Vietnamese Banh Sung Noodle with Pork

Stir fry is a perfectly healthy, easy to make dish that is good for you and your health! With a little bit of planning, you can make it even better! This recipe for Vietnamese Banh Sung Nogle with Pork combines all of the basic ingredients of a stir fry recipe into one dish! It incorporates everything from onion to cabbage!

Introducing one of my new blog postings, which I intend to call “The Best Dishes from Vietnam”. I got a chance to try some Vietnamese Banh Sung Noodle with Pork and it’s absolutely wonderful.

I’m not much of a noodle person. I prefer rice over noodles. However, I always say, when in Rome do as the Romans do. So when my husband and I were visiting Vietnam, we were invited to a Banh Sung noodle house by our Vietnamese friends.

Vietnamese Banh Sung Noodle with Pork

In Cambodia and Vietnam, Banh Sung Noodles with Pork are extremely popular. You may serve Banh Sung with egg rolls, grilled pork or shrimp, and herbs drizzled with sweet fish sauce. If you want to serve alongside Egg Rolls, you’ll need to prepare them ahead of time.


1 to 2 Banh Sung noodle packages    
2 pounds thinly sliced pork loin or beef marinated overnight    
1 tblsp. Chinese barbecue seasoning    
oyster sauce (two tablespoons)    
2 tblsp. soy sauce    
2 tbsp. yoshida sauce    
sugar (one spoonful)    

In order to make the sweet fish sauce

half a cup of sugar    
fish sauce (half a cup) (use 3 crabs brand)    
1 cup of liquid    
a quarter cup of vinegar    
1 tablespoon garlic, minced    
2 tbsp. shredded carrots as a garnish    

When it comes to herbs and vegetables,

Thai basil is a herb native to Thailand.    
Mints from Vietnam    
Cut the Romaine lettuce into bite-size pieces.    
Cucumber, finely sliced or chopped into bite-size pieces    
For garnish, use roasted crushed peanuts.    
sauce de chili    

Vietnamese Banh Sung Noodles with Pork Directions

  1. Grill the beef until it’s done over medium heat, then put it aside (sometime I stir fry the meat, but if you use skewer and grill you meat it taste better)
  2. Boil the water and sugar in a small saucepan until the sugar dissolves, then remove from the heat and add the other ingredients.
  3. Taste your sauce and make any necessary adjustments.
  4. When ready to serve, place the noodle in a bowl, top with the grill meat, herbs, and vegetables, then cut the egg rolls into bite-size pieces to add to the noodle dish.
  5. Drizzle sweet fish sauce, crushed peanuts, and chili sauce over the top.
  6. Note that if you want to add lemongrass flavor to your BBQ pork, all you have to do is add 1 stalk of minced lemongrass to the meat.

Thank you, and have fun with it.



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daily value in percent

28.5 grams of total carbohydrate (ten percent)

86 percent Cholesterol 257mg

43.2 g total fat (55 %)

Saturated Fat: 16 g (80%)

Dietary Fiber (0.3%) 0.9g

178 percent protein 89.1g

213 percent sodium 4891mg

Sugars (13.22 g) (26%)

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