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Alvar is a (former) professional basketball player who is now a Personal Trainer and an expert in nutrition. He’s worked with dozens of professional athletes around the world, and has a diverse client list that includes professional athletes, fitness models, fitness coaches, and regular people.

Alvar has always had a very lean body. He has been a very lean athlete all of his life, spending most of his time training and competing as an Olympic weightlifter. He has been training and competing for over 40 years, has won many international competitions and been ranked in the top three in the world in the sport for a long time. As a result, his body is very lean, and he has a lot of muscle mass. Now, he is coaching others and learning what it takes to succeed at a leaner body physique.

Alvar is a lean man who has been coached by me. At first, he could not lose weight and he was frustrated. Then, he started to follow the plan and his body changed. He has lost around 20 pounds in three months. Alvar is a lean man who has been coached by me. At first, he could not lose weight and he was frustrated. Then, he started to follow the plan and his body changed. He has lost around 20 pounds in three months.

Before starting training, Alvar, 44, was 27 pounds overweight. His body started to give out as a result of the additional weight he was carrying throughout his rigorous martial arts training.

He is in the greatest condition of his life nine months later, having dropped 12 percent body fat and developed powerful abs.

He explains how he dropped weight, escaped the March tsunami in Japan, and recovered control of his body and life.

The transformation of Alvar

I dropped 27 pounds and 12% body fat!


  • Age: 44
  • 27 pound weight reduction (from 169 pounds to 142 pounds)
  • 12 percent body fat reduction (from 22 percent to 10 percent )
  • The waist circumference has shrunk by 5 inches (from 37 inches to 32 inches)

Fat Ninja

The teacher will wrap your black belt around your waist ceremoniously on the day you get it. It’s here – a testimony to your martial arts abilities, knotted above the hip, below the navel, with your name stitched on one end in white thread.

Over the years, you’ll take it off and on hundreds of times. Thousands, maybe. Your black belt will remind you how hard you worked and how much you learned every time you practice.

Your belt, on the other hand, will tell you some terrible things. Take, for example, the expansion of your waistline. It was found nine months ago by Alvar.

When he glanced in the mirror that day, he saw that his name had been shortened: the first few letters were caught in his belt button, and the white stripe showed just the last half of his name.

Because of his enlarged tummy, the ends of his belt were short. Over the last few years, she’s gained five cm of fat around her waist by eating too much at night and missing meals.

He wasn’t fat, so it was easy to overlook the weight increase. Alvar hadn’t even noticed till the next morning.

But now that he’d seen it, all he could think about was it.

What caused this to happen?

Alvar, a martial arts expert who was once regarded as a paragon of self-control and physical strength, has transformed into a chubby ninja.


Alvar practices Taido, a martial art that translates to “Way of the Body” in Japan, where he resides with his family. Taido has five principles, each of which is intended to assist the learner in achieving excellence in their practice. Alvar recognized throughout his training that these concepts applied to more than only his martial arts.


Principle 1: Try to keep your thoughts as clean and tranquil as a mirror’s polished surface. This is how you get to the bottom of a problem.

Alvar is sitting at his desk, surrounded by papers and debris. Next to his keyboard lies an empty beer bottle and a half-eaten package of crisps. He snares them and tosses them in the garbage.

This occurred a week after he became aware that his belt was too tight.

He spends more and more time sitting now that he is a graduate. He’s in class, using the computer, and taking a break on the bench.

He can’t be healthy if he sits about all day. As well as his dietary habits. Ha! What are your habits? He eats when he feels like it, just like everyone else.

At the very least, he’s not totally dormant. He practices Taido twice a week, but his two trips to the dojo aren’t keeping him in condition like he expected. It’s all obvious now.

You should be able to explain and demonstrate your pupils what to do as a Taido instructor. Alvar’s new job is to tell tales.

He’d been attempting to follow Billy Blanks’ Tae-Bo workout DVDs for the last week – they’re extremely popular in Japan right now – but all the leaping and punching in the air made him feel stupid. He’s got a black belt, for crying out loud. Professional.

Alvar scowled as he crumpled the piece of paper. He abruptly spins around in his chair and returns his gaze to his computer. He recalls the URL of the webpage. He learned about a website through a dojo buddy.

He finds the website, clicks on the coaches’ banner, and scans the page briefly.

Eat more healthily. Training. Reduce your weight.


He scrolls to the bottom of the page and inputs his email address after skipping the rest of the text. He got an email a few days later telling him that the coaching program had started.

He registers, despite the fact that he has no idea what he’s doing.

He claims, “I simply knew that was a binding deal.” That was a nice thing. I wouldn’t be able to leave because of that.

That day, Alvar felt he had made a difference. He just didn’t know how the shift would manifest. But it was a start in the right direction. At the very least, it wasn’t just chatter.


Alvar is a student of martial arts.

Principle 2: Make-up application. Both the body and the intellect must be in sync.

Your mind is the all-knowing judge of your abilities and limitations.

It may keep you out of danger at times – playing on the rails isn’t always the greatest option – but it can also prevent you from achieving your full potential.

It has the ability to say no to your body, preventing it from becoming stronger and healthier. It’s because your mind is afraid of something. She is frightened of the unknown. It’s preferable to remain in your own surroundings and avoid trying anything new.

As a result, you’ll have to cheat.

Alvar found it four months after he began working out at the gym.

He’s already slimmed down by 20 pounds. His body was put to the test once again, and it passed with flying colors. Her stomach has changed from being soft and round to being firm and flat. (Her kid is dissatisfied because he claims to have misplaced his pillow.) Alvar has wide and powerful shoulders. His limbs and chest are expanding.

