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I’ve worked as a personal nutrition coach for 10 years. My job is helping people find their personal path to healthy and sustainable weight loss.  I’ve helped hundreds of people write their own diet plans, and in the process…I’ve heard all the usual excuses: I don’t have time to eat! I can’t even think about food! I can’t lose weight! It’s not good to eat healthy foods! I don’t have time to exercise! Our bodies are chemicals! I have a bad relationship with food! So many of us have these excuses.

People who struggle with food often feel isolated, as they’re unable to control how much they eat. This is because they don’t have the tools to make the right choices. That’s why I wrote this blog. I want to share my experience of eating a diet that’s helped me lose weight, maintain my weight, and live a healthy life. I want to help you achieve your weight goals and turn your idea of lean eating into a reality.

If you have a hard time losing weight and keeping it off no matter what you do, then you need to hire me as your personal weight loss coach. I am the best coach you can hire for this purpose and I will show you how to lose weight and keep it off.

Our most recent Men’s and Women’s Coaching groups ended on Monday. And when we came to the end of the program, I was astounded by some of the physical and mental changes we had assisted in.

To be honest, I was more struck by some of the tales, despite the fact that the pictures and statistics were inspirational.

Take a look at what some of our coaching clients had to say.

“It’s all about liberty.”

When I first began on June 30th, I was terrified and frightened. However, I am completely enamored with this coaching program. There’s a lot of contradictory information out there. Despite this, I’ve learned a lot from the PN daily courses. Beyond that, I like how we are encouraged to apply what we have learned to what works best for each of us individually in order to help us form new habits. It’s fantastic that we’re not compelled to do things a certain way.

For me, this coaching program is a path toward FREEDOM, health, balance, and a fulfilling life. It’s learning to make own decisions that you can live with, regardless of what others attempt to convince you of. What an honor it is to be a part of this organization and program. Again, thank you to everyone at PN. You’re all doing a fantastic job.

“Permanently altered”

Thank you very much for allowing me to participate in the Lean Eating Program. I owe you a huge debt of gratitude. My life has been permanently altered for the better as a result of this knowledge, advice, and support.

“The Most Valuable Thing I’ve Ever Done”

This training is fantastic; it’s the most beneficial thing I’ve ever done for myself. Thank you very much!

Lean Eating coaching member, Peg, lost 26lbs and 7% body fat during the 16 week online coaching course

Peg, a participant of the Lean Eating coaching program, dropped 26 pounds and 7% body fat.

“I’m not perfect, but I’m in charge.”

My eating habits have been excellent throughout this program. And this comes as a complete surprise to me, given that I’ve been living on sugar for the last 18 months. I made the transition to the 10 Habits with your assistance. I’ll admit that I’m not flawless. But I’m not required to be. And I’m doing a lot better now – I feel like I’m in complete charge.

“There Will Be No More Binges”

I’m really enamored with this style of eating and thinking. I’ve spent my whole dieting “career” focusing on what I was eliminating or limiting. This resulted in my following a very tight diet for a period of time and then going on wild binges that might last months. This has been a recurring pattern in my life for at least ten years.

I can’t eat the garbage I used to consume because I’m filling up on good meals. I’m also doing a lot better now that I’m not striving to be “perfect” like I used to. It’s because this program is teaching me so many new ways of thinking. Thank you very much for making it accessible to me!!!!

“Deciding on the Basis of Knowledge, Not Guilt”

The coaching program is a lot of fun for me. Please don’t misunderstand me. My comfort zone is being stretched and pushed. Quite a bit. But I’m becoming more enthusiastic about it.

It’s all about taking little steps, letting go of my perfectionism, and concentrating on progress. I consider myself fortunate and privileged to be a part of this program, and I value the coaches’ prompt responses, encouragement, teaching, and support.

I’m not in it to lose weight per se, but I already feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and I’m going to experience freedom: no more food slavery and the fight of the bulge, no more prohibited foods, concerns about what to eat and what not to eat, and no more guilt. I’m learning to make choices based on facts, and I’m finally able to appreciate eating. I’m taking care of my body, mind, and soul, and I’m on the road to recovery.

