20 Easiest Keto Side Dishes

If you’re looking for side dishes to add to your keto diet, you’ve got plenty of options. I’ve rounded up a collection of easy side dishes that are perfect for a weeknight dinner, casual dinner party, or family gathering. You’ll find dinner salad recipes, low carb side dishes, stir fry vegetables, and more.

Don’t feel like cooking? How about taking a trip to the grocery store? All you have to do is get in the car and head over to your local grocery store. You can find a wide variety of foods that make great keto side dishes. If you have a meat lover in your family, then try out some of these meaty options. There are also some great vegetable options to choose from.

The keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat, and moderate protein diet that focuses on foods that are high in fat, such as meat, eggs, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. It was originally designed to help people with epilepsy (in children and adults) sort out the complex issues that arise during their brain’s transition from burning carbs for fuel to burning fat for fuel. The diet restricts carbs to about 50 grams a day, so you are forced to eat less than the typical daily amount of carbs and still feel full. (Although if you are using a standard ketogenic calculator like KetoCalculator.net, you may consume up to 100 grams of carbs.). Read more about easy keto side dishes and let us know what you think.

Add some keto side dishes to tonight’s meal to make it more special. These low-carb sides are not only filling, but they also have a lot of taste. We’ve gathered 20 Keto Side Dishes to fulfill your suppertime requirements, from salads and stuffing to cornbread and casseroles.

Most individuals are aware that the keto diet requires a reduction in carbohydrates, but they often overlook the need of include fat in their meals. Your diet may be deficient in fat if you feel hungry between meals or have poor energy throughout the day. Keto side dishes come in useful in this situation.

Start with a protein source like chicken, beef, or fish, and then add some fatty side dishes to fill out your keto meals.

Keto Side Dishes: Three Reasons to Love Them

1. Add Fat to Meals with Ease

Keto Macros need a high fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrate ratio. (Use our Free Calculator to figure out your precise keto macros.) Many of us were reared on a low-fat diet, so suddenly boosting the fat level of your meals may be challenging. To simply boost your fat macros, serve any of these keto side dishes with your meal.

2. Maintain Your Fullness for a Longer Period of Time

Most keto side dishes are high in fat and fiber, both of which are very filling. Fiber-rich vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, and brussels sprouts are included in many of these dishes because they pass through the digestive system slowly and provide bulk to meals without adding a lot of calories.

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3. Carb Cravings Can Be Helped

The majority of the meals we miss from before we became keto are really side dishes. Rather of fighting our hunger or succumbing to cheat meals, we’ve devised a list of keto side dishes that will fully fill you. We’ve created keto versions of all your favorite meals using low-carb ingredients.

20 Keto Side Dishes to Try

Serve these low-carb sides with meals like drumsticks, meatballs, and crispy pork chops.

1. 6g net carbohydrates Keto Mac and Cheese

Cauliflower comes in useful on the keto diet, and who can complain when it’s paired with a decadent cheese sauce? You’ll have to pick between Velveeta style and Classic Keto Mac and Cheese recipes since we have many on the site. (Or combine the two!)

bowls of mac and cheese keto side dishes

2. 7.75g net carbohydrates in cauliflower fried rice

You can get Keto Chinese Takeout in a few different ways, but low-carb fried rice is almost non-existent in the real world. We opted to create Keto Fried Rice at home using low-carb items like cauliflower rice, garlic, eggs, and sesame oil since we couldn’t live without one of our favorite Asian side dishes.

cauliflower fried rice keto side dishes

3. 5.8g net carbohydrates in Green Bean Casserole

If you have a family history of making Green Bean Casserole, particularly around the holidays, you must try this low-carb version. To achieve that golden, crispy coating, we utilize an unique keto ingredient…

keto side dishes green bean casserole in cast iron skillet

4. Mashed Cauliflower & Gravy – 3.75g net carbs

There are some who like potatoes and those who would give their life for them. You’re in luck if you live, eat, and breathe hash browns, french fries, and all things-tot. Our Mashed Cauliflower dish is a great low-carb alternative to mashed potatoes.

hand pouring gravy over turkey and mashed cauliflower keto side dishes

5. Onion Rings with Low Carbohydrates – 4.5g net carbs

Fries or onion rings? It’s one of life’s most pressing issues. Nothing compares to a crispy, golden onion ring. That sweet onion in salty breading is the stuff of fantasies, and we’ve made it KETO friendly.

low carb onion rings dipped in ketchup make great keto side dishes

6. Hash Browns with Low Carbohydrates – 3.2g net carbs

Brunch is a popular low-carb meal. Bacon, sausage, eggs, and low-carb berries are all on the menu. What about hash browns, though? Only three ingredients, including seasoning, are needed to make these Low-Carb Cauliflower Hash Brown patties.

