Chef Robert Irvine’s Kale and Citrus Chicken Salad

Chef Robert Irvine’s Kale and Citrus Chicken Salad is a refreshing dish that can be served in summertime or anytime of the year. The salad features kale, oranges, grapefruit, avocado, walnuts, red onion, cranberries, honey mustard dressing for a sweet and tangy flavor.

The what goes in chicken salad is a question that comes up quite often. Chef Robert Irvine shares his recipe for Kale and Citrus Chicken Salad on the Food Network website.

The Kale and Citrus Chicken Salad is on the menu in Book Cookbook, and we’re going to show you how to prepare it from scratch!

To keep the cold season blues (and the holiday bulge) at bay, chef Robert Irvine turns plain old kale and chicken into a bright and festive winter citrus salad.

Despite the fact that kale seems to be everywhere, many people still avoid this green, vitamin-rich superfood. However, as renowned chef Robert Irvine argues, this may be due to the rough texture of kale rather than its flavor or health advantages.

“When you attempt to eat entire kale leaves, you end up chewing for an eternity,” Irvine says. “Cut the kale into extremely tiny pieces before preparing your salad to prevent this.”

The fresh herbs and bright red tomatoes provide a stunning burst of color and taste without adding calories, and the fresh orange segments are a healthier alternative to their sugar-laden canned counterparts.

Combine your kale salad with easy grilled chicken thighs and a homemade honey mustard dressing for a light and nutritious alternative to heavy winter fare.

Follow along with the recipes listed below.

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