Why Keep Your Cable TV Services?

For some time, there has been an ongoing debate about what cable TV services hold. There is also speculation that it might not be a thing anymore –but not that soon, though. It is observed that in the past 3 2019 years, cable TV “cut the cord” has been the hype, but there are still millions of people who subscribe to cable TV and are satisfied with their service.

Streaming services may be to blame for the change, but it is also the generational change. Young people nowadays want to have an option with variety but also something on the go. They want to watch a series while going to school or college or want an option they can binge-watch. Mostly these include television series and not sports, news, or live channels. Thus, the option to stream is something that can be kept as a secondary option, while you can keep the option of cable services too.

The excellent channel lineup is the primary reason why consumers opt to keep cable TV services. Local, sports, news, and movie channels are accessible. Cable TV offers a level of variety that streaming services simply cannot match. If you look at Xfinity TV, for example, you will be able to enjoy multiple channels, including CNN, Discovery, HBO Max, and HGTV, that you will not get with streaming, and if you can, then it will be for an excess cost. 

What we are trying to put is that diversity and options are key. You can have both options and choose which one to have in terms of pricing and variety. However, having cable and streaming at this point is vital with diverse and multiple level households with kids, teens, older generations, and all. Below are some of the other reasons why cable TV is better than streaming, but you can again opt for both to have a variety of options, especially needing Netflix at times. So read up to know the advantage and disadvantages of having cable TV over streaming.

Reasons why Cable TV is better than streaming services

Advantages:Free of internet dependency:

The slow internet speed, in one way or another, has given us a nervous breakdown at one point or another. This mostly happens when you are up for some serious work, such as trying to meet a deadline or initiating an interview, considering it is a coincidence, but it does break a sweat. There is no legit reason for the internet speed to go down as it might fluctuate on its own or when the server has a lot of load and connected devices on it.

There could be one modem in the house, but five or more devices connected to it, which is a major cause for the slow speeds. You will be interrupted by the lag if you are playing games, watching a video, or doing research for a project soon to be submitted. In addition, this would shorten your temper as well as disturb the quality of your work. This is not the problem with Cable TV. Because it is not connected to the internet directly or indirectly, you will not experience glitches or buffers in the middle of your tasks.

Discount offers on bundles:

The cable TV services consist of variable prices and are not fixed to a specific rate. Different vendors offer you different rates, so it is easy to negotiate and get your desired cost incurred. Moreover, they have different offers to get you connected, such as a three-in-one cable, phone, and internet package, which would be at a comparatively lower cost and with premium features.

Affordable customization offers:

Cable TV vendors mostly comprise a vast majority of channels, many of which are not even of your interest, but you have to pay for them. Hence, they sometimes provide customization for your subscription. This allows you to select a specific number of channels that are in your regular watch, and you are charged for only those channels rather than all the others that you put up rarely. This way, you can meet your desired outcome by not having to go through channels you do not crave.


High installation cost:

The cost of installing these cable TV services is a heavy burden on the budget. You have to pay the fees of the installer, service fees, cable connections, and the cost of wiring all at the same time. This is a factor distracting people from this service due to the one-time high expense.

The trouble with rental equipment:

Having a smart TV frees you from the trouble of buying new cable boxes, which are very costly, and you have to buy a separate one for each television in your house. This equipment would not be a concern in an online streaming service.

Restricting to a single location:

Unlike online streaming, which you can watch anywhere you have an internet connection, including your cellphone, television, or even a computer. Cable TV restricts you to stay at a single place near the TV as the cord is fixed, and you cannot move it anywhere you want.

Final Verdict:

You should not be indulged in removing your cable TV if you are satisfied with the response and do not have worries regarding the limited access, and the costs are not a burden on your pocket. However, if you want to experience a new package and an unlimited area of access for streaming, you should pack up for a month-long streaming package to check if it suits you. If it does, then go for a permanent subscription, as you would not regret the decision based on your own experience.


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