Java Around the World: A Guide to Coffee Beans From Different Countries

Coffee is grown in many places worldwide, and each region has a different flavor for its beans. Because of the soil and temperature change, among other areas, the beans are as unique as the different countries they come from.


Columbia is one of the best-known coffee producers in the world. Arabica beans are a type of coffee grown in Columbia. The beans have a very high quality, and most of them come from small family farms and are picked by hand to ensure quality.

Columbian coffee is mild and not too acidic. Mystic Monk Coffee has delicious beans from Columbia you could try if you want to test out Columbian coffee.


Brazil is known for being the coffee capital of the world. A lot of land in Brazil is dedicated to coffee plantations. Arabica and Robusta beans are both grown in Brazil. The coffee from Brazil is low in acid and has a sweet, medium flavor.

There are many Brazilian coffee varieties, from cheap brands to some of the finest, high-quality coffee. Most coffee shops use beans from Brazil in their products.


There are many coffee farms in Hawaii, and they usually grow Kona coffee. The coffee trees are grown in volcanic soil, and seedlings grow in rocks. Hawaiian coffee has a rich and aromatic medium flavor and is a great blend to try for an enjoyable coffee.

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It is believed that the first coffee trees came from Ethiopia and have remained a large coffee distributor ever since. Ethiopian coffee is harvested primarily from wild coffee trees and is known for producing Sidamo, Harrar, and Kaffa beans.

Ethiopian coffee is full-bodied and full-flavored. They can also have a fruity or spicy flavor which some people enjoy. Ethiopian coffee is a classic flavor that any coffee lover should try at least once.  


Yemen was the first country to cultivate coffee on a commercial scale. They have family coffee farms all around the country. Due to the weather in Yemen, the beans that grow tend to be smaller and more irregularly shaped than the beans grown in other areas.

Yemeni coffee is rich and deep, with chocolatey and subtle wine notes in the flavor. The coffee grown in Yemen is typically Arabian Mocha. The terms Java and Mocha come from Yemen.

Costa Rica

Costa Rican coffee has a classic flavor with medium acid and sharp, acidic taste that is very balanced and has a walnut flavor. The coffee from Costa Rica is usually grown on small farms, and after they harvest the coffee, it is processed in state-of-the-art facilities.

Costa Rica’s coffee has an excellent reputation. The beans from the area are very well-rounded and popular. Laws in Costa Rica require farmers to only plant high-quality beans.    

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Parting shot

Wide varieties of coffee are grown around the world. Each area has its own distinct flavor. Next time you want to try a new coffee variety, look at the different countries that are known for their coffee production and mix up your bean selection. You can even pair your coffee tasting with something sweet.

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