Lemon Jello Sugar Cookies are a classic, old-fashioned recipe for a sweet, lemony cookie. These cookies have a tangy lemon filling and a crunchy sugar topping. The dough is easy to make with just four ingredients and requires no baking!

Lemon jello sugar cookies are a sweet and tangy dessert that is perfect for the summertime. Read more in detail here: jello cookies.


Lemon Jello Sugar Cookies are wonderful lemon jello cookies! Lemon fans will enjoy this easy sugar cookie recipe with a simple buttercream icing.


These lemon sugar cookies are scooped into balls, baked, and iced in a flash for a delicious lemon treat!


I adore sugar cookies, but I usually save them for special occasions due to the time and work required to chill the dough, roll it out, cut out the cookies, bake them, and then decorate them. It’s very tiring! When you add in five kids who want to assist, it’s safe to say that attempting this procedure takes a lot of energy!


I was fascinated when I stumbled across this recipe for Jello Sugar Cookies. You may use whatever Jello flavor you like, and the rest of the ingredients are typical for a sugar cookie recipe. The greatest thing is that you can roll them out and cut shapes or simply make normal ball-shaped cookies, and the icing is optional.


Because the Jello provides so much taste and color to the cookies, there’s no need for elaborate forms or icing; the cookies are wonderful (and adorable!) just as they are. Both methods I’ve made the sugar cookies have been a big success. I decided to give Lemon a go, and it turned out better than I could have anticipated!

Lemon Jello Sugar Cookies include what ingredients?

To create Lemon Jello Sugar Cookies, gather the following ingredients:

— Butter

— Sugar

1632465510_376_LEMON-JELLO-SUGAR-COOKIES— Eggs

— Flour

— Sugar (powdered)

— Salt

— A Lemon Jello package

That concludes our discussion.

1632465511_45_LEMON-JELLO-SUGAR-COOKIESTo prepare sugar cookie icing, gather the following ingredients:

— Butter

— Cream of tartar

— Powdered sugar

— Milk

— Vanilla

— A pinch of Lemon Jello powder


What’s the best way to make Lemon Jello sugar cookies?

To begin preparing the Lemon Sugar Cookie recipe, mix together the butter, sugar, and Lemon Jello powder. The eggs will be added next, and everything will be well mixed. Mix in the dry ingredients until well combined.

You may scoop the dough now and form it into balls to cook right away, or chill it for a couple of hours if you want to stretch it out and cut it into shapes later.

I prefer to use a cookie scoop to scoop out the dough while rolling it into balls. This ensures that all of the balls are the same size, and it’s so simple that I’m not sure how I ever managed to make cookies without it. To create a nice ball, scoop the dough and roll it between your palms. On a cookie sheet, place the dough balls.

1632465513_554_LEMON-JELLO-SUGAR-