Coaching: What are ACTUAL CLIENTS saying about it?

We’ve had some great Coach reviews here on We wanted to make sure the person writing the review was actually a Coach. That’s why we sent a survey out to the Coach members to find out what they thought about the Coach review process. From there, we created an infographic to show how the Coach review process works.

The concept of coaching has been around for thousands of years. It has evolved over the centuries from being a personal trainer, to being someone who is a mentor for others, to being a coach that works with professionals and entrepreneurs.  The coaching industry has also expanded over recent years to include corporate trainers and leadership coaches as well. While this evolution has been taking place, the amount of people that have tried to coach themselves has remained relatively constant.

Coaching is a popular concept for people who want to get more out of their day without having to stress about how to do it. Though it’s not exactly new –it was first promoted in Ancient Greece– coaching has grown rapidly since the mid-1990s, particularly in recent years. The idea is that a coach can help you to take action by providing feedback and suggestions, and generally help you to succeed at work and in life.. Read more about what are powerful coaching questions and let us know what you think.

Listen in as eight clients discuss their coaching experiences.

Watch how we show our appreciation for our customers by awarding them with entertaining and motivating gifts.

Every year, we offer our customers something good to strive towards, and we honor the clients who have undergone the most significant changes. Take a look at some of our previous winners, their accomplishments, and what occurred when we arrived on their doorsteps.


Meet some of the individuals who have had their bodies and lives transformed through Coaching. Learn more about how we inspire customers to take action and achieve significant improvements in their life by hearing their stories.

What do real customers have to say about?

Coaching assists individuals in achieving their desired health, fitness, and physical changes. Even when nothing else had worked in the past. Check out the videos below for additional in-depth discussions.


“When I was in my 30s, I could turn things around quickly, but after I hit my 40s, nothing worked. So I was thinking, ‘What am I missing?’ when I watched my friends Lindsey and Alicia do so well with PN. The coach’s assistance is crucial. Things began to happen after I let go and performed the inner work. You take a deep breath and find yourself, giving yourself the self-love you deserve.” – Michelle, top prize winner in coaching


“PN was a last-ditch effort to try if I could go back to a physical state that I was pleased with. However, I had convinced myself that since I was 50, I couldn’t do some things. What I discovered was that all of those restrictions were ones I imposed on myself. And not one of them was correct.” – Mark, top prize winner in coaching


“I had been through some difficult medical issues. I’d let it go on for a long time, to the point where everything was becoming more difficult for me…. But with PN, I had — and continue to have — an incredible team. They simply kept appearing. And now I’m confident in my ability to move. I’ve never been able to run before, but now I’m training for a 10k. I can not only be powerful, but I can also continue to become stronger.” – Chrystelene, top prize winner in coaching


“I knew I wasn’t in good condition. Not only was I physically out of shape, but I was also psychologically out of shape. That was a watershed moment for me because I knew I needed to make a difference right now. I choose to inspire me and provide direction.” – Javier, top prize winner in coaching


“I’ve gained a lot of strength. I’m more confident in myself. I was just a walker before PN since I always assumed I couldn’t coordinate and perform real workouts. Now I feel like I can take on almost any situation and bring diversity to my life. I’m thinking about all the things I want to accomplish now that I’m able to.” – Alicia, top prize winner in coaching


“I wanted someone to hold me responsible and help me stay on track. Every week, my PN coach checked in with me to ensure that I remained on track. But it was the outcomes that kept me encouraged and driven to consume nutritious meals and exercise.” – Spencer, top prize winner in coaching


“If I ran across a stumbling block in the past, I would just regress. But at PN, they provide you with all of the materials you need; they educate you on nutrition and self-care; and they are there for you when you reach a snag. It is a re-education, not a diet. It’s a life-changing experience.” – Lisa, top prize winner in coaching


“My hip used to hurt so much that it kept me awake at night, and my shoulders were so stiff that reaching up was difficult. It was a shambles. Now that I’m nearly 50, I’m in excellent condition and want to remain that way. I’m not concerned about regaining weight since PN is more of a lifestyle shift. It simply becomes second nature.” – Pete, top prize winner in coaching


“I knew when I began PN that it would be the last program I’d ever do. Every single one of the ladies in my group set out to learn, become healthy, and reduce weight, and they have all fulfilled or surpassed their expectations. It’s not only about the physical change for me. This is the year of joy, excitement, transformation, and victory. “Right now, I feel like I’m at my best.” – Jodie, top prize winner in coaching


“The most difficult thing was admitting that I needed to change. Everything after that becomes simpler since each new habit you develop brings you closer to the person you believe you can become. And you will, because all you have to do now is make the next adjustment, develop the next habit, and take the next step. You’ve already arrived, so go ahead and do it.” – Matt, top prize winner in coaching


“I’d join Weight Watchers and purchase a book… However, my weight continued to rise. What makes PN so unique is that it’s not just about losing weight and feeling great; it’s about something far deeper. It’s all about the science, the team, mental health, as well as habits, diet, weights, and exercise. I look and feel like I’m 30 years younger. It’s been a long and winding road.” Sue, top prize winner in coaching

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Last year, Italian coach Guiseppe Di Donato began coaching three young women, studying them and training them for an upcoming marathon. The girls were all elite athletes–two had been Olympians, and one had finished second in the Boston Marathon. In 2013, three weeks before the race, one of the girls learned she had breast cancer, and had to drop out. Di Donato and his athletes were disappointed, and worried about what they could do to keep the program going.. Read more about coaching questions for leaders and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ideal coaching client?

An ideal coaching client is someone who has a clear goal, but doesnt know how to reach it.

What do you talk about when coaching?

I talk about the game, my strategy and give tips.

What is a powerful question in coaching?

A powerful question is one that helps the person to think about what they are doing in a new way.

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