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Whether you’re looking for a German recipe, or simply enjoying the taste of German cuisine, you’ll find recipes that are authentic and tasty. In this blog, you will find recipes of German delicacies and traditions which have been passed down over the years. From traditional German desserts to traditional German meals and Eastern European dishes, there is much you’ll find here.

This is a blog dedicated to recipes from all over Europe and the world. I have been to over 30 other countries and I have tried a lot of food. I feel that it would be great to share the recipes and food experiences that I have had.

Whether you’re an avid baker, or you’ve never made bread before, you’ll find this list of 35+ Authentic German Recipes to be a handy starting point. There are so many different ways to make delicious German classics, it’s hard to choose what to make first!


A Collection of Authentic German Recipes – Prepared by Us!

Do you want to learn how to cook like a German? You’ve come to the correct spot whether you miss Oma’s cooking or want to try a new German dish.

If you’re new to RecipesfromEurope, here’s a quick rundown: Lisa is German and grew up learning to make a variety of German meals with her parents and grandparents.

She still enjoys baking and preparing German dishes now that we have relocated to North America.

There are many “German recipes” available, some of which are unquestionably more genuine than others.

Our goal is to include classic and genuine recipes that we are acquainted with on our list.

You may have even eaten some of these meals previously, depending on your knowledge of German cuisine.

multiple authentic german recipe dishesFrom sweet pastries and joyful Glühwein to savory potatoes, these traditional German dishes are delicious!

At the same time, it’s essential to keep in mind that the same meal may be prepared in a variety of ways. This may be seen in dishes like German potato salad. Many recipe variants result from regional variances (all of which are legitimate and authentic!).

Just a heads up: There are a number of traditional German dishes that we haven’t tried yet, mostly meat-based ones like roasts (yet). As a result, you won’t find many recipes similar to those in this round-up.

Our point is that just because a German dish you know isn’t on our list doesn’t imply it isn’t authentically German – it very well might be!

So, whether you’re searching for simple German recipes for a potluck or fast German recipes for supper, our list offers a delightful mix of delectable German appetizers, main courses, and desserts, as well as a few beverages!

This round-up will be updated when new information becomes available. So save it or pin it to your Pinterest account and come back to it when you’re ready to cook some German cuisine!

This not-so-healthy-but-oh-so-delicious meal, made with shredded Emmental cheese, is topped with fried onions and parsley for extra crunch and flavor!


We’ll start with potato pancakes, a traditional German dish that you may recognize from Oktoberfest or visiting German Christmas markets.

Simple to prepare and wonderful to eat, these substantial, crispy fried potato pancakes are a must-try! They’re delicious with a sweet apple sauce, a savory garlic sauce, or a creamy quark sauce!

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These genuine German Pretzels are golden brown on the exterior and soft on the inside, exactly like you’d find in Germany!

Laugenbrezeln is a basic dough that is easy to prepare. To achieve the brown hue, we use baking soda and water instead of lye, so it’s a safer method to attempt.

These pretzels are a delicious snack, and don’t forget to coat them with coarse salt!

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This classic side dish is excellent German fried potatoes.

They have a wonderful crunch on the inside and are perfectly golden brown on the exterior. Serve them with fried onions and/or traditional condiments such as ketchup!

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You’ll need handmade German Spaetzle to create those traditional German egg dumplings.

Spaetzle are made with a basic flour and egg mixture and are very simple to prepare. It also helps if you have a spaetzle maker, although they may be made without one as well.

Spaetzle is an excellent side dish for meat-based meals such as German goulash (details below) or Rouladen!

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You could take it a step further and create Käsespätzle if you’re preparing homemade spaetzle. It’s very simple to create German Cheese Spaetzle; all you need is shredded Emmental cheese!

It’s hardly the healthiest meal, but topped with fried onion and chopped parsley, it’s a winner. You can’t go wrong with this.

