This Cheese Advent Calendar is Coming to Target!

If you’re a cheese lover, you’re going to love Target’s new holiday shopping season tradition that’s taking over stores across the country. Each day, beginning November 22, Target will release a new cheese Advent calendar, filled with different types of cheeses, available for purchase online.

Each day of this year’s Advent calendar will feature a different kind of cheese—or, more accurately, a variety of different flavors of cheese. The idea is that there will be something for everybody: “There’s something for everyone in the Cheese Advent Calendar, from old favorites like cheddar and brie to new favorites like blue cheese and goat cheese,” says Brian Parrish, cheese product manager at Kraft Foods North America. The advent calendar features 24 different cheeses, each one of which will be available at a Target store near you.

All the cheese lovers out there will be happy to know that Target is making their holiday gift a bit more, uh, cheese-ish this year. The company will be releasing a “CHEESE ADVENT CALENDAR” at all its stores on December 1. The calendar will contain 24 individual boxes of various kinds, each featuring a different type of cheese. The boxes will have a different theme each month, such as “Artisan Cured,” “Handmade,” or “Elderly” cheeses. Each month will be wrapped in a special foil wrap; the first batch of calendars will be wrapped in red packaging with a white label and the title “Happy Cheese Year.”


Cheese connoisseurs, get ready!

If you’re looking for a simple method to count down the days until Christmas, this refrigerated cheese advent calendar from Target is the way to go!

This advent calendar featuring So Wrong It’s Nom’s Ilchester cheese is available at more than 240 Target stores nationwide as of November 2018. Seriously, what could be more enjoyable for our friends and family (and ourselves) over the holidays than unwrapping a wonderful new cheese every day?


There are 24 individually wrapped cheeses in seven distinct kinds in the calendar. Because the box is designed in the shape of a book, one half may be torn open after the first 12 days of Christmas to maximize fridge space. This is a fantastic concept!


You may rely on the following cheeses:

  1. Jarlsberg – Jarlsberg is well-known for its unique sweet and nutty taste. Soft, round, and distinctive, with sweet notes and a distinct fragrance.
  2. Applewood is a soft cheese produced in the West Country from British cheddar cheese with a slight smokey taste. It’s even topped with paprika! Yummy!
  3. Take a mouthful of Ilchester Ripe Cheddar and let the creamy, tangy, earthy flavor melt away in your tongue.
  4. Ilchester Red Leicester is a nutty-flavored soft cheese! This traditional English cheese, produced from the original cheddar recipe, will brighten up your cheeseboard.
  5. Ilchester Wensleydale with Cranberry – Made with the smooth, creamy Gold Award-winning Wensleydale cheese. It’s smooth and creamy, and it goes well with sweet, juicy cranberries.
  6. Ilchester Edam is a Dutch Edam that Ilchester chose because of its smooth and creamy flavor.
  7. Limited Edition Ilchester Wensleydale with Gingerbread – With a delightfully sweet gingerbread flavor, Gingerbread Wensleydale brings even more enchantment to Christmas Eve.

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