His intellect, on the other hand, is on high alert.

Perhaps it’s because strength training isn’t something he’s accustomed to. He still has no idea what to anticipate four months later. Isn’t he going to be hurt? Will she look and feel better if she lifts weights?

Despite his thoughts, Alvar stands at the bar, surrounded by dishes.

He has no idea how much weight he can lift, but he is gradually learning how his body responds and how much he can carry.

He puts the unpleasant thoughts aside when he takes the pole.

Then it rises.

Alvar sets the barbell down after three easy repetitions, retrieves his exercise notebook, and records the weight he lifted.

But hold on a second. Something isn’t right.

He goes back to the bar on the floor after looking at the numbers in his journal. In his mind, he rapidly estimates the weight. After that, he understands what he’s done.

He just lifted another 30 pounds by mistake. It was also simple.

He thinks about it for the remainder of the workout.

In recent months, his good ideas have clearly translated into healthy behaviors. He never considered, however, that good behaviors may lead to healthy thinking.

Alvar couldn’t say no with the additional 30 pounds he’d unintentionally gained at the pole. She just moved to the side as he hoisted the burden.

It will be much simpler to persuade him the next time now that his head understands what his body is capable of. And, of course, there’s always the next time.


One of Alvar’s pupils is assisting him in his training.

Principle 3: Rejuvenate your mind by drawing energy from a source deep inside your stomach. You will never be scared of a battle if you have the proper mindset.

You can’t image how difficult it is to obtain fresh veggies in Japan after the disaster.

Alvar realizes it’s a minor issue – after all, people have died – but he still wants to eat well.

He is fortunate in that he lives in an area of Japan that was spared from flooding, earthquakes, and radiation. His home was not destroyed. His family is still residing in the area.

Nonetheless, the tsunami’s effect on infrastructure, food delivery, and gasoline and power supply affected everyday living.

It, like the rest of Japan, is battling Mother Nature.

He spends a lot of money on tomatoes and carrots. He learned the significance of eating nutritious, whole meals throughout his six-month coaching time.

A single tomato may signify a lot under these circumstances.

Alvar knows that if he were weaker, he would revert to his former ways. I may have eaten extra rice or a couple of bags of chips. He’ll have an excuse, at the very least.

He persisted, though, due to the lessons he acquired as a coach.

The tsunami had an impact on more than simply food availability; he was unable to use a gym for almost three weeks.

Instead of skipping the gym, Alvar buys weights and works out at home, in the sunshine during the day and in the dark at night.

He believes that everything will soon return to normal. Almost typical, to be sure.

Alvar is now assessing his capabilities. Nutrition, exercise, and optimism feed his body and mind. He’s growing in strength, leanness, and power.

After all, your body and mind are the only things you really own. He is aware of the situation.

Take the time to strengthen them both, and they will nourish your spirit and enhance your life even when everything else is coming apart around you.

Principle 4: For each activity, follow the proper directions you’ve learnt. You can’t go wrong if you do.

Alvar is in his kitchen, making meals for his family, eight months after starting coaching and six weeks following the tsunami. He prepares chicken with veggies (he discovered a decent supplier), a meal that is very different from last year.

Then he just ate because he had no choice. He was never taught how to eat. In fact, the first time he heard it, he thought it was amusing.

What are your eating habits? So, you receive the meal first, and then you put it in your mouth…..

He receives dietary instruction with the assistance of the coach. He learns how to consume different kinds of food, when to eat them, how much to eat, and how to listen to his body. He’s currently in the greatest condition of his life, having dropped a total of 27 pounds.

He want to assist his family in doing the same. So, there’s chicken and veggies.

He claims that he no longer eats to live. I eat in order to grow. I also want my family to be fine.

Exercise and proper diet are no longer a novelty for Alvar and his family.

He compares it to putting out the garbage or cleaning your teeth. You do it every day if it’s essential.


The Nebut holiday is upon us, and Alvar and his son Victor are prepared.

Principle 5: Be adaptable with your methods and preserve physical mobility.

In martial arts, the first belt you get is white, which represents purity. The start of the trip.

The belts grow darker as you advance in your profession and acquire new abilities. After years of hard effort, you finally earn a black belt.

But the battle is far from finished.

If you keep winding that black belt around your waist and making a knot in it long enough, it will eventually unravel. The black band starts to turn white after a certain amount of use.

It’s a fresh start.

Earning in shape and reducing weight isn’t simply about accomplishing a goal, like getting a black belt. Sure, losing 30 pounds is beneficial, but it doesn’t mean you should stop there.

Instead, focus on expanding your knowledge. They return the stare and reply, “I passed.” So, what’s next?

Second, Alvar wants to increase his muscular mass. He’s already slimmed down by 27 pounds and five inches around the waist. On the belt, he can see his entire name for the first time.

He now wants to explore what he can still do and how he can maintain his health and fitness.

He claims that the whole procedure gradually weaves its way into your entire existence. You may not realize the tiny adjustments you’re making at the moment, but you’ll ultimately look back and think to yourself, “Wow, what I did a year ago and what I do today are totally different things.”

To put it another way, many people do not realize how significant the changes are until they are ready to start on a new journey.


Do you want to read more of Alvar’s lovely tales? Then meet other men, women, and couples who have shed pounds, improved their diets, and taken charge of their health.

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Coaching a client to reach their weight loss goals isn’t easy. There’s no hard-and-fast rules, only hard-and-fast results. It all depends on what you’re aiming for. However, if you’re an athlete, then the road to a lean physique is a little different.. Read more about what is lean body mass and let us know what you think.

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