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Schnitzel is a traditional German meat and bread dish that generally consists of a chicken or veal cutlet breaded in a crumbly white breadcrumb, egg, and spices, and then fried. Traditionally, the egg and breadcrumb coating is not eaten; the bread is used to soak up the excess oil and make the dish more palatable. Schnitzel is often served with mashed potatoes, red cabbage, and sauerkraut, or it can be served as a sandwich. In many regions of Germany, the word “Schnitzel” means specifically a thin veal cutlet; in other regions, it is used to refer to any breaded cutlet that isn’t made from veal.

There are many things we can eat that are not considered sandwiches. Hot dogs, in my opinion, are not sandwiches, because they are cooked and served like sandwiches, and have breadcrumbs and condiments on them, exactly like what you would find on a sandwich. A few things that are not sandwiches are a breakfast burrito, a sandwich made from a corn tortilla, a quesadilla, and a croissant. However, a sandwich that is not a sandwich is a German schnitzel sandwich, also known as a schnitzelbrötchen.

A classic German dish, the Schnitzelbrötchen is a delicious sandwich that consists of a slice of bread filled with a thin layer of pork cutlet, as well as a generous sprinkling of crispy onions. While the Schnitzelbrötchen is usually served as a light lunch, it can also be enjoyed as a filling snack.. Read more about schnitzel sandwich near me and let us know what you think.


A filling German Schnitzel Sandwich is a must-try!

If you’re looking for a filling lunch meal, look no further. Make a traditional German schnitzel sandwich.

Our schnitzel sandwich dish is made with breaded pork schnitzel, sliced tomato, cucumber, and a little lettuce on a bun and topped with mayo.

You may, however, use Remoulade, a condiment similar to mayonnaise that is popular in Europe.

german schnitzel sandwich sitting on wooden cutting boardOur schnitzel sandwich was incredible…

A schnitzel sandwich, also known as Schnitzelbrötchen in German, is a kind of street food popular in Germany. Because most German schnitzel is prepared with pork, it’s usually made using pork schnitzel (as opposed to veal).

It’s the sort of item you’d get on the way out of a bakery/café/train station, or out in a public square in a charming German old town.

Using leftovers for a pork schnitzel sandwich is a wonderful way to use up cooked schnitzel from the night before if you’re cooking schnitzel at home.

Lisa grew up eating Schnitzelbrötchen, but Eric discovered them when we were living in Europe, and this dish is one of his favorites!

Recipe Tips & Substitutions

Making a schnitzel sandwich is simple, but there are a few things to bear in mind while cooking and assembling your sandwich:

  • For our sandwiches, we prefer to use a crusty bread, but you may use whatever bun you want.
  • To keep the sandwich from being too tall, don’t chop the veggies too thickly.
  • If you’re using lettuce with a big, thick stem, such as romaine, you should cut it down to make it flatter. This will make everything in the sandwich fit together better when it’s put together.
  • Trim the schnitzel to fit the bread as little as possible. You may be tempted, but shattered bits of flesh just fall out, causing a mess.

1629406916_707_German-Schnitzel-Sandwich-SchnitzelbrotchenAlthough we did not split the schnitzel sandwich in half, you certainly can!

  • Remoulade, a European condiment made up of mayo and a few additional ingredients, is often used in genuine German sandwiches. We frequently use mayonnaise for our sandwiches in North America since it’s a decent replacement, but we’ll create homemade remoulade and share the recipe with you because it’s such a unique flavor.
  • Feel free to add or replace your favorite veggies or seasonings!

Step-by-Step Instructions for Making a Schnitzel Sandwich

You can find the recipe card at the bottom of this article if you wish to create a wonderful schnitzel sandwich.

You may follow along with the recipe process pictures below if you prefer visuals. This recipe just only a few steps (it assumes you already have a slice of schnitzel), so have a look and get started!

1629406918_234_German-Schnitzel-Sandwich-SchnitzelbrotchenCollect all of the ingredients for your sandwich!

Clean the lettuce, tomato, and cucumber first. Cut the cucumber and tomato into slices.

If you want the schnitzel to be warm, you can heat it in the microwave.

