Cucumber Idli (Thoushe Muddo)

Cucumber Idli is a traditional Indian dish made with grated cucumbers, soaked overnight and then ground into a paste. It is served with steamed rice and ghee (clarified butter).

The taushe muddo is a simple, delicious recipe of idli and cucumber. It is a dish that can be made in minutes with just the ingredients found in most kitchens.


Cucumbers are used to create dosas and idlis in Konkani cuisine, not only salads. Suprised?

Take a look at these wonderful cucumber dosa dishes from Konkani cuisine, give them a try, and let me know how you like them: cucumber dosa (thousali), cucumber pancakes (thoushe doddak/thoushe bakri).

Cucumber idlis from Konkani cuisine make a delicious breakfast. They’re fast and simple to prepare, and they don’t need fermentation. Cucumber idlis have a strong cucumber flavor and aroma. Cucumbers give these rice idlis an unique flavor and aroma. Idlis made with cucumbers are ideally served with a spicy coconut chutney. For breakfast, this is a pleasant change from the usual idli. 

Cucumber idlis with a savory kick and sweet cucumber idlis are two types of cucumber idlis. Cucumber idlis with a spicy coconut chutney are served. Sweet cucumber idlis are served with ghee and, if desired, a spicy coconut chutney.

By heating cucumber idlis with turmeric leaves and banana leaves, the idlis become even more flavorful and aromatic. Cucumber idlis are traditionally cooked with plaintain leaves or turmeric leaves for their unique taste and flavor. Cucumber idli batter is cooked between two plaintain leaves and two turmeric leaves. These idlis, on the other hand, may be made in idli moulds or plates.

Cucumber idli rice batter is cooked on turmeric leaves, or bits of turmeric leaves are put within banana leaf packages or on idli moulds/plates (when turmeric leaves aren’t plentiful) to give a strong fragrance and flavor to these idlis. The beautiful fragrance of cucumber and turmeric leaves floods your home when cucumber idlis are steaming within/with turmeric leaves. Turmeric leaves give the idlis a divine flavor, while banana leaves give cucumber idlis a unique flavor and aroma. 

In Konkani, cucumber idlis are known as thoushe idli. In Konkani, the word thoushe signifies cucumber. Instead of steaming them in idli moulds, they are termed thoushe muddo in Konkani if they are cooked in plaintain leaves, turmeric leaves, or in a container/idli plates.

For breakfast, here’s how to prepare delightful cucumber idlis (thoushe idli/muddo). 

Savoury cucumber idlis 


  • 1 cucumber, medium size
  • 1 cup rice for dosa
  • 3 green chili peppers
  • season with salt to taste
  • 1/2 cup coconut grated

Serves: 2

Time to Prepare: 35 minutes

Method of Preparation:

1. Thoroughly wash the dosa rice. Remove all of the water using a strainer. 

2. Grind the rice grains in a food processor for a few seconds without adding water to break them down into smaller bits (called as rava). We’ll need a combination of powdered rice grains and a good rice powder. As a result, they cook nicely, quickly, and effortlessly.

3. Peel the cucumber and grate it. If your cucumber is ripe and has a lot of seeds, deseed it before grating it. It’s OK to leave the seeds on if the cucumber is tender and has little, thin seeds.

4. Combine the pounded rice, shredded cucumber, salt, grated coconut, and chopped green chilies in a large mixing bowl.  

5. If necessary, add a little water. To ensure that the rice grains cook thoroughly, we want them to be totally immersed and submerged in cucumber water.

6. Set aside for 15 minutes to allow the rice grains to absorb some of the liquid.

7. In the meanwhile, start your steamer.

8. Pour the cucumber idli batter into idli molds or plates and steam for 25 minutes.

If there’s too much water in the batter, the rice rava won’t cook all the way through. If there is too much water in the batter, the idlis will become mushy and sticky. 

If you wish to steam the idli batter on banana leaves, wilt cleaned squares of banana leaves for a few seconds over a gas flame until they begin to change color. If you fold banana leaves any other way, they will break. Fill a banana leaf with a handful of batter, wrap it over the leaf, and steam for 25 minutes.

If using turmeric leaves, form a cross with two leaves, put a handful of batter in the center, and roll around the leaves.

9. After a few minutes of steaming, remove the steamed idlis from the moulds and serve them hot with coconut chutney.

For a quick breakfast, you may prepare these idlis using store-bought rice rava. In such scenario, all you have to do is combine all of the ingredients and steam them. However, I like the texture of idlis prepared with handmade rice rava.

Idlis with sweet cucumbers (Godu thoushe idli)


To create sweet cucumber idlis, mix powdered jaggery into the above-mentioned rice batter. Depending on how sweet you want your idlis to be, add jaggery. The rest of the procedures for making sweet cucumber idlis are the same. 


1. For a unique flavor and texture, steam cucumber idlis with turmeric leaves on top of the batter in idli moulds/plates. 

Leaves of turmeric:


3. If you don’t have time to make rava from rice, you may use store-bought idli rava instead.

4. I follow these procedures to ensure that the idlis cook perfectly:

a. Wash the rice grains well and drain off all of the water.

b. Leave the rice grains sealed in the jar for approximately 2 hours or leave it to rest overnight.

c. During that time, the rice grains absorb all of the moisture in the air, ensuring that the rice grains cook evenly and fast. 

d. Once the rice grains have absorbed all of the water content in the vessel, and the rice grains and the vessel on the inside are completely dry, grind the rice grains for a minute in pulses. Grind for a few seconds, then pause and combine the rice grains to get uniform-sized rava. A combination of fine rice powder and rice grain bits is required. 

5. Cucumber dosas and cucumber pancakes are also excellent.

More breakfast dishes from Konkani cuisine may be found here.

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Cucumber Idli is a dish that consists of rice and cucumber. It is one of the most popular dishes in India. Reference: taushe kadamb.

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