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If you’re new to keto, this might seem like an odd question, but you know what, we are going to answer it for you! What is a typical day of keto-eating like? I’m going to tell you what my day looks like, and you’ll see that it’s very similar to yours. Starting the day with a big fat cup of coffee, and a small bowl of oatmeal with fruit and nuts. I’ll make my own chicken breast with brown rice and veggies. And for lunch, I’ll eat a chicken wrap with lettuce, and then I’ll have a green salad and some cheese. This will be followed by a dinner of baked

A lot of keto products on the market are often no more than a re-branded version of the same old boring foods that were traditionally marketed to people with diabetes. While those products can be helpful to some, they are rarely effective for the long term, and will typically leave you hungry, tired and frustrated with little to show for it.

The keto diet is a high-fat, moderate protein, and low-carbohydrate diet that has become increasingly popular among people looking for a more natural approach to weight loss. The diet is based on the principle that by swapping carbohydrates for fat and protein, the body will burn stored fat as its primary fuel source. And while the switch can be tough, there are ways to make it easier to maintain your keto diet.. Read more about free keto diet plan and let us know what you think.


Are you hungry yet have no idea what to eat?

You may be wondering what a typical day of the keto diet looks like if you’re new to the low-carb lifestyle. Of course, we have plenty of delicious dishes, but sometimes you’re too busy to cook and need something fast and simple. It’s all about finding a happy medium and incorporating the keto diet into your everyday routine.

So, if you’re curious in what a normal keto diet day looks like, keep reading…..


We spoke with our keto nutritionist and a few of our staff members to learn about their usual keto days. Their meals may help you come up with fresh ways to remain keto every day!

Many teamsters and ketogenic dieters often skip meals and practice intermittent fasting. Long gaps between meals are simple to come by when moving to fats, and they frequently seem natural.

What do the members of our team have for breakfast?


The recipe for McGriddle’s Imitation Keto Breakfast Sandwich may be found in the picture above.

I typically have a Breve latte or a latte with fat if I’m in the mood for something more substantial. – Tara, one of our keto dietitians

For breakfast, I typically have two eggs, a piece of cheddar cheese, a strip of bacon, half an avocado, and the everything except the bagel sauce. I have a keto breakfast sandwich and a cup of coffee with MCT oil on occasion. – Angela

In the mornings, I typically have low-carb yogurt with berries on top and iced coffee with double cream. To add variety to my diet, I sometimes eat sausages and eggs. Stacey,

I try to have lunch before dinner, but every now and then I go to QDOBA and order their breakfast plate, which includes eggs, bacon, steak, lettuce, onions, ranch, red salsa, and pico. It’s lovely. I sometimes treat myself to a Starbucks Grande Americano with double cream and sugar-free vanilla when I feel like it. Stetson –

I don’t normally drink coffee for morning, but I’ll have an Americano with steaming double cream (using my favorite Breville espresso machine). I consume nut butter with a spoon when I wake up hungry (which isn’t often). Collin –

What do our members of the team eat for lunch?


A salad from Panea Bread is seen above.

Normally, I have a large lunch or simply supper. I have a large green salad with a healthy protein, such as wild salmon, chicken, or eggs, for lunch. I also sprinkle nuts, cherries, avocado, cucumber, and a variety of other salad ingredients on top. Salad dressings, olive oil, avocado, eggs, almonds, and salad dressings are all good sources of healthful fats. – Tara, one of our keto dietitians

Lunch typically consists of supper leftovers or a low-carb sandwich with pork rinds or Quest chips and cucumber. – Angela

For example, I like a large salad with beef. B. Chef’s salad, also known as a Cobb salad. I buy a bunless burger or fried nuggets from Chick-Fil-A when I’m on the run and need to make a fast choice on what to eat as part of my keto diet. – Stacey

Unless I have to conduct taste testing for Hip2Save or, I typically only eat twice a day and skip meals. When I’m on the run and need a quick lunch, I usually grab a Costco hot dog without a bun. Stetson –

I seldom eat lunch since I’m not very hungry, and I typically fast until dinnertime. Throughout the day, though, I’ll be sipping sparkling water, hot tea, coffee, and our delicious citrus water! Collin –

What do our members of the team eat for dinner?


