The Most Popular Cocktails in Hollywood Movies

There’s no doubt that Hollywood loves its booze. Whether it’s a stiff drink to help a character unwind or a champagne-soaked celebration, alcohol is often front and center in some of our favorite films. Here are a few of the most popular drinks and cocktails that have made their way onto the silver screen.

The Martini

This classic cocktail has been a Hollywood staple for decades. Whether it’s James Bond shaking things up with his trademark Vesper or Roger Sterling sipping a dry martini at lunch, the martini is the drink of choice for many of film’s most famous characters.

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The Margarita

This refreshing cocktail is the perfect way to cool down on a hot day, and it’s also a favorite of many Hollywood A-listers. Jennifer Aniston is often seen sipping margaritas onscreen, and who could forget that infamous scene in The Hangover where Bradley Cooper’s character wakes up with a severe margarita hangover?

The Manhattan

This sophisticated cocktail is the perfect drink for a night out in the town, and it’s often seen in films set in the glamorous world of high society. Likewise, it’s often seen in movies set in the 1920s or 1930s. The Manhattan is the drink of choice for characters who want to exude an air of sophistication and refinement.

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The classic recipe calls for rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, and a dash of bitters, and it’s garnished with a cherry or an olive.

The Old Fashioned

This timeless cocktail is as popular in Hollywood as it is in real life. It’s often seen in period pieces and detective stories, and it’s the perfect drink for a character who likes to keep things classic.

It’s no surprise that it’s made its way into several Hollywood films. Characters like Al Pacino’s Tony Montana in Scarface and Bruce Willis’s John McClane in Die Hard are both known for their love of an Old Fashioned.

The recipe is simple: just whiskey, bitters, sugar, and a twist of lemon.

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The Mint Julep

This refreshing drink is often associated with horse racing, and it’s made a few appearances in Hollywood films over the years. For example, in the movie Seabiscuit, a mint julep is used to help calm the titular racehorse before a big race, and it’s also a favorite of the characters in the film The Longest Ride.

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It’s made with bourbon, mint, sugar, and a splash of water, and it’s garnished with a sprig of mint.

The Mimosa

This bubbly cocktail is the perfect way to start a special occasion, and it’s often seen in movies set during lavish parties or weddings. For example, in the film The Devil Wears Prada, Miranda Priestly sips on a mimosa while scolding her assistant, and a mimosa bar is also a vital component of the wedding scene in the film Bridesmaids. It’s made with champagne and orange juice and garnished with a slice of orange.

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