The Upkeep and Maintenance of Your Roof – The Essential Points to Consider


Homeowners invest a significant amount on their roofs. It offers years of security from the harsh elements and provides an easy living ambiance. However, similar to several aspects of your house, even your roof requires maintenance.

The Checklist to Consider

In this article, we have listed the required tasks you need to do to ensure that your roof is in good condition throughout its lifetime. Several of the items on your list would take little time to execute. Here you must learn about the average cost of roof replacement in Atlanta, Georgia, and go ahead with the maintenance checklist. Some of the essential aspects to consider are:

1. Clean Gutters

The gutter system collects the water runoff from the shingles and then directs it from the foundation. That aside, as the gutters get clogged, it is possible for the water to get backed up beneath the shingles and then overflow to the brick or siding. You can ensure that all the gutters are free-flowing and clean.

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The drains should also get attached securely. It would help to consider where the channel could meet a wall at a right angle. It is essential to install the gutter splashguards and kick-out flashing in vulnerable areas.

2. Restrict Algae and Moss Growth

All the environmental factors can add to the algae and moss growth atop the roof, comprising the north-facing top with ample tree shades and the wet climate. Here the moss can absorb water, and big clumps of the moss that grows on the top can severely damage the shingles, thereby leading to the shingle edge and exposing the water undersides.

The algae can have unattractive dark streaks on the roof’s surface. Here, the algae stains can be reduced using the water and chlorine bleach solution. In case the environment of the top is prone to algae or moss, the ideal solution is to opt-in for daily treatments.  

3. Take Away All The Tree Branches

And much similar to the potential issues from walking atop the roof, it is possible for the trees to disturb all the roof granules by rubbing the same against the shingles, more so during the windstorms. It would help if you trimmed the branches as and when required. That way, even windy, it wouldn’t touch the gutters or the roof.

The trees offer summer shade and add beauty to the landscape. Finally, it would help if you steer clear of all the organic debris. Unluckily, it is one constant source of waste, from the maple leaf helicopters in the spring to the fallen leaves in autumn. The organic matter can absorb the water, resulting in the shingles staying in touch with the moisture for a long time.


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Additionally, the rainwater can flow through the roof and take up all the debris, thereby making it settle on the gutters. Therefore, it makes sense to eliminate the entire organic residue from the roof twice a year, based on the tree activity in a region. It is a simple but very important step.

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