The picture above displays well-marinated steaks; click to learn more about Collins’ recommendations for the finest cuts.

Dinner is something I prefer to keep simple. I pick a protein and a non-starchy vegetable (sometimes, I’ll mix in a tiny bit of baked sweet potato with other low-carb veggies – yep, sweet potato, and I’m still on the keto diet). I freely utilize the fat I cook with, or I brush everything I prepare with melted butter or olive oil. – Tara, one of our keto dietitians

We sometimes cook for pleasure on holidays, but it’s usually meat and vegetables. Cordon Bleu chicken with salad, Alice Springs chicken with green beans, or even a keto burrito on a platter are all possibilities. I prefer to prepare all of my meals ahead of time. – Angela

Low-carb meat and veggies are my favorites. In our home, chicken with lemongrass and sautéed veggies is usually a favorite. We typically include starchy meals for children, but we always prepare low-carb meats and veggies for the whole family. Stacey,

I typically work out in the evenings and have three breaded chops with cheese, mustard, and veggies on such nights. I frequently take advantage of Texas Roadhouse’s $9.99 steak, green beans, and ranch salad deal on a regular basis. No, I don’t cook at home very often. Stetson –

My high-fat keto meals are usually full and tasty, and I look forward to them! I’ve tried a lot of supper dishes while we’ve been there. Chicken and broccoli casserole (a must! ), Italian sausage and zucchini spaghetti casserole, keto taco soup in the crockpot, homemade cauliflower pizza, steak and vegetables, and Trader Joe’s pork carnitas are some of my favorite last-minute meals!

And when we go out to lunch, we do what we always do and stop at Five Guys! I typically have a three-patty burger with cheese, bacon, and jalapenos. Collin –

What do our team members consume, and do they like dessert?


The lighted Keto ice cream series is seen in the picture above.

I don’t always nibble, but when I do, macadamia nuts, olives, or Brie cheese are typically on the menu. Individually wrapped brie is available at Trader Joe’s. I sometimes reward myself with a scoop of Rebel or Enlightened ice cream topped with a dollop of my homemade chocolate sauce! Water is my preferred beverage, and my favorite is Topochico sparkling water with fresh lime. I also like San Pellegrino Essenza and La Croix sparkling water. – Tara, one of our keto dietitians

Two Good yogurt with grain-free granola or keto trail mix, Enlightened Keto ice cream, berries with handmade whipped cream, cucumber sauce, low-carb ALDI bars, or beef cheese sticks are some of my favorite snacks. – Angela

I like to eat beef sticks and cheese while drinking Pepsi to keep me satiated. Stacey,

I don’t snack and like to consume two meals each day. I snack on almonds, Quest chips, or Enlightened Keto ice cream if I’m hungry in between meals. Stetson –

I’m no longer a fan of sweets! This was not always the case, though. I used to want carbohydrates so much that I was always hungry and snacked. When you’re in ketosis and consuming high-fat meals, it’s remarkable how fast things shift. From time to time, I indulge in a keto dessert. Enlightened Keto ice creams (I adore the chocolate mint, pecan butter, and coffee flavors), keto cheesecake, and keto peanut butter cake (it’s thick, but really delicious!) are some of my faves. Collin –


As you can see, sticking to a ketogenic diet doesn’t need a lot of preparation. To stay on track, there are always simple meal choices and suggestions for what you may eat on a keto diet every day!

Don’t forget to go over our keto meal prep section for plenty more weeknight meal prep ideas!

Take a look at our keto meal plans and set up an evening to prepare and clean!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I eat on my first day of keto?

For your first day of keto, you should eat a low carb, high fat diet. You should also drink plenty of water and have some salt on hand.

Can I eat the same thing every day on keto?

Yes, you can eat the same thing every day on keto.

What can you eat on keto day?

You can eat anything you want on a ketogenic diet.

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