When You Have Strong Faith, Big Things Happen

The founder of Sharetea, Mr.Cheng Kai-Lung founded his own tea business in Taiwan. His compassion, dedication – and perseverance despite all the hardships – have brought him great success and nowadays the brand is well-recognized. Sharetea’s main mission statements are the usage of the finest ingredients, specifically developed unique tastes and its accessibility with never-ending care for their customers.

Their values have been carried throughout the decades while maintaining high-quality service, using the best ingredients, and being an innovative player in the market.

Milk Tea Near Me?

So what are we talking about when it comes to bubble tea? It is a type of tea-based beverage that might contain milk, flavorings, and tapioca balls. These balls are so-called pearls and are mainly (but not only them) for the unique texture and different flavorings added to tea.

No matter what kind of flavor you are looking for or if you have a certain allergen, you can always check the Boba Tea Nutritional facts, to be sure that you are well-informed and can choose the best beverage for when you are thirsty.

Where to Get Bubble Tea?

Let’s stop for a while and ask the question yourself:

‘How many good places do I know that serve quality milk tea near me?’

Since its founding, Sharetea has opened up more than 400+ locations in 4 continents and 13 different countries. So what does it mean in practice? Simple! There is a high possibility that you can find a Sharetea milk tea near you!

Whether you live in the USA, Asia, or the Middle East (and many other places of course) you can experience the ultimate bubble tea drinking experience. Since Sharetea provides a variety of drink options, , you can be sure that your experience will be top-notch no matter the geographical location. Their dedication to consistency, great quality service, and ingredients are the staples for the best customer service and bubble tea. It also means that they comply with health and safety regulations and treat their employees well.

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Sharetea offers franchise options, with more than 30 years of experience and 100,000,000 served delicious teas annually on a global scale! The different types of bubble teas include brewed tea, milk tea, fruit tea, tea mojito, and many more. No matter the type of season or the day, you can be sure to find a drink that will satisfy you. Sharetea’s dedicated R&D department never rests to come up with new and tasty flavors, while sticking to their original high-quality standards to deliver authentic bubble tea!

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If you already know the answer to the question’ Where can I get amazing quality milk tea near me?’ , then why not share the love and spread Sharetea? With the possibility of catering options, you can organize bigger orders and introduce the wonderful world of bubble tea to your loved ones and friends!

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