“A New Way of Life”

I’m not watching as much television as a result of your coaching, I’m learning to listen to my body’s hunger signals, I’m doing my own gardening and really enjoying it, I’m shopping smarter and having fun at farmer’s markets, health food stores, and even the grocery store, I can walk into the gym’s “burly guy” section and have fun, I’m reading more, and I’ve replaced soda and coffee with water.

What do I think of the progress thus far? I’m overjoyed! Over the past fifteen years, I’ve been gradually gaining weight and have now reversed the trend.

“Practicing PN” is a term used to describe the process of putting PN into practice.

This software is really fantastic. I like the PN materials, and this program is assisting me in taking little steps toward putting them into practice in a manner that suits me. The idea of “outcomes-based” nutrition appeals to me. I like how the rules may be adjusted based on your objectives and the pace at which you anticipate things to change.

“I’m Acid-Free,” says the narrator.

My heartburn and associated issues have disappeared after using antacids and Prilosec OTC for over two years. I was on my way to the hospital with an ulcer. But I’m no longer acidic. It’s all because to my new eating habits.

This Lean Eating coaching member lost 18lbs of fat while gaining lean mass

This participant of the Lean Eating coaching program shed 18 pounds of fat while increasing lean muscle mass.

“Bye-Bye Calorie Counting”

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, you you, thank That’s a good thing since I haven’t been tracking calories. I believe I am seeing more changes than I have in the last several years. My waist is clearly shrinking, and my clothing are fitting better. My energy level has increased, and I am in a great mood.

I’ve been eating intuitively and according to the PN guidelines. Now I’m certain that’s the way to go, and I don’t think I need anything else. I don’t consume calories; I consume food. I utilize smaller dishes or meal sizes than usual, and I go to bed hungry.

I’ve been eating 2-4 meals a day with a modest quantity of complex carbohydrates (around 25g dry oats/quinoa/brown rice or a tiny slice of rye bread) and appear to be doing well. I don’t understand why I should reduce carbohydrates now that I’m making improvement. I’ll keep you updated on my progress. Here I come, PN HOT BODY CONTEST!

“Healthy and Strong” is a phrase used to describe someone who is healthy and strong

On the health front, my blood pressure has dropped from borderline-hypertensive to nearly normal. All of my blood tests were perfect.

Three weeks ago, I set a new personal best at the gym by deadlifting 315 pounds. Last week, I managed 225 for the higher rep sets you had us do, so my strength isn’t in jeopardy.

In terms of diet, I’ve reduced my alcohol and cigarette use to practically nothing. (For the last three years, I’ve consumed 20-40 drinks each week and 5-8 packs per week.) This has been as gratifying as it has been difficult.

In terms of attitude, I don’t mind waking up in the morning and, for the most part, I like going to the gym.

“This Time Is Different”

I’ve tried a variety of different systems in the past and have just seen the scale rise, rise, rise. It’s different this time. I’m feeling and seeing excellent results, and coworkers continue to compliment me on my weight reduction.

My husband told me the other day that it’s a night & day difference from where I am now to where I began (I tried to not take that the wrong way). Now that I’ve been feeling better/healthier, I started thinking a lot about what I want/what I want to do next.

I’ve chosen to prepare for the Disney Marathon in January, that I’ll visit a rock climbing gym in about a month, and that I’ll pursue my Master’s degree next Fall. I intend to follow PN guidelines for the rest of my life, such as eating clean, exercising for at least 5 hours, and so on.

This Lean Eating coaching member lost 16lbs of body weight while gaining 6lbs of lean mass and losing 22lbs of fat mass

This participant of the Lean Eating coaching program dropped 16 pounds while gaining 6 pounds of lean mass and shedding 22 pounds of fat mass.

“I Am Confident in My Ability to Commit”

This program’s outcomes have blown me away. Yes, I have reduced weight and body fat, and my measurements are improving. But it’s much more than that for me. It’s knowing that I can put my whole heart and soul into something FOR MYSELF (which is difficult for most women to do) and succeed. Thank you so much for providing such an incredible life-changing opportunity.