cauliflower hash browns with fried egg keto side dishes

7. 4g net carbohydrates in low-carb naan

Our Keto Butter Chicken isn’t complete without some Low-Carb Naan. It’s the only way to get all of that butter chicken sauce out of your system. In our Keto Gyros, this naan works well as a wrap or pita.

low carb naan bread keto side sishes

8. 2.5g net carbohydrates Summer Cauliflower Salad (Keto Potato Salad)

Nothing says summer like potato salad and the aroma of grilled meat. Some individuals have informed us that they prefer this cauliflower salad over the original potato one, which is heavy in carbs. This summer, treat yourself to a low-carb, cool and creamy salad.

cauliflower keto potato salad keto side dishes

9. Sweet Potato Casserole with Low Carbohydrates (3.6g net carbs)

With this Healthy Sweet Potato Casserole with Pecan Cinnamon Syrup dish, we truly outdid ourselves. With a dish like this in your back pocket, you won’t have to make any diet compromises this Christmas.


10. Cornbread with 3g net carbohydrates is a low-carb option.

In this corn bread recipe, we utilize a secret (sneaky) ingredient that gives it the characteristic corn taste without all the carbohydrates. If you’re missing cornbread on your keto diet, you’ll want to try this recipe.


11. Stuffing with Low Carbohydrates (3.8g net carbs)

It may seem difficult to create stuffing keto-friendly, but we like to try new things. This cauliflower combination has a distinctive stuffing taste that you won’t want to miss out on thanks to the inclusion of pork sausage and poultry spice.


12. 6g net carbohydrates in Creamy Cauliflower Risotto

In our home, any dish that includes cream and mushrooms is a hit. Garlic, parmesan, thyme, and pepper are used to flavor this low-carb version of a traditional Italian meal.


13. Grits with 3 grams of net carbohydrates

The hidden ingredient in these Keto Cheesy Grits will surprise you. These grits, which are high in fiber and healthy fats, will keep you full for hours. They’re great with charred chicken or shrimp.


14. 1.3g net carbohydrates in low-carb dinner rolls

A fresh dinner bun slathered with butter is unrivaled. This dish is rich in fiber, simple to prepare, and complements any meal. Use it as a sandwich bread or dip it in Keto Chili.

low carb rolls stack3

15. Salad de Broccoli – 5 g net carbohydrates

This chilled broccoli salad is ideal for serving at parties and potlucks. Isn’t it true that everyone enjoys a salad with bacon? This Broccoli Salad is the bomb, topped with crunchy sunflower seeds and drizzled with a creamy sauce.

Spoon Scooping Broccoli Salad Keto Side Dishes

16. Biscuits cooked in the air fryer – 2g net carbohydrates

Which of our biscuit recipes is the best may be a point of contention. Could it be our Keto Made Easy Cookbook’s 3-Minute Biscuits, Jalapeno Biscuits, or Sour Cream Biscuits? Give these Easy Air Fryer Biscuits a try and let us know what you think!


17. 5g net carbohydrates Crispy Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts may not have been your favorite as a child, but that is about to change. Crisp them up in the oven and serve with a curry or whipped ricotta sauce on the side. This low-carb side dish may also be used as an appetizer.


18. Low-Carb Asiago Garlic Bread (net carbs: 3g)

Do you want zucchini noodles or spaghetti squash for dinner tonight? To go with it, we suggest a fresh loaf of Keto Garlic Bread. Enjoy with a dollop of butter!


19. 5g net carbohydrates in Loaded Cauliflower Casserole

Bacon, green onion, and cheese are a match made in heaven. This Loaded Cauliflower Casserole is a no-brainer, particularly if you like loaded baked potatoes. Casseroles are synonymous with comfort food.

Loaded Broccoli Casserole Keto Side Dishes

20. Keto Ceasar Salad & Homemade Dressing

Caesar salad dressings from the store may be keto-friendly, but they aren’t necessarily nutritious. Avoid using processed vegetable oils in salad dressings and instead use healthy fats like avocado oil or extra virgin olive oil.


If you’re searching for additional keto side dishes, our website has a whole section dedicated to them. There’s a good chance you’ll discover a few new favorites.


There are many types of side dishes popular in the keto diet. Some people love the creamy, cheesy, rich cauliflower rice that is so popular on the keto diet, and others like the lighter option of broccoli. The main reason why some people do not like the broccoli and cauliflower rice is because it tends to be more filling. If you are one of those people who have never tried the keto diet before and have been avoiding the cheesy creamy cauliflower rice, then here is a list of 20 other side dishes that are so much easier and tasty that you can’t help but want to try them after you read the instructions.. Read more about keto side dishes for burgers and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sides are good for keto?

The best sides for keto are the ones that have a lot of fat and protein, such as bacon, sausage, steak, and eggs.

What sides dont have carbs?

The sides with the spikes.

What are the easiest keto Foods?

Keto foods are those that have a low carb count. They typically consist of meat, vegetables, and some dairy products.

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