How to Take Care of Your Eyes

Even the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras said that the eyes are the gates of the sun. Indeed, thanks to the ability to see, we receive more than 80 percent of the information about the world around us. The rest complement our visual world with sounds, smells, touches and taste sensations.

The eyes are a unique organ, thanks to which we can perceive about 10 million colour shades. According to ophthalmologists, a person’s ability to distinguish only about two hundred colours is considered a good result. And even then, only those whose profession is related to design and printing can boast of such an ability. If we compare the visual acuity of a person, for example, with an eagle, then the vigilance of a celestial bird is almost twice as high as a human one.

The main task of each of us is to preserve our vision. This can be achieved with the help of simple rules. Let’s have a look at them.

Create Comfortable Conditions

The age of information technology has gained a foothold nowadays. We work, our eyes strain, and get tired. Because of that, it is necessary to create convenient conditions for yourself. If you are actively playing on the 22Bet Nigeria casino website try not to wear yourself out. Take care of lighting, set proper monitor settings, and do not forget about posture and technical breaks. Every hour and a half, get up from the computer and take a break from the working rhythm for 10 minutes.

Exercise for Eyes

If you wear glasses or lenses, it is best to remove them during exercise. Among the main exercises is “palming” (closing the eyes with the palms of your hands). The eyes should rest from the light. Therefore, from time to time try to plunge into darkness for 15-20 seconds.

Adopt Healthy Screen Practices

Adopting healthy screen practices is essential to take care of your eyes because prolonged exposure to digital screens can lead to digital eye strain, which can cause symptoms such as eyestrain, headaches, blurry vision, and dry eyes. Additionally, too much exposure to blue light emitted from screens can lead to macular degeneration and other eye damage. Healthy screen practices can help reduce the risk of such conditions by allowing for regular breaks from screens, limiting screen time, and using anti-glare computer glasses, that are specially designed for computer users.

Balanced Diet and Vitamins

Our eyes require careful attention and therefore it is possible to maintain vision and compensate for the lack of vitamins with the help of herbal remedies. They contain a full range of vitamins, macro- and microelements vital for the eyes.

Eye Hygiene

Do not forget to wash your eyes with warm boiled water when you come home. Like our skin, they suffer from dust, dirt, and exhaust fumes. Take a soothing eye bath once every two weeks. To shine and relieve the redness of the eyes, brew elderberry, chamomile flowers, and linden.

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Never Postpone Visiting Doctors

If you have vision problems, don’t put them off. See a doctor and perhaps the problem can be fixed.

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