Easy Keto Donut Holes (Sugar Free)

As the title will probably imply, I want to share some of my keto-friendly donuts ideas. These donuts are sugar free, but do contain some carbs from coconut flour, almond flour, and stevia.

I don’t know about you, but I certainly haven’t used up all my donut holes in the past couple of weeks. But since I’ve been eating a low carb diet I’ve found that I can’t eat as many sugary treats as I used to. And I have a hard time believing that it’s because I’m not getting enough carbs, because I’m certainly not getting enough carbs.

These keto donut holes are the perfect treat and are so easy to make. Sometimes you just need a tasty treat to satisfy a sweet tooth, and these keto donut holes are the perfect treat.

Our weakness is donut holes. They’re thick, delicious, and simple to season in any way you choose. Try dipping them in chocolate or coating them with keto powdered sweetener. You’ll adore these keto doughnuts no matter how you eat them.

Keto donuts on top of newspaper sprinkled with powdered sweetener.

Keto Donuts (Gluten-Free)

We knew we had to create keto doughnuts for our next dish. What better way to create keto doughnuts than with no added sugar and no gluten? Using a combination of flours and additives, we devised the ideal recipe for gluten-free doughnuts that aren’t dry and sandy.

Is Almond Flour a Keto Product?

Almond flour is used as the foundation ingredient in these sugar-free keto doughnuts. Almond flour is a low-carb keto baking ingredient that is high in fiber and low in carbohydrates. Almond flour contains 3 grams of fiber and just 5 carbohydrates per 1/4 cup dose (aka 2 net carbs). Unlike gluten-free flours, which aren’t low carb and frequently taste dry, almond flour doughnuts remain moist and fluffy. For a consistent texture, blanched almond flour without any of the skins is the best choice.

Coconut Flour or Almond Flour?

This keto doughnut recipe relies heavily on almond flour. Coconut flour absorbs a lot of liquid, thus baked products using it tend to be drier. Because almond flour may be too thick on its own, we combined it with psyllium husk and xanthan gum to create a more bread-like dough texture. Coconut flour cannot be used in place of almond flour in this recipe since it absorbs too much moisture and results in a dry keto doughnut.

Keto Donuts with Xanthan Gum

In keto cuisine, xanthan gum, or the X-factor as we like to call it, is a popular thickening. In these keto doughnuts, this keto-friendly “corn starch” also helps to create a wonderful bread-like fluffy texture. It is HIGHLY suggested for the finest final result, even if it is optional.

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A bowl of chocolate with a spoon dipped in it next to freshly fried donuts.

Keto Donuts with No Dairy

By swapping just one ingredient, these low-carb doughnuts may simply be converted to keto. All you have to do is substitute coconut oil for the butter. It may somewhat change the taste, but not to the point where you’ll notice a difference.

Donut Holes on a Paleo Diet

By substituting coconut sugar for monk fruit or erythritol, this doughnut recipe may be turned Paleo. They’re already grain-free, so the most significant change would be to use a paleo sweetness instead of a monk fruit sweetener.

Is it better to bake or fry?

The dough for these low-carb doughnuts is mixed, cooled, and then fried. You may bake them in a small donut pan or a large donut pan if you don’t like fried donuts or want to save calories. The time may vary depending on the oven, however if you prepare this dish in the oven, we suggest 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes. Keep an eye on the low carb doughnuts, particularly if you choose a tiny donut (15-20 minutes), to ensure they don’t burn. They won’t have the same texture or flavor as fried donuts, but they’ll still be wonderful!

What Is The Best Frying Oil For Keto Donuts?

If you do decide to fry them, as we do, be sure to use the finest high-quality frying oil possible. Because avocado and coconut oils have higher smoke points, we prefer them. If you’re making keto meals using oil, make sure you use high-quality products so the oils don’t oxidize and create carcinogens(1) (2).

Keto donuts on a blue plate next to a cinnamon stick.

Donut Holes on the Keto Diet: A Step-by-Step Guide

Desserts are usually the greatest keto dishes since who doesn’t like a sweet treat after a meal? Along with our bulletproof keto coffee, this simple keto donut hole dish is likely to become your new midday pick-me-up.


