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Besan ladoo is a traditional Indian sweet. It’s made from flour, sugar and ghee (clarified butter). The mixture is then fried in oil and it can be served as a snack or dessert.

Besan ladoo is a popular Indian sweet. It is made from rice flour, sugar, and ghee. There are many variations of this recipe that can be found all over India. One variation that I have tried is the how to make besan ladoo without ghee.

One of the most popular sweet recipes in India during the festive seasons is besan ladoo, which is made with gram flour, ghee, powder sugar, and dry fruits. This besan ladoo recipe is not only delicious but also simple to prepare at home. You must try this besan laddu by following the step-by-step instructions below. You will learn how to make besan ladoo in this post.Besan-ladoo-recipe-Besan-laddu-How-to-make

Though roasting the besan mixture requires some handwork, this besan ke laddu recipe is one of the most delectable and simple besan laddoo recipes that anybody can make at home.


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What exactly is a besan ladoo?

Besan Ladoo is prepared using gram flour, also known as besan in Hindi, and is produced by first roasting besan powder in ghee, then adding powder sugar, cardamom powder, and a few chopped dried fruits.

After Cool the ingredients and roll it into round balls called laddus by turning it between your hands.


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What is the best way to store besan laddu?


If you wish to save this besan laddu for later, place it in an airtight container and store it in the refrigerator for at least 2 weeks. 


Is it possible to make besan ke laddu using jaggery?


As a substitute to sugar, you may create besan ladoo using jaggery, although it lacks the textures and flavor of sugar. 


How do you correct besan ladoo errors?

If your besan laddu mixture is too mushy, it will be difficult to form a perfect circular shape.

You misproportion components, either using too much ghee or failing to chill the mixture for long enough.

To solve this problem, first dry roast some besan or gram flour without using any ghee, then combine with your prior mixture and add powder sugar proportionately.

To create a good besan laddu, chill this mixture in the refrigerator for at least 15 to 20 minutes.


How to create the finest besan ladoo


  • To prevent bitterness, use high grade gram flour or besan from any well-known brands in your homemade besan ladoo recipe.


  • Cooking Method: Continuously roast the gram flour in a low heat until the color changes from yellow to light brown, giving off a nutty aroma that permeates your home.


  • Ghee Selection: To prepare genuine besan ke laddu, always use high grade ghee or clarified butter from any well-known brand.


  •  Sprinkle some cardamom powder and a few chopped cashews, almonds, and raisins into a heated besan mixture to add additional flavor to the besan ladoo dish.


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What is the best way to make besan ladoo?


The whole besan ladoo recipe may be divided into three categories:

The first is besan laddu preparation.


The second method is to roast besan in ghee.

Making besan ke ladoo is the final one. 

So, let’s get started.


Besan laddu preparation


1. In a blender, combine 100 gram to 150 gram sugar to create a smooth powder sugar before making besan ke laddu. 5 to 6 green cardamom pods may also be used to create cardamom powder.


Using ghee to roast besan


1. Pour 50 ml clarified butter or molten ghee into a non-stick pan for roasting besan with ghee.



2. Then, in this ghee, add 200 grams of besan or gram flour.



3. Even if it forms a clump at first, continue to roast the besan in ghee over a low heat.



4. Besan begins to change color from pale yellow to somewhat brown at this point.



5. Continue to roast the besan over a low heat until the combination emits a lovely nutty aroma that fills the kitchen.



6. At this point, the besan mixture will begin to release ghee; turn off the burner and let the besan mixture to cool for a while. 



Note: Depending on your besan quality and cooking equipment, this step may take anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes to complete.


7. Once the besan mixture has cooled somewhat, add 100-150 grams of powder sugar.



8. Finally, thoroughly combine the sugar and besan.



9. Finally, add 1 tsp cardamom powder for added aroma.



10. Add 10–12 chopped dry fruits, such as cashews, almonds, and golden raisins. 



11. Mix everything together for another 2 to 3 minutes.



What is the best way to make laddu? 


1. Grease your palm and select a tiny amount of the besan mixture on hand to provide appropriate laddu form.



2. Gently squeeze the mixture between your palms and spin it in a circular motion until it forms a perfect circle.



3. Here’s how to make a fast and delicious homemade besan ladoo.



Recipe Card for Besan Ladoo

Here’s a brief rundown of all the components for besan ke ladoo, as well as a step-by-step guide to making the besan ladoo recipe in the recipe card.

Take careful notice of the whole ingredient list.

15-minute prep time

Time to cook: 40 minutes

5 minutes of extra time

1 hour in total


Ingredients for Besan Ladoo

  •  200 gram besan (besan flour) or gram flour
  •  50 ml melted ghee or clarified butter
  •  If needed, add 100 g powder sugar afterwards.
  •  4–5 teaspoons powdered green cardamon [powder of elaichi]
  •  1 tbsp almond [badam] chopped
  •  1 tbsp cashew nut [kaju] chopped


What is the recipe for besan ladoo?

  1. Pour 100 gram to 150 gram sugar into a blender to create powder sugar before making besan ladoo.
  2. Cardamom powder may also be made from cardamom pods.
  3. Pour the melted ghee into a non-stick pan.
  4. In this ghee, add besan or gram flour.
  5. Now, over a low heat, constantly mix this besan in ghee.
  6. The hue of besan mixes changes from yellowish to light golden brown at first.
  7. After roasting for 30 to 40 minutes on low heat, the besan mixes begin to release ghee from their sides, filling your home with a lovely nutty fragrance.
  8. Turn off the heat and let the mixture to cool for a few minutes.
  9. Add powder sugar, cardamom powder, and a few chopped dried fruits once the mixture has cooled somewhat.
  10. Mix everything for another 2 to 3 minutes with the besan mixes.
  11. Next, oil your hand and select a little quantity of the besan mixture to create besan ladoo.
  12. Then, in a circular motion, spin the besan mixture between your palms to form a suitable laddu shape.
  13. Finally, our besan laddu recipe is complete; add Chandi ka vark or silver foil, as well as a few chopped dried fruits, to finish.


Notes on the Besan Laddu Recipe

  1. If you don’t add sugar until the besan mixture has cooled a little, you won’t be able to bond the mixture and create a suitable laddu shape.
  2. If you want your besan laddus to have more crunch, add 2 to 3 tablespoons sooji or semolina after the besan.
  3. You can create besan laddu without sugar by using sugar-free components.

Information on nutrition



Size of the Serving

Calories per serving: 3 Amount Per Serving Calories per Serving Calories per Serving Calories per Serving Cal 28g total fat 13g Saturated Fat 0g Trans Fat 13 g of unsaturated fat 48 milligrams of cholesterol Sodium (mg): 97mg 198g carbohydrate 11 g of fiber 151g sugar 23 g protein

Disclaimer: The data shown is based on an estimate from an online nutrition calculator. It should not be used as a replacement for the advise of a qualified nutritionist.


The punjabi besan ladoo is a popular Indian sweet. It is made with flour, sugar, ghee, milk and cardamom pods. To make this recipe, you will need to mix together the ingredients in a large bowl until they are well combined.

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