and even birthdays.

Variations on the Recipe

You may want to switch things up and try a fresh variant now and then. Here are a few of my personal favorites: Hawaiian Design: Toss in some pineapple chunks to the mix. Style: Spicy red pepper, crushed Add a mixture of sautéed peppers and onions to make Italian sausage style. Pizza Style: Instead of BBQ sauce, use tomato sauce and top with shredded cheese.

A bowl of Stovetop BBQ Little Smokies.

Required Ingredients

  • Beef Cocktail Wieners (two packages)
  • 18 oz. barbecue sauce

Needed Equipment

  • Saucepan
  • a slow cooker (optional)
  • Spoon Made of Wood

Storage Suggestions

Stovetop BBQ Little Smokies may be kept in the refrigerator for up to four days. Keep the container sealed. Microwaving until warmed through or heating on the stove top at a low heat until warmed through are also options for reheating.

Freezer: You may keep BBQ Lil Smokies in the freezer for up to two months. Keep it frozen in an airtight container. Defrost in the microwave until warmed through to reheat.


Stovetop BBQ Little Smokies

Stovetop BBQ Little Smokies


Michelle Boulé is a French actress.


Do you need a delectable appetizer? This recipe for Stovetop BBQ Little Smokies is a great place to start. Ideal for a fast bite to eat!


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15 minutes to prepare

15 minutes total




Appetizer Course

American cuisine



16 servings

Calories (kcal): 204




Spoon Made of Wood




Saute Pan





  • Beef Cocktail Wieners (two packages)
  • 18 oz. barbecue sauce





  • In a skillet, combine the tiny smokies and bbq sauce and heat until hot, approximately 10 minutes.

  • Serve with toothpicks while still heated. Enjoy!



204 kilocalories 14g carbohydrate 6 g protein 14g fat 5g Saturated Fat 32 milligrams of cholesterol 835mg sodium 160 mg potassium 1 gram of fiber 11 g sugar 71IU Vitamin A 1 milligram of vitamin C 16 mg calcium 1 milligram of iron




Little Smokies Stovetop Barbecue



BBQ has always been a fun to do at home or at a party. But it can be a big messy endeavor. I love to eat BBQ food at home, but I hate the messy cleanup. I believe that the best BBQ is the one that is made on-the-go, on a stovetop. So, I went to the web and looked up the easiest way to make BBQ. All of the instructions were the same. But I wanted to make something that was easier. I wanted to make something that I could eat on a regular basis that was convenient and easy to make.. Read more about how to cook little smokies for breakfast and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to cook Lil Smokies on the stove?

It takes approximately 10 minutes to cook Lil Smokies on the stove.

How do you heat little smokies?

I dont know how to heat little smokies.

How do you know when little smokies are done?

Little smokies are done when they turn golden brown.

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