Clones vs Seeds: Which is Better for Growing Cannabis?

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Growing cannabis often presents to the prospective cannabis grower two options; either growing the plants from seeds or cultivation via clones. While some cannabis growers have heaped praises on the many benefits of clones, others have used the more conventional route of cannabis seeds. In this article, we shall look at the many advantages and disadvantages of seeds and clones, and which is better for growing cannabis. However, before we move any further, we need to briefly delve into genotypes and phenotypes, as these concepts make up the plant’s genetic code —or simply, the plant’s DNA.


As earlier mentioned, the totality of any genetic makeup embedded in an individual or organism is called “genotype.” With regards to clones, these plants are known to carry the exact DNA as their mother plants do. This is because clones are gotten by cautiously cutting off the branch of a plant that may have exhibited excellent mold resistance, flavor, or even potency and allowing such a branch to become a plant of its own. When successful, you end up with a cloned cannabis plant — a separate plant with the same genetic characteristic as its mother plant.


On the other hand, a plant’s phenotype refers to traits of the plants that are visible to the naked eye. In other words, the breadth, width, and overall appearance of the plant are what make up the phenotype of such a plant. Technically, it is the sum total of every genetic trait a plant may encompass.

Advantages of Growing Cannabis From Seeds

Some growers are adept at using seeds to grow because, in their opinion, seeds are the “purest” ways to cultivate cannabis. For some, a deep sense of satisfaction comes with the harvest of cannabis plants.

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There are a ton of other benefits that come with growing cannabis plants from seeds. These include:

  • Ease of Access: Cannabis seeds are pretty easy to get. For example, feminized seeds can be ordered online from reputable e-commerce retailers, who will send the package to your doorstep.
  • Starting From Scratch: Asides from giving that satisfying result, as a cannabis grower, you can start with a fresh bundle of genetics. Seeds embody genetic codes that have not been exposed to nonconducive environments or a plethora of diseases –of which the same can’t be said for all clones.
  • You Can Breed Your Strains: Also, you can make your strains, especially after you have mastered how to grow cannabis from seeds ideally.
  • Feminized Seeds Result in Quality Flowers: While normal seeds may turn out to be either male or female plants, feminized seeds have the tendency to be 99% female. This is great for growers because feminized seeds produce buds rich in cannabinoids. On the other hand, males have pollen sacs which are primarily for breeding. Additionally, feminized seeds are popular among medical cannabis growers who need consistent levels of THC and CBD in their crops. Ultimately, the choice between feminized vs regular seeds depends on the grower’s specific needs and growing environment.

Disadvantages of Growing Cannabis From the Seeds

These disadvantages include the following:

  • Germination may be difficult for seeds: Some seeds don’t usually germinate. Various seed banks offer a high germination rate, but some will not sprout from the soil. So, you should ensure that you plant as many seeds as possible.
  • Genotype v. Phenotype: Moreso, seeds from the same plant may not all have the same genetic trait. There will always be some form of genetic variation from the mother plant.
  • Slow to Germinate: Seeds take longer to germinate than clones. To see any sign of life from the seed, it may take anywhere between a few days to the first week, while it may take an extra week or two to become a mature seedling.

Advantages of Growing Marijuana From Clones

The advantages of growing cannabis from clones include the following:

  • Cutting a Feminised Plant to Grow Another Feminised Plant: With cloning, you can get the exact copy of any plant. For example, a feminized cannabis clone will produce a feminized plant 100% of the time. On the other hand, feminized seeds have a minor risk of producing a few male plants.
  • Time-Efficient: Also, cloning saves many farmers time, as they don’t have to wait for the seed to germinate. The cloned cannabis plant is all set to continue its grow cycle.
  • You know what you will get at the end of your planting season: Finally, you know what you should expect when it is time for harvest, as these plants will carry the same traits as the mother plants.

Disadvantages of Growing Cannabis From Clones

  • Difficult to Find: Clones are difficult to find because you must cut them from an active vegetation plant. This may be difficult for home growers.
  • Fragile: Finally, these plants need to be handled with care. If the clones are aggressively handled, they will die before the roots develop.

Which One is Good For You?

Ultimately, this boils down to your subjective opinion as the grower of cannabis. If seeds are better with your goals and skills, then it will be ideal to use them.

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For beginners, it will be better to use seeds as cloning needs a little more technicality. Remember, always source quality seeds from reputable online seed banks like the Herbies.

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