Khmer Stuffed Chicken Legs

I’ve found that if I eat the same thing over and over and over again, it can start to get boring. I’m a big fan of eating different things, so I’ve been trying to make sure that I get some variety into my diet.

My husband and I went to the Khmer Stuffed Chicken Legs festival last night, and it was a lot of fun. We enjoyed lots of great food and live music, and I got a chance to talk to the head chef of the festival about the different kinds of Khmer food. He told me that Khmer food, or Khmer cuisine, is a fusion of many different types of food. They eat a lot of spicy vegetables, but they also eat a lot of meat, rice, and noodles. They don’t eat a lot of fish, or any sort of fruit, but they do eat a lot of bananas. It is a very unique mix of foods, and it is a very interesting combination of flavors. I am excited to

I love, love, love stuffed chicken. It’s my favorite food. Sausage, of course, is a close second, but it’s hard to beat that roast-y, basted-in-garlicky, chickeny goodness. And my favorite way to stuff a chicken breast is to stuff it with rice, stuff the rice with chicken, and stuff the chicken into the crockpot.

Khmer Stuffed Chicken Legs

This dish for Khmer Stuffed Chicken Legs takes some time to prepare. Many Khmer Thai prepare stuffed chicken in a variety of ways, and the stuffing varies by area. To stuff the chicken, use a sharp knife and circle around the inner bone, peeling the chicken flesh backward until the bone is removed to create a hole within the chicken leg or wing. Like any other chicken, you may steam, pan fry, or bake it.


12 chicken legs, drumsticks, wings, or half-legs and half-wings    

You’ll need the following ingredients for the filling:

2 1/2 cup chicken, pork, or shrimp, ground    
1 egg    
1/2 cup minced green onion    
1/2 cup carrots, minced    
1/2 cup dried mushroom, minced (soak wash)    
1/2 cup onion, minced    
1/2 cup bamboo shoots, minced    
1/3 cup crushed roasted peanuts (optional)    
1/4 cup lemongrass paste (mixed) (optional but Khmer people like it)    
1 bean thread noodle lot (soak wash mince)    
Oyster sauce, 1 tablespoon    
1 tblsp. soy sauce    
1 tsp sugar (about 1 teaspoon)    
In a large mixing bowl, combine all of the ingredients and put aside.    

Making Khmer Stuffed Chicken Legs: Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Take one chicken leg or wing and stuff it all the way to the bottom. It should result in a fat drumstick or wing.
  2. It’s ideal if you steam the chicken for 30 minutes before stuffing it.
  3. Place lettuce leaves in a steamer or spray the bottom of the steamer if it sticks to the pan.
  4. Dust each piece of filled chicken with flour, then place it in the steamer and steam for 30 minutes (repeat with the remaining chicken). When it’s done, set it aside to cool before moving on to the next stage.
  5. After that, roll them in 2 beaten egg washes and then in panko bread crumbs that have been gently salted and peppered.
  6. Remove the chicken from the pan and place it on paper towels to absorb any leftover oil.

Serve with Thai sweet and chili sauce or sweet fish sauce with lime juice and garlic chilies as an appetizer or main course.




Stir-fried pork with ginger and chives is a similar recipe.

daily value in percent

42 g (15%) total carbohydrate

174 percent Cholesterol 522mg

78g total fat 100 percent

Saturated Fat (Saturated Fat) (Saturated Fat) (Saturated Fat) (Satur

3 g of dietary fiber (11%)

294 percent protein 147g

40 percent sodium (917mg)

7 g sugars (14% sugars)

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Cambodia is one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the world, with a rich history and culture. There is so much to see there. It is also the country where I was born and raised. And it is also where I learned about one of my favourite foods, Khmer stuffed chicken legs. I have eaten them since I was very young.. Read more about cambodian lemongrass chicken wings and let us know what you think.

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