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Follow this recipe for Brötchen to create traditional German bread rolls. These delectable rolls, which are German for “small bread,” are simple to prepare.

You can create crusty rolls that are toasty and bready on the inside with only a few ingredients you probably already have on hand, and they’re a great complement to breakfast, lunch, or even supper!

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Rotkraut, commonly known as German red cabbage, is a wonderful side dish for meat-based meals.

It’s a classic colorful side dish made with red cabbage, apples, onion, and a few essential spices – that’s for sure!

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There are many different types of German potato dumplings, but Lisa grew up eating these genuine Franconian-style potato dumplings.

They’re starchy and soft to perfection, and go nicely with meat dishes like Rouladen or Sauerbraten.

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In German ice cream parlors, ice cream coffee is a mainstay. On a hot summer day, this sweet and refreshing beverage is ideal.

This delicacy is so much more than “iced coffee,” since it is made with cold coffee and ice cream. It’s usually served in a tall glass with whipped cream and chocolate shavings on top.

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German Coleslaw is a wonderful dish choice for a fresh side salad prepared with cabbage.

This genuine Krautsalat is made with fresh green cabbage, onion, with a dash of white wine vinegar and cumin. It works well with heavier meat dishes!

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Are you a fan of pasta? Then you’ll love this ham and egg pasta dish from Germany!

Schinkennudeln is a substantial and tasty pasta meal that will fill you up. It’s simple to prepare and might be classified as German comfort cuisine.

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Follow this recipe for Streuselkuchen to create traditional German Crumb Cake.

This crumb cake is no exception to the German fondness for yeasty cakes.

A traditional German yeast cake, topped with plenty of sweet and crumbly Streusel, is soft on the inside and filled with sweet and crumbly Streusel; it’s the ideal cake for a hot beverage like coffee or tea!

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This wonderful German potato soup is prepared with a variety of appetizing ingredients, including potatoes, carrots, and leeks, as well as celery root, sausage, and plenty of freshly chopped parsley.

This traditional soup may be served as a delicious appetizer or as the main meal!

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German Goulash is one of those traditional German meals when it comes to meat-based foods.

In a red wine sauce, this thickened beef stew is filled with carrots, celery, and onions.

It goes well with homemade Spaetzle or simply plain potatoes, as we’ve already stated. If you enjoy the flavor, don’t forget to add a little minced parsley!

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These genuine German meatballs, which are often prepared with half pork and half beef, are not difficult to make.

The egg and breadcrumbs keep everything together, while the onion provides flavor. Serve them with mustard as a side dish or as a meal in and of themselves!

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Toast Hawaii is a great option for a fast German supper.

Only a few basic components, such as bread, ham, cheese, and a ring of pineapple for sweetness, go into this unusual creation. It’s a sweet and delicious meal that you should certainly try!

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This decadent no-bake chocolate cake is a famous German dessert from the 1990s.

Crisp butter biscuits are topped with sweet chocolate and served cold. The texture contrast of crunchy and silky is guaranteed to delight!

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This light yeast butter cake is a traditional German dish.

The cake is made with a basic dough and plenty of butter, then covered with sugar and sliced almonds, which brown to create a wonderful sweet and crispy top!

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These sweet and fluffy German apple pancakes are delicious. They make a wonderful brunch complement and may even be served as a dessert.

These apple-cinnamon pancakes are delicious on their own or with a sprinkle of maple syrup and powdered sugar!

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Try these Semmelknödel for German bread dumplings. They’re a popular supper option in Germany’s south, and they go well with saucy and/or meat-based meals.

Semmelknödel are also a wonderful way to use up any leftover bread in your kitchen!

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Have you ever seen a meatloaf stuffed with hard-boiled eggs? Then German Meatloaf is for you!

This delicious meatloaf recipe, also known as Falscher Hase, is a quick and simple beef meal.

German meatloaf goes nicely with potatoes and mixed veggies since it’s made with a seasoned meat mixture (and those hard cooked eggs on the interior).

