What does whale taste like?

Most people have never even tried whale meat, but the cetacean may be the next big thing in the seafood world. That’s because some are starting to see whale as a sustainable option, as the industry is beginning to make progress on the sustainability of their hunts. As the meat reaches more people, it may also become more popular.

In 2006, scientists in Iceland set out to find out what the rare, endangered fin whale tasted like. Instead of catching the whales and putting them to death, they used a probe in a net to collect tissue samples. The samples were then sent to a lab, where they were tested against Scilla Scilla, an Icelandic flower that grows in northern Iceland. Not long after the researchers published their findings, the Icelandic government decided to stop the fin whales from being hunted.

What happens when you ask someone what a whale tastes like, and get a grin? A bite? A lump of something in your throat? Do you get the feeling that they know something you don’t? Well, you’re not alone. A Whale’s (bio)chemical profile is remarkably similar to that of a tuna fish, and it’s easy to see why: whales and tuna have the same basic body structure, and they’re both fish-like mammals. But while a tuna’s taste is very mild, a whale’s is like a skunk in a pizza box: foul and pungent.


I just visited Iceland and had a native delicacy called Keith. It was a unique experience.

My initial impression when the server delivered the food was that there had been a mistake in the kitchen:



I was anticipating something fishy, but instead received meat. Whales, on the other hand, are mammals, therefore they don’t have a fishy flavor. What did it taste like? I’d say it’s more like to a horse.

What is the oddest animal you’ve ever consumed?

PS: According to my understanding, the minke whale is not endangered.

I have a “whale” question. I have always loved whale. I have always wondered what whale tastes like. Or what it’s texture is like. Or what it’s smell is like. I have been thinking about it for years.. Read more about what does mattak taste like and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is whale flavor?

The flavor of whale meat is described as “fishy” and “salty.”

Is it legal to eat whale?

No, it is not legal to eat whale.

What does whale blubber taste like?

The taste of whale blubber is described as having a “salty, fishy” flavor.

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