Kahlua Cake –

Kahlua Cake

The Kahlua cake is my all-time favorite cake. It’s new-age pastries, delicate flavors, and whimsical looks make it the perfect party dessert.

Kahlua Cake is a chocolate cake that I have been trying to perfect for quite some time. I have done it with other types of cake mixes, but this one is my favorite so far! It’s super moist, super chocolatey, and super fudgy. I have also added chocolate to other kinds of cakes so I can’t tell you how much I love this one!

This Kahlua Cake recipe was created after one of my friends asked me to bake her something special one day. She told me she wanted me to bake her something that she could just pick up and eat, without having to whip up some fancy recipe. When I asked her what she wanted, she said she didn’t really care, she just wanted to have something sweet. I told her I’d make her something with Kahlua in it, but she was adamant about not caring about any kind of recipe, she just wanted me to make her something good. When I told her I’d make her something good, she was even more adamant about not wanting anything “fancy”, everything had to be simple.. Read more about kahlua cake with yellow cake mix and let us know what you think.

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