First Date: Tasty Meals to Try at Any Age


There is a lot of pressure on first dates. You already have enough on your mind, between picking out an outfit and making sure you don’t break out in a gigantic zit (been there, done that). Making a mess of supper or having dinner makes you feel uneasy is the last thing you need to worry about when you’re already nervous.

The good thing is that you can try online dating and get a better idea about what your partner likes to plan your date around that. Dating sites work great for everyone, irrespective of how old they are. If both of you are foodies, you can find various meals that work for people of any age.

Meet Your Older Gourmet Online

When you love food, you can always use it to help you find a like-minded partner for a hookup or relationship. The good thing is that there’s an app available for people of every age and all dating preferences. Whether you’re searching for an online senior hookup or you’re searching for someone from the LGBTQ community, there’s a senior site to help you find what you love.

These sites are especially useful for senior singles looking for their older gourmet online. With various filters, you can find the best matches based on age, hair color, ethnicity, and of course, food choices. You can also use different communication options and learn more about your mature flame to decide when and how to plan your first meeting.

The Best Meals for a First date at Any Age

A roasted beef tenderloin will be a welcome change if you and your significant other enjoy going to steakhouses for date nights. Similarly, you can try bite-sized pasta like penne, ziti, or farfalle so you can stab it with your fork and avoid splattering your clothes.

Sushi is a clean, aesthetically pleasing dish and a favorite for people of all ages. If you’re both comfortable using chopsticks, sushi is a fantastic choice for a first date. Some people love fish and red meat, but it’s a good idea to avoid them on your first date, or you might feel bloated. Chicken, on the other hand, is the better option for meat lovers.

Another great option for a first date at any age is quesadilla, which you can easily find at any traditional Mexican restaurant. It is neat, as well as fully customizable for your needs. Further, quesadillas often do not include beans, which can cause you to feel bloated and awkward later in the date.

Prepare for the First Date – Choose the Best Dishes

A great way to arrange the most memorable first foodie date is to learn more about your partner’s tastes. And the best way to do that is by checking out their profile. Mature dating sites provide everyone with a chance to share their innermost desires along with their preferences. Check those out and look for any clues that would help you plan your date.

Even if you could find anything about their favorite cuisine, you can pick the best dishes accordingly. If they love Italian food, you can always opt for a traditional Italian pizza where the flattened circular dough is covered with tomato sauce, mozzarella, and other toppings such as olives, basil, and oregano in the classic Italian pizza. Other than pizza, you can also go with gnocchi, Ragu Alla Bolognese, risotto, and lasagne.

Those who love French cuisine may also love dishes like chicken confit, Quiche, Lorraine, Bouillabaisse, Croque monsieur, and chicken soup. Again, sushi is the best option for someone in love with Japanese food, but you can also opt for tempura, tofu, udon noodles, donburi, and sashimi.

Cooking with Someone Special: Top 3 Dishes for a First Date at Any Age

Whether you’re a mature dater or in your teen years, you can always arrange your first date at home that may involve cooking with someone special. And there are a number of options to consider:

Creamy Rice and Scallops

A great recipe that’s easy to cook as well. The sweetness of corn and scallops pairs wonderfully with the smokiness and saltiness of the bacon. You can use Arborio rice to create an upscale version of risotto that incorporates all three of these components. You can’t go wrong with sea scallops in this dish. The charred corn can be served on top of the scallops instead of being mixed into the rice.

Almond Crusted Tilapia

With only six ingredients, you can make a delicious seafood dinner of almond-crusted tilapia. Be sure to fry the fillets in batches if your pan is too small to accommodate them all at once. The process is simple too. Chop up almonds in a food processor, mix them with flour in a wide dish, and at the same time, season the fish with salt before dredging it in the almond flour. Cook it carefully while having fun with your partner.

Pasta with Shrimp and Tomatoes

Yet another quick and simple way to cook with your partner and make your first date memorable! Cherry and grape tomatoes, for example, offer more vibrant, fruity flavors than larger varieties. Try some brightly colored options like the purple Black Cherry.

When cooked in a hot skillet, cherry tomatoes are ready in just a few minutes. Use fresh shrimp instead of frozen, and avoid cooking them for too long to preserve their tender texture and robust flavor. Anise-flavored tarragon pairs well with the sweet cherry tomatoes and rich cream, but any other herb would do.


Irrespective of your age, your first date can always be around food. And it doesn’t have to be in a restaurant either. Just get to know your partner better on a dating site and arrange a cooking date at home!

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