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Wild Alaska Seafoods delivers fresh, delicious seafood right into your home! Whether you live in the cities, suburbs, or rural areas, you can now get fresh, local, wild Alaskan seafood the same day it is caught.

Wild Alaskan Company is a quality seafood delivery company based out of Alaska. They deliver fresh and frozen seafood, including crab legs, king crab, seafood, salmon, shrimp, and more. They pride themselves in delivering the highest quality seafood selections at the lowest prices. They also offer a variety of different delivery options, from their local delivery service to their overnight and regional delivery services. Furthermore, they have specialised fast food delivery insurance that will guarantee the delivery will be sea fresh and on time.

Wild Alaskan Company is a dynamic small business that focuses exclusively on providing the highest quality seafood to our customers. We pride ourselves on our professional staff and our amazing customer service. We have proudly been in business since 1986 and have built an amazing reputation in the marketplace.


When you’re on a keto diet, do you prefer to eat seafood?

If you’ve ever visited Alaska, you’ve undoubtedly had the chance to sample some of the amazing seafood… the quality is unrivaled! Seafood is not only low-carb and keto-friendly, but it’s also abundant in vitamins and minerals, and it has a long list of health advantages (lower risk of heart attack, stroke, obesity, and high blood pressure).

What’s more, you know what? There’s no need to go to Alaska or the local market to sample the freshest fish in town. That’s right, Wild Alaskan may be delivered directly to your door!


The Wild Alaskan Company is a monthly fish subscription service that delivers responsibly produced seafood to your door. Quick and simple dinners are made possible by their individually wrapped servings!

The fish is sent frozen in an environmentally friendly insulated cooler packed with dry ice, so your seafood is ready to be frozen or cooked right away. Freshly caught wild fish should be frozen soon after landing to retain the flavor and keep it fresh for a long time, so you can enjoy the taste of fresh seafood.


We even have a special deal for you!

Use coupon code HIP2KETO at checkout to receive $25 off your first box for a limited time! This implies that a dish of wild fish delivered to your home costs just $8.91.

Take a look at the following client testimonials:

I adore salmon! I can tell the difference since it’s so fresh and tasty. My salmon was never dark pink or overly plump, and there were never any bones in my batches….. As a result, I know he’s a genuine tomboy. Their cod and halibut are also delicious. Their pricing are comparable to those at my neighborhood fish shop. This business comes highly recommended from me.

I’ve bought fish from Wild Alaska twice in the last year for our family and have been pleased each times. The items were delivered on time, in good condition, and the fish was delicious. I’m never buying anything from the neighborhood grocer again!

My initial purchase was delivered with a small mistake, which I informed them of. They not only responded quickly, but they also went above and above to ameliorate the issue. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase from them again.


Get to know the following business scenarios:

12-pack of wild salmon *$10.99 per pack Wild salmon, such as sockeye and coho, are served in 6-ounce portions. $131.88 total Use the code HIP2KETO to get a $25 discount on your first package. With delivery, the total cost is $106.88, or $8.91 per serving!

Combination package with 12 wild packs $10.99/pack *Includes a variety of wild salmon and wild pollock quantities, cuts, and varieties. $131.88 total Use the code HIP2KETO to get a $25 discount on your first package. With delivery, the total cost is $106.88, or $8.91 per serving!

12-pack of wild white fish *Includes a variety of portions, cuts, and kinds of wild white fish in different sizes, such as halibut and cod, for $10.99 each pack. $131.88 total Use the code HIP2KETO to get a $25 discount on your first package. With delivery, the total cost is $106.88, or $8.91 per serving!


They also provide a complete money-back guarantee!

We are well aware that our seafood is among the finest in the world. That is why we provide a complete money-back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with our goods, we will either refund your money or replace it.

Wild Alaskan Seafood is an online company based in Kodiak Island, Alaska that offers fresh seafood to its customers. They offer a wide array of seafood, including sea star, crab, and oysters. They pride themselves on the quality of their products and deliver them to your door. They offer many different options to choose from: Fresh Seafood Combos, Whole Fish, Sides, Grilled Seafood, Seafood Paella, Seafood Tacos, and Much More.. Read more about wild alaskan seafood company and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wild Alaska company legit?

Wild Alaska is a legit company.

Is wild Alaskan salmon company?

Wild Alaskan salmon company reviews are mixed. Some people love the company, while others say they have had a bad experience with them.

Where does wild Alaskan company ship from?

Wild Alaskan Company ships from Anchorage, Alaska.

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