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Over the last few years, I have discovered that I have a certain passion for the body. And it wasn’t a passion like “I love my body” but more of “I love the body that I have.” I used to be a freshman in college who always counted calories and would eat whole wheat bread, low fat pasta with tomato sauce, and brown rice. I didn’t have a full appreciation of my body, and only wanted to change it. I was focused on losing weight, and I never really thought about how I needed to change my life and how I needed to change my attitude. It wasn’t until I got married and really started paying attention to my body that I realized how different my body was.

Two months ago, I quit smoking. I don’t drink or party as much as I used to, and I’m trying to eat healthier. All of these lifestyle changes seem to be paying off, as I have been feeling better and generally look better.

Healthy eating is a huge part of life. It can be difficult at times, but with a little help, you can learn how to eat healthy and in turn, keep your body fit. The best advice I have is to start small. I don’t suggest turning to a diet book overnight, but rather discover what works for you through trial and error.. Read more about coaching and let us know what you think.

Brian, 42, has lately grown overweight and unfit after being a star athlete in college. All of this is the consequence of a healthy and active lifestyle. He understood what he needed to do to be in shape, but he didn’t follow through.

Brian achieved – and exceeded – his previous athletic physique via coaching after gaining 32 pounds and 15% body fat.

Brian’s transformation

I dropped 32 pounds and 14.4% of my body fat!


  • 42 years of age
  • 32 pound weight loss (from 206 pounds to 174 pounds)
  • 14.4 percent fat loss (from 25.2 percent to 10.8 percent )
  • Reduction in waist circumference: 7 (from 39 to 32)

Brian stands in front of the bathroom mirror, examining his appearance.

His legs and arms are definitely smaller than previously. He is also devoid of muscle and stool. He sighs as he grips the roll of fat on his tummy with his thumb and fingers.

He had a six-finger belly fifteen years ago. What went wrong?

A job in the high-stress world of technology? Is your metabolism slackening? Maybe.

Brian, on the other hand, is not fond of making excuses. They have a feeble and made-up feeling. It’s a clever ruse for a guy who can’t manage life, but Brian realizes he’s to blame.

It’s not like no one told him he couldn’t go to the gym. He hasn’t been eating rotten food for the last several years. He took care of everything himself.

It doesn’t matter, however. It’s just stunning.

Because now he sees a guy with promise when he looks in the mirror. He was fed up with feeling like he was 42 years old. He can sense muscle underneath the fat. He’s been in top form in the past and believes he can do it again.

After all, a guy should have more than a decent income and the recollection of being a hero. Why not put on a cape, construct a superhuman body from the ground up, and create new memories?

Why not?

Brian’s grin at himself says it all: You have no clue what you’re getting yourself into, buddy.

He makes a loud clapping motion with his hands. It’s time to get down to business.

I am a great example of someone who understood what they needed to do to be in shape but did nothing about it.

Brian is having protein pancakes while on the phone with me from his Saratoga, California office. I believe it’s Bluetooth, but I’m not sure. He simply seems to be that kind of person.

Why haven’t you tried to be in shape if you knew how? I’m inquiring.

He claims that it isn’t that straightforward. You learn to take things for granted as you grow older. You feel that you’ve earned a week off from the gym or that you’ve earned a week off from eating poorly.

Brian is correct. Knowing what to do and really doing it are two very different things, and only one produces results.

However, there is another crucial element that many men refuse to acknowledge.

We won’t be able to accomplish everything.

Every year, the responsibilities build up: work, social life, family, holidays, house upkeep, and a slew of other things. Of course, certain compromises must be made, and they often include our health and fitness. Mostly because we’ve never learned how to do it effectively in the context of a happy and fulfilled life.


Without the proper methods, balancing job, family, and fitness can be a significant struggle for many guys.

The gap between knowing what to do and actually executing it increases as a result.

I would tell you a lot if you spoke to me in the workplace or if we met and had a discussion about fitness and nutrition, he added. I’m sure I’d preach a bit. But there came a moment when I looked in the mirror and said to myself, “Listen buddy, you are not a good example of what you teach.”

Despite all of the knowledge and information he professed, Brian failed to deliver.

He adds, “I started to wonder whether I needed a test.” I needed to do something to put my beliefs to the test and start putting them into practice. And the system in question was a coaching one. I wanted to see if I could come up with any bizarre outcomes.