A big mixing bowl and a frying pan are the only actual ingredients needed for this recipe. The frying pan you use is mostly determined by what you have on hand. If you wish to use a large, heavy-bottomed pot, a frying pan should suffice. Use a high-quality skillet if you want to go all out. The most essential thing to remember while cooking these keto donuts is to make sure the edges of whichever pan you’re using aren’t too short. You won’t be able to put enough oil into a small pan for cooking.

If you want to make these low carb doughnuts in the oven, you’ll need a donut pan. You may choose between a tiny donut pan and a regular size doughnut pan. If you have one, you may alternatively use a silicone donut pan. Note that if you use a doughnut pan, your baking times will be different. For additional information, see the baking part of this article.


The fact that these low carb donuts are lighter and have a more bread-like doughnut feel sets them different from their other low carb/keto competitors. Keto doughnuts are often eggy or crumbly, rather than that ideal middle ground. We use a combination of blanched almond flour and psyllium husk for this. Psyllium husk is a soluble fiber (3) that mimics the chewy and fluffy texture of the original doughnut.

The next ingredient is baking powder, not baking soda (baking powder and baking soda cause different types of reactions). Finally, xanthan gum, a sprinkle of salt, and erythritol (or similar keto sweetener) are required.

Ingredients that are wet

Only three readily available keto meals are required for the wet components. 2 big eggs, 1 tablespoon grass-fed melted butter, and vanilla essence are required. Even if you coat the donuts with cinnamon sugar, you’ll need vanilla essence to truly bring out the basic taste.

All the needed ingredients for keto donut holes

How to Make Keto Donuts

It’s now time to create the greatest keto doughnuts you’ve ever had! To begin, combine the wet ingredients in a mixing bowl.

Eggs, butter, and vanilla extract in a glass bowl.

Combine the dry ingredients in a separate bowl.

Sweetener and spices for the keto donuts

To prevent clumping, combine the wet and dry components in one dish and whisk well. Allow the mixture to harden up in the fridge for 5-10 minutes. While the dough is cooling, heat a couple inches of oil in a frying pan.

Remove the bowl from the refrigerator and divide the mixture into 12 doughnut holes. Each piece should weigh 15-17 grams, or approximately a tablespoon. Roll them into uniform balls and put them aside for cooking on a dish.

Creating even doughnuts with a white tablespoon

Before you start frying, check the temperature of the oil. You may start frying once the temperature is between 270F and 290F.

Perfectly rolled keto donut balls on a white cutting board.

Place the doughnut holes carefully into the heated oil and cook them in two or three batches, monitoring the temperature of the oil regularly. Cook for 2 minutes on each side, or until golden brown. After 2 minutes, flip them and cook for another 5 minutes. After cooking, drain the excess oil by removing them from the oil and placing them on kitchen towels. Repeat until all of the doughnut holes have been cooked.

Keto donuts being fried in a metal pot with oil

Make your favorite topping or just roll in keto cinnamon sugar. See our keto cinnamon sugar topping, as well as others, in the list below.

Finished keto donuts with chocolate in the center and powdered sugar sprinkled all over

Tips for Frying Safety

Whatever you’re cooking with it, hot oil is always hazardous. When frying, always observe all safety precautions. To prevent harm or flames, take the following precautions:

  • Maintain the temperature of your oil. Overheated oil may both smoke and cause flames.
  • Baking soda should always be kept on hand. DO NOT POUR WATER ON A GREASE FIRE THAT HAS BEEN STARTED! Spread baking soda or salt evenly over the flames to smooth them down.
  • Larger fires should be covered with a lid to prevent the flames from absorbing oxygen and the heat source should be turned off.

Donuts are wonderful, but they aren’t worth putting your home on fire for. When cooking these donuts in hot oil, please be careful and cautious.


These donuts may be kept on the counter for up to 3 days or in the fridge for up to a week in a Tupperware container. If they get soggy, reheat them in the airfryer for a few minutes at 370°F and they should be as good as new!

Options for Donut Toppings

Are you more of a plain Jane or a flamboyant Terry? We’ve got you covered, literally, no matter how you like your doughnuts. Some of our favorite low-carb, quick-to-prepare toppings include:

  • Cinnamon Sugar (Keto)– Cinnamon sugar is fairly self-explanatory, given that it’s simply cinnamon and sugar! For the ideal keto cinnamon sugar topping, combine a teaspoon of cinnamon with 1/4 cup of erythritol.
  • Chocolate Glaze– Melt dark chocolate with a little stevia and butter or heavy cream to make a simple keto chocolate glaze. For a more indulgent churro-like delicacy, try dipping cinnamon sugar donuts in chocolate glaze.
  • Sugar-free Vanilla Glaze– A vanilla glaze may be even simpler to make than a chocolate glaze! To make a thin glaze, combine a keto confectioners’ sweetener, a little water, and vanilla essence in a small mixing bowl. After dipping the donuts, put them on a drying rack to dry.

