MORE Meat Please! Meat-Packed Burgers and Deals Under $5

It’s no secret that meat is a delicious, satisfying food, but just because it tastes good doesn’t mean it’s the healthiest choice. A typical 5 oz. burger contains about 7 grams of saturated fat, or 75 percent of the daily recommended amount. This is more than most fast food burgers, which usually range from 2-5 grams. Both fast food and freezer-meat burgers are high in sodium, too, which can increase your risk for high blood pressure and heart disease.

When it comes to food, it can be hard to know what is best. We’ve got the latest on the latest trends, and we like to keep it fresh. That’s why we’ve updated this post with a list of the top deals to check out this week.

If you’re looking for a great deal to fill that burger craving, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up some of the most amazing deals on meat-filled burgers in the city this week, including deals on these particularly juicy ones.


Eating on a keto diet may be challenging.

What’s the greatest way to obtain the finest meat in these burger deals? Naturally, as a thrifty keto website, we compared the burgers often promoted in restaurants with their value-added menu items to determine which burgers provided more meat for our money!

Continue reading to find out the results of our tasty meat survey.



The bread and the size of the burger are the two main distinctions between the big burgers and the dollar menu choices. Because the sandwich isn’t important, we may skip the frills and go for cheaper sandwiches, combining the beef to get more bang for our buck. The price per ounce is the same for the Triple Cheeseburger and the McDouble with bacon, but the McDouble deserves to win #becausebacon.

By contrast, a Quarter Pounder with Cheese costs $5.45 and contains 2.8 ounces of cooked beef*, or $1.95 per ounce. 3.15 ounces of cooked beef* for $3.00 (or $0.95 per ounce) in a Triple Cheeseburger That’s a $1.00 per ounce difference!

What to order: TWO McDoubles with Bacon (no bread or ketchup, 3 lettuce pieces, and mayonnaise): $4.00 per ounce, or $0.95 per pound 4 chops* (1.05 oz. ), 4 slices of American cheese, and 4 slices of bacon are included in this order.

*It’s worth noting that the weight of the hamburger is measured before it’s cooked. A normal 1.5 oz. wafer, for example, will be baked with 1.05 oz. (quarter-pounder) for a total of 2.8 oz.

Femur: Use coupons and order via the McDonald’s iOS and Android smartphone app to save even more money.

Burger King is a fast food restaurant chain.


At Burger King, you can order whatever you want; all you have to do is know what you’re ordering! The same can be said for BK, where the economic menu (amazing!) offers much more than their famous burger. You’ll see a similar pattern: we always choose the bacon choice, even if it’s not the cheapest per ounce. What can we say… bacon is one of our favorite foods!

By comparison : Whopper & Cheese: 2.8 oz cooked beef for $5.79 – $2.06 per ounce 3 Cheeseburger: 3.57 oz cooked beef* for $3.00 – $0.84 per ounce

TWO Double Bacon Cheeseburgers are what you should order (without bun or ketchup, with lettuce and mayonnaise) $4.48 per ounce, or $0.94 4 patties (1.19 oz.)*, 4 slices bacon, and 2 slices American cheese are included in this order.

* The normal size of Burger King chops (including non-Whopper chops) is 1.7 oz, which is somewhat bigger than McDonald’s, but keep in mind that they will likely shrink to 1.19 oz after a typical 30% bin reduction.

Femur: Download the Burger King app for iOS or Android to get coupons.



Wendy’s is another example of how you may save money by buying sandwiches from the menu rather than ordering expensive burgers. At Dave’s Single, an ounce of beef costs half as much if you get the Double Stacks combo meal. For an additional $0.60, you can add bacon to any of the burgers, bringing the entire order to just over $5 – an extra $0.18 that we believe is well worth it.

By contrast, Dave’s Single: $5.19 for 2.8 oz. cooked beef, or $1.85 per oz. 1.25 oz. cooked beef* cheeseburger for $1.29 – or $1.03 per oz. 2.5 oz. cooked beef* for $2.29 (or $0.92 per ounce) in a Double Stack

What to order: TWO TWO TWO TWO TWO TWO TWO TWO TWO TWO T (without bun or ketchup, with extra lettuce and mayo) $4.58 – or $0.92 per ounce – plus $5.18 for bacon on a sandwich – This order contains 4 chops (1.25 oz)*, 2 slices of American cheese, and 2 slices of bacon, if preferred.

You may also add an additional patty to your cheeseburger for $1 (the same price as a double stack), which is worth remembering when Wendy’s runs a normal cheeseburger special.

* Assuming a comparable 30 percent decrease in size after cooking, the cooked amount will be 1.78 oz. The junior chop weighs in about 1.25 ounces.

Femur: Use coupons on the Wendy’s app for iOS and Android devices to save even more money. You can even order via the app in certain areas!

Hardee’s / Carl’s Jr.


You’re probably thinking to yourself, “OK, it’s just another script to order from the menu,” but it’s really not a very good idea. In fact, we have two popular meals that are more affordable than a basic cheeseburger. However, since they are typically close together, the decision is based on your hunger.

In contrast, a 1/3 pound cheeseburger costs $4.19 for 4.2 ounces of cooked beef, or $1.00 per ounce. a quarter-pound cheeseburger: $2.79 for 2.8 ounces of cooked beef, or $1.00 per ounce 2 cheeseburgers, double: $4.98 for 4.64 ounces of cooked beef*, or $1.07 per ounce

Cheeseburger is a must-order. 1/3 pound (without bun or ketchup, with lettuce and mayonnaise) $1.00 per ounce, or $4.19 1 patty (4.2 oz) and 1 slice of American cheese are included in this order.

*We assumed the average size of a cooked cutlet is 1.16 oz (based on three prior cutlet sizes from McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s) since beef weight information was not accessible on the company’s website.

The Cartoon Network’s “Jack in the Box”


The buttery gourmet bun on Buttery Jack burgers is legendary. It is, however, a waste of money if it is not included in the order. It’s better to settle for a less expensive hamburger and fill yourself with schnitzel to keep the cost per ounce down. It’ll set you back a little more than $5, but you’ll get enough meat to make it worthwhile.

By contrast, a Buttery Jack Burger costs $5.39 for 2.8 ounces of cooked beef, or $1.93 per ounce. 2.32 oz. cooked beef* for $2.58 – or $1.11 per oz. Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger (with additional patty):

What to order: TWO Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers (without bun or ketchup, with extra patty, lettuce and mayo) $5.16 per ounce, or $1.11 This purchase includes four patties (1.16 oz. each), two slices of American cheese, and four pieces of bacon.

*We assumed the average size of a cooked cutlet is 1.16 oz (based on three prior cutlet sizes from McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s) since beef weight information was not accessible on the company’s website.

Femur: Use the Jack In The Box smartphone app on iOS and Android to get discounts and make orders (in certain areas).

Who’s up for a hamburger?

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Burgers have become a popular food item, but is it right to eat burgers that are nearly 100 percent meat? Most aren’t, so we decided to investigate. We created a list of the Top 10 Unhealthiest Burgers, so you can choose the healthiest option on the menu.. Read more about cook burgers in oven and let us know what you think.

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