Brian’s degree of dedication was best described as insane.

I’ve got an issue. I will succeed if I take action.

Here’s an illustration.

Brian began his career as a basketball player before switching to ice hockey at the age of 33. He doesn’t seem bothered by the fact that he’s never played before, doesn’t understand the rules, and can barely stand on skates.

He claims he paid the proprietor of a nearby rink to offer him individual lessons so he could practice alone.

Brian played casual games with former professional hockey players a few years later, after following an almost obsessive training regimen.

Perhaps this explains why he completed 97 percent of the coaching program, skipped just two exercises, and never strayed from his eating plan, according to his own admission.

Although coaching allows for some flexibility – many of the most important changes occur when individuals reach 80 percent or higher compliance – Brian was laser-focused on achieving 100 percent compliance.

Brian has been able to concentrate all of his attention on succeeding in the gym and the kitchen instead of worrying about what he should be doing – but isn’t doing – since he receives a professional training program, dietary ideas, and daily lessons on his computer every day.

The results arrived fast.

He had dropped 32 pounds and his waistline had reduced from 39 to 32 inches after six months. He had regained his slim, muscular, and strong body from his college days, and he was even better than before.

He adds, “I never imagined my new physique would be just 180 days away.”


After his coaching change, Brian is loving his new physique (and excellent food).

Brian takes a firm stance and breathes in and out between sets.

He examines the man next to him, who is doing full squats with an additional 5 pounds. Brian has no idea who he is, but he must defeat him.

With 20 seconds remaining, the break is officially ended. Brian is not going to allow this man win.

He adds additional weight to the dumbbell, raises it, squats, and sucks in air.

He claims that he generated rivalry wherever he went. When I arrived at the gym and saw a man working out, I knew he was the one I needed to remove.

Brian was thinking about the match even throughout the lunch.

I knew someone would compromise every time I sat down to order. I had a feeling they’d sit down and eat something they shouldn’t have.

They excused it by claiming that they will exercise hard the following day or using some other untruth. I wanted to defeat this man, whomever he was. I wanted to eat well and stick to a schedule.

Brian’s desire to win at any costs is reasonable; after all, the best reincarnation was eligible for a $10,000 reward. However, his version of the competition was not about winning money. Despite the fact that he chose random gym members to battle with, he had no opposition.

It was a fight against itself.

I didn’t stop because I was asking myself a lot of questions. The most pressing issue was: How much can I alter my physique while keeping my family and my job?

This is, in fact, the most serious issue. Fitness cannot become an all-consuming passion for actual people. If this is the case, it lowers rather than increases the other positive aspects of life.

Brian has been able to continue to fully enjoy his life while losing weight and building strength thanks to the coaching method – one habit at a time. For him, this was a completely new approach.

Simply by adhering to the regimen and following it to the letter, I’ve seen significant improvements in my life. It had no effect on my daily routine.


Brian and his family go to the beach to work on their muscles for fitness and family pleasure.

Furthermore, the program not only did not disturb his life, but it really enhanced it. That is why Brian, as he refers to the NP, is spreading the word among his family and coworkers.

My mother has just arrived in Portland, and he claims that there is a female in the workplace who coaches. She witnessed my achievements and knew the program would work for her as well.

Brian’s recent change, though, may have had the most profound effect on his 16-year-old son.

This year, my kid is a football player, and his training is very rigorous. But, after the final game, he informed me that he wanted me to teach him in the summer, Brian recalls.

Any parent would be pleased with this display of respect.

You want to be able to take care of your children and teach them the path as a parent, right? But the true payoff is witnessing their gratitude and watching them put what you’ve taught them into practice.

Today, Brian’s kid isn’t only working out; he’s also working out to become even more muscular, fit, and powerful, just like his father. Brian’s son confesses something as he and his father get down after a hard exercise and each sip a protein shake.

Brian chuckles as he says, “He told me the other day that I frightened his teammates because I’m muscular.”

I’m not sure whether that’s what I’m implying, but I believe it is. Maybe it’s not finished yet if I can still frighten young folks at 42.


Would you want to read more fantastic tales like Brian’s? Then meet other men, women, and couples who have shed pounds, improved their diets, and taken charge of their health.

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