1629406919_129_German-Schnitzel-Sandwich-SchnitzelbrotchenThose are spare tomatoes on the schnitzel on the bread…

Cut the bread open, put mayo on the bottom (if desired), then top with lettuce.

The cucumber, tomato slices, salt, and pepper are added last, followed by the schnitzel.

More mayo or remoulade should be applied to the top of the bun. Place the schnitzel on top of the top.

If the sandwich is too large to grasp comfortably in one hand, split it in half. Enjoy!

1629406920_915_German-Schnitzel-Sandwich-SchnitzelbrotchenThe end result – a delicious schnitzel sandwich!

Storage Suggestions

Because the sauce and veggies may make the bread soggy, it’s difficult to preserve a schnitzel sandwich after it’s been prepared. So attempt to finish this sandwich in one sitting.

If you absolutely must save the leftovers, wrap the sandwich in tin foil and preserve it in the refrigerator until ready to eat.


What is the definition of a schnitzel sandwich?

A schnitzel sandwich, also known as a Schnitzelbrötchen in German, is a breaded schnitzel served on a bun with veggies and a sauce such as Remoulade or mayonnaise.

For schnitzel, what kind of meat is used?

A boneless chop that has been pounded thin is utilized to create excellent schnitzel. Pork is used in German schnitzel, whereas veal is used in Wiener schnitzel.

How do you create a schnitzel sandwich in the German style?

Simply bread and cook the schnitzel, chop the veggies, then cut open a crusty bun big enough to accommodate the meat to create a German schnitzel sandwich. Use Remoulade or mayonnaise as a condiment for a German-style sandwich.

Recipes that are similar

If you like this traditional German dish, try these other delectable options:

  • Jägerschnitzel – also known as “German Hunter Schnitzel” – is a schnitzel with a creamy mushroom sauce.
  • Rouladen – Delectable rolled beef filled with onion, pickle, and bacon from Germany.
  • German Meatloaf – A traditional meatloaf dish with baked hard-boiled eggs!


  • 1 breaded and fried schnitzel
  • 1 stale roll
  • 1 romaine lettuce leaf
  • two tomato slices
  • cucumber slices (three)
  • Spreading mayonnaise or remoulade
  • season with salt and pepper to taste


  1. The lettuce, tomato, and cucumber should all be washed. Cut the cucumber and tomato into slices. Also, if you want the schnitzel to be warm, feel free to heat it up.
  2. Cut the bread open, put mayo on the bottom (if desired), then lay the lettuce on top.
  3. The cucumber and tomato slices, as well as salt and pepper to taste, are then added.
  4. Place the Schnitzel on top of it. To finish this sandwich, spread mayo or remoulade over the top of the bread or the top of the schnitzel.
  5. Optional: Use a knife to cut the schnitzel sandwich in half for easy eating.


  • In Germany, instead of mayo, schnitzel sandwiches are often prepared with Remoulade (a European condiment not widely available in North America). We’ll shortly provide a remoulade recipe so you can make it at home!
  • Of course, any additional veggies may be added or substituted. This recipe just explains how we eat schnitzel sandwiches at our house; it’s a traditional, straightforward rendition.
Information about nutrition:

Serving Size: 1 1 Serving Size: 1 Serving Size: 1 Serving Size: 1 Serving Size: 1 Serving Size: 1 Serving Size 832 calories 52 g total fat 10g Saturated Fat 1 gram of trans fat 37g of unsaturated fat 231 milligrams of cholesterol 1303mg sodium 39 g carbohydrate 5 g of fiber 7 g sugar 51 g protein

An online nutrition calculator was used to determine this nutritional information. It should only be used as a guideline and not as a substitute for expert dietary guidance. Depending on the particular components used, the exact values may vary.

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This is a recipe for a sausage sandwich made with a breaded veal or chicken cutlet topped with a slice of bread and sauerkraut. The name Schnitzelbrötchen literally translates into ‘schnitzel sandwich’ in english. A German dish for sure, this is also a popular dish in Central Europe.. Read more about pork schnitzel wrap and let us know what you think.

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