The Softest Low Carb Rolls (1g Carb Each)

Professional baker Marie-Claude James has been experimenting with low carb bread recipes and low carb diets. She has come up with a new low carb bread recipe that is made of 1g of carbs per slice. More details can be found on her website

As with all things, there is no such thing as the “perfect” low carb, low calorie or low fat food. But, if you want to be able to eat the foods you love, while still partaking of all the health benefits, then low carb is probably the way to go.

These Low Carb Rolls are from a recipe that I first did for a “Low Carb’s Not Easy” contest on the Low Carb Maven Blog. There are a lot of low carb roll recipes out there, and all of them look pretty. But if a lot of the rolls I’ve ever tasted are any indication, they just don’t have a lot of taste, or they have a slight aftertaste. But this recipe has a really good taste, and the rolls are puffy and soft, not tough at all. The rolls aren’t just soft, they are also very flavorful, too, and the flavor comes from the Parmesan cheese and the herbs.

We’ve got some delicious low-carb buns for you today! It took a lot of trial and error to get these just right, but we believe we’ve found a delicious dinner roll recipe here. These low-carb buns are mushy in the center and have a crust on the outside. They may also be used as hamburger or sandwich buns, and they are keto-friendly as well as high in fiber! 

Bread with Low Carbs is being tested.

Behind the scenes, we do extensive testing in order to settle on a recipe that we are sure is excellent enough to share with you. We experimented with various flours, wet/dry ratios, and a variety of add-ins and flavorings over the course of a weekend. This dinner roll recipe began on that weekend, but by the time it made it to our site, it had undergone many changes until we arrived at this version!


Dinner Rolls made using Coconut Flour!

Most of our recipes to far have used almond flour, and we’ve always preferred it since it’s simpler to work with. It’s simply simpler to make a lovely moist low carb bread using almond flour than it is with coconut flour. We’ve just set a goal for ourselves to perfect baking using coconut flour. So far, we’ve made some great strides. Psyllium husk powder, it turns out, works very well with coconut flour. Because coconut flour absorbs a lot of moisture, it’s tough to get a soft and fluffy bread out of it. The use of psyllium husk powder helps to mitigate this while also giving the keto bread a boost. It aids in the expansion of the rolls in the oven. Our next aim is to keep developing psyllium husk recipes since it provides a much-needed softness to low-carb baking!




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Keto Dinner Rolls in the Oven

I’d advise you to experiment with the baking time for them. You can make a soft and chewy roll in as short as 20 minutes that is verging on undercooked. On the other hand, if you want a more hard and crispy crust on your roll, go as high as 35-40 minutes. To get a delicate texture, I prefer to wait approximately 25 minutes. For these low carb rolls, we use a silicon baking surface, as seen in the video. This is a cooking gadget that we’ve discovered to be very useful. We now use it on a daily basis and would suggest it to anybody.

If you’re craving some low-carb bread (and who isn’t? ), we’ve got a couple more recipes for you to try. The most popular dish on our site is our keto bread! If you’re in the mood for something sweet, try our cream cheese bread.


On, type in “– Dinner Rolls | 1.3g Net Carbs.”

These low carb soft rolls are made with almond flour and sesame seeds, two ingredients that are widely recommended for a low carb lifestyle as they contain no carbohydrates whatsoever. But the recipe is not just an ordinary low carb roll recipe, as it is made with only 1g net carbs per roll, which makes them the softest low carb rolls you can find.. Read more about keto rolls without cream cheese and let us know what you think.

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