How Moms Can Create A Relaxing Bedtime Ritual

Sleep deprivation is a common woe for mommies as it starts right when they give birth and continues for a lifetime. Your baby keeps you awake, but do not expect things to get better with a toddler or even a teen. Fatigue and stress may deprive you of quality sleep over the years.

But you must find ways to deal with the concern before it turns into full-blown insomnia. However, sleeping pills are not the best solution because they can cause side effects and habit formation. A holistic bedtime ritual is a far better alternative. Here are some actionable tips for moms to create a relaxing one.

Power Down in Bed

A phone is the worst bedtime companion because checking one more email or scrolling a bit through Instagram can disrupt your sleep. You may end up waking up an hour more than your regular routine with mindless scrolling and chatting. Moreover, the blue light from devices can be a major culprit. So commit to powering down as soon as you are in bed. Even better, consider keeping your gadgets out of the bedroom to ditch the temptation for good.

Take a Hot Shower

A hot shower or soak in a bathtub sets you up for a long and relaxed slumber. Timing the bath in the late evening helps you maintain the right temperature for sleep. You can add a few drops of essential oils to the bathtub to get better results.

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Following it up with a meditation session can be a great way to induce relaxation to help you sleep. You can enhance your meditation session by lighting a couple of Scandinavian candles to improve the ambience in your bedroom, pouring yourself a cup of herbal tea is also guaranteed to calm your mind. Asking your partner for a massage could also be of great benefit in helping you relax, whilst also aid in maintaining intimacy in your marriage.

Indulge in Cannabis

Cannabis is safe and legal, and the best part is that it is a proven sleep remedy. Since it is natural, you can take it for the long haul as an alternative to sleeping pills. A discreet session with a handy vape pen or wax pen helps you deal with insomnia naturally. You can explore online shops to buy the right pen according to your skill level. Also, pick the apt cannabis strain with relaxing-inducing potential.

Create the Right Set and Setting

Creating a perfect set and setting is another factor mommies should pay attention to. The last thing you should do is fall into an unkempt bed inside a cluttered room. Instead, keep the space clean and fresh, and invest in a comfortable mattress.

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Also, maintain a comfortable temperature and optimal lighting inside your bedroom. A positive ambiance for your space is as crucial as any other bedtime ritual.

Maintain a Schedule

Although you may have last-minute tasks as a mommy, they shouldn’t interfere with your bedtime schedule. Follow a stringent routine for sleep to keep things on track. You can always pick up the missing tasks the next day. Also, forgive yourself for leaving dirty dishes in the sink and unfolding laundry because they can wait. Nothing is more important than quality sleep, so stick with your schedule.

Sleep and motherhood make an unconventional combination, but you can get enough as a busy mommy. All you need to do is realize the value of quality sleep and create a realistic bedtime ritual with these simple steps.

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