“Teaching Us About Ourselves” is a phrase that means “teaching Us About Ourselves.”

WOW. What I like most about PN is that I’m learning about how your lifestyle and identity change as a result of your hard work. Plus, not only are you all excellent role models for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but you’re also educating us about ourselves. I recall JB saying that when he presented the software, it blew the PN employees away. I’m in the same boat as you. I’ve been blown away.

“In a heartbeat, I’d sign up again.”

I’m really enjoying the coaching program, and I can’t believe how much of a difference it’s made in my diet and exercise habits. I’m in excellent shape, and you’re right: I’m making tremendous strides.

It’s all been pretty simple for the most part! I was down another 7 pounds this morning, but I’m seldom hungry and have plenty of energy. The greatest thing is that I’m not too concerned about the statistics and instead concentrate on how I feel. I’m more concerned with making long-term adjustments to my behaviors so that I may feel good about both my mental and physical health.

In a heartbeat, I’d sign up for another class! The coaches and members of the coaching staff are very helpful. This program is exactly what I was searching for, plus I’m getting a lot more than I bargained for – so thank you to everyone!

“The Rubbish Has Been Removed”

This coaching program is fantastic! I was just thinking this morning about how wonderful it is that I no longer have any manufactured foods in my home. My kids and spouse are eating healthier as well, simply because they have no other choice! The exercises are also a lot of fun, in a “oh my god, that completely kicked my butt” sort of manner.

“The One and Only Thing That Has Worked”

I’ve only seen improvement with this regimen, and I’m considerably healthier as a result. Thank you so much for all of the useful information. Until now! You’ve been fantastic!

“The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened To My Family”

I’m in fantastic shape! PN is, without a doubt, one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me and my family. I love the curriculum and believe you guys are fantastic.

I’m seeing excellent improvements in terms of gaining muscular mass, and my strength has really improved. When combined with PN, I believe the training and diet are producing results that are a marriage made in heaven.

“Motivated and Excited” is a phrase used to describe someone who is motivated and excited about something.

This program is a lot of fun for me! After following the PN lifting program, I am seeing improvement in my shoulders, quads, and calves after a one-year layoff.

This program’s exercise component appeals to me much. My jogging speed has increased, and my rowing has improved, so I am very pleased with the training program you have devised. I believe I am progressing well.

This curriculum is very inspiring, and I look forward to receiving my daily tasks each morning. Thank you to each and every one of my coaches!

“Achievable and manageable”

The course has been fantastic for me! Long I’ve had PN for a while and believe I understand the concepts, my execution has been woefully inadequate. As a result, I’m here.

I have found that the structure of this course has REALLY helped me to put the principles into play in a manageable & achievable way.

“The Best Thing I’ve Ever Joined”

I don’t even know where to begin to describe how fantastic I believe this course is. It is, without a doubt, the greatest thing I have ever signed up for. And, like many others trying to improve their body composition, I’ve signed up for a number of them!

So there you have it…direct feedback from the coaching participants. I’d want to use this opportunity to express my gratitude to everyone of them for taking part in this program.

Do you want to be the healthiest, fittest, and strongest version of yourself?

Most people are aware that getting enough exercise, eating properly, sleeping well, and managing stress are all essential for looking and feeling better. However, they need assistance in putting that information into practice in the context of their hectic, often stressful lives.

Over the last 15 years, we’ve utilized the Coaching approach to assist over 100,000 customers lose weight, gain strength, and improve their health… over the long haul… no matter what obstacles they face.

It’s also why, via our Level 1 and Level 2 Certification programs, we educate health, fitness, and wellness professionals how to coach their own clients through similar difficulties.

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Well, I’m not going to lie to you, this was a difficult post for me to write. It’s not that I don’t want you to see the story, to know how I lost weight, or even to read about why I started Lean Eating. It’s that I’m nervous about you seeing the story, or knowing how I started. That’s not because I don’t think you should know, but because I think you should see my progress first. You should see how I got to where I am now, and how this journey has changed me and improved my life. It’s a blog about how I learned to eat healthy, but I think you should know that I. Read more about weight loss accountability coach and let us know what you think.

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