Try a few of these topping ideas the next time you cook this dish to discover your favorite! We adore the cinnamon sugar topping on our keto cinnamon donuts, but who knows, maybe you’ll discover something even better!

Desserts on the Keto Diet

Donuts, cupcakes, cookies, and pretty much any other dessert piques my interest. Take a look at some of our other delectable keto desserts:

Even the most daring eaters will find plenty of keto desserts on our site. Take a look at all of our keto desserts to pick one for this week’s dessert!

Donut Holes on the Keto Diet

You’ll be able to wow all your pals at your next get-together now that you know how to bake almond flour keto doughnuts. Make a keto doughnut bar with all of your favorite ingredients, including sugar-free sweeteners, cinnamon, chocolate, and keto frosting. These keto donut holes are so delicious that no one will notice that they’re also healthy!

Please share your favorite donut toppings in the comments section so we can create more great keto doughnut recipes!

keto donut holes on a plate with powdered sugar

fried keto doughnuts topped with sugar next to chocolate

Donut Holes on the Keto Diet

Donut holes that are sweet and delicious, ideal for recreating the classic you know and love.

40-minute total time

Donut Holes (12 Servings)

67 calories per serving

Time to Prepare: 20 minutes

Time to prepare: 20 minutes


  • In a mixing basin, thoroughly combine the wet ingredients. Combine all of the dry ingredients in a separate bowl.

  • Combine the dry and wet ingredients in a mixing bowl. Whisk everything together until it’s smooth. Refrigerate the mixture for 5-10 minutes to enable it to firm up.

  • In the meanwhile, heat the frying oil on low heat. Remove the dough from the fridge and divide it into 12 doughnut holes using a small scoop or a tablespoon. The dough may be divided by weighing the balls. Each ball should weigh between 15 and 17 grams.

  • Using wet hands, roll each piece into a uniform ball. Before frying, check the temperature of the oil. Maintain a temperature range of 270F to 290F.

  • Place the doughnut holes in the oil gently. To keep the oil temperature constant, fry them in two or three batches. Cook for 2 minutes on each side, or until golden brown. In all, it took around 5 minutes. Remove them from the pan and put them on kitchen towels to absorb any remaining oil. Continue until all of the doughnut holes have been cooked.

  • As a finishing touch, sprinkling powdered erythritol on top. You may serve it with a sugar-free ganache or roll the donuts in a cinnamon-erythritol granule combination.


1 gram of net carbs

  • I don’t suggest omitting the psyllium husk since it helps the dough bond and thicken. It also gives the interior of the doughnuts a “bread” feel.
  • When frying the donuts, keep the temperature moderate since the almond flour browns quickly. Allow enough time for the doughnuts to cook on the inside as well.

Nutritional Information

Keto Donut Holes

Per Serving Amount

67 calories Calories from Fat 45 Calories from Fat

daily value in percent*

Fat 5g8%

1g5 percent saturated fat

1 gram of trans fat

Cholesterol (34mg/11%) Cholesterol (34mg/11%) Cholesterol (

Sodium (24 mg) is 1% of the total sodium in the body.

Potassium (46 mg) is 1% of the total amount of potassium in the body.

Carbohydrates account for 31% of total calories.

2g8 percent fiber

1 gram 1% sugar

3g6 percent protein

74IU1 percent vitamin A

Calcium (34mg/3% calcium)

1 gram of iron is equal to 6% of your whole body weight.

* Percent Daily Values (%DV) are calculated using a 2000-calorie diet.



Keto doughnut holes is a term used to describe a kind of doughnut that is made

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it should always be carb free! While I was on the keto diet, I tried many different ways to get the right amount of fat in the morning without the carbs from breakfast. One of my favorite breakfast treats is donut holes, and I have found a perfect way to make them while on a keto diet. These donuts are not only tasty, but also low carb and sugar free, and are great for the keto dieter!. Read more about keto donut holes almond flour and let us know what you think.

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