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This traditional German mulled wine recipe is comparable to that seen at Christmas markets in Germany.

This traditional Christmas drink is usually a crowd favorite and ideal to sip on throughout the chilly winter! It’s made with red wine, sugar, aromatic spices like cinnamon, and fresh fruit like oranges.

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Try German Yeast Dumplings if you’re searching for a sweet and filling dessert.

These bready, rising dumplings, known in German as Dampfnudeln, are cooked on the stovetop and served with a creamy, sweet vanilla sauce!

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Schupfnudeln, commonly known as German Potato Noodles, are a versatile meal.

These long-shaped noodles are easy to prepare using a mix of mashed potato, egg, and flour and may be served sweet or savory.

They’re delicious pan-fried in butter with minced parsley.

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A traditional cake for “Kaffee und Kuchen” in Germany is apple cake (coffee and cake). It’s sweet and wonderful, with a crumble on top.

This fancy-looking crumble cake is really very simple to prepare, using just a few basic ingredients like apples and cinnamon.

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Cucumber salad is a popular salad in Germany, with a variety of variations to choose from.

Fresh dill, onion, and just the perfect amount of creaminess go into our Gurkensalat, making it especially delectable! This cucumber salad from Germany is a refreshing cold side dish.

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Rumkugeln (German for “rum balls”) are usually a favorite during the holidays.

This little delicious delicacy is loaded with creamy chocolate, rum, and sprinkles or cocoa powder, and it doesn’t stay long on the festive platter!

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Another traditional dish that is simple to prepare is German tomato salad.

This Tomatensalat has a delightfully refreshing flavor thanks to just a few ingredients including fresh tomatoes, onion, and plenty of fresh basil. It’s best served cold and goes well with a substantial main course.

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Looking for a traditional German potato salad that is also vegan-friendly?

This tasty and delicious potato salad is simple to make. This potato salad, which is made with oil and vinegar rather than mayonnaise, is a wonderful side dish to a substantial main!

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With Eggs in Mustard Sauce, you can keep it simple and hearty.

This traditional German meal, known as Eier in Senfsoße, is simply boiled potatoes with hard-boiled eggs in a rich mustard and onion sauce.

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Another traditional German dessert that is simple to prepare is marble cake. It has the right amount of sweetness and fluffiness to it.

The chocolate and vanilla swirl within each slice gives it an artistic and distinctive appearance that you’ll want to offer to visitors… or simply eat all by yourself!

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Strammer Max is a classic open-faced sandwich prepared with freshly baked German bread, thinly sliced cured ham, and a fried egg.

It’s a substantial, quick-to-prepare dinner that’s always a crowd-pleaser. It’s perfect for lunch, supper, or a hearty snack any time of day!

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Lisa’s grandmother used to prepare a wonderful German carrot salad that goes well with any meal.

It’s simple to prepare, and the softened carrots and onions give it a delicious taste that goes well with heavy meals!

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Another traditional dish to prepare is German Onion Pie, also known as Zwiebelkuchen.

It’s made with a lot of onion and a meat (such as pancetta bacon) and served in slices atop crispy bread.

It may be enjoyed as a snack or served as an appetizer!

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Check out this traditional recipe for a German-style cheesecake. This light and fluffy cheesecake, known in German as Käsekuchen, is prepared with German Quark (see below).

The delectable center is tinged with lemon zest and placed atop a light crust for a lovely overall texture.

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This is the recipe to use if you need to manufacture German Quark (which may be difficult to find in shops in North America).

This German diary product may be made at home with just two ingredients and a little time.

Quark is delicious on its alone, with fruit, or as part of a German cheesecake.

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Are you German? If you’re not, then you’re missing out on some of the best food in the world—and you know what? We’re not talking about fast food. This is a few hours of cooking, a little bit of the right ingredients, and quite a bit of patience! Check out the list of German recipes on our site, and get cooking!. Read more about german goulash with spaetzle and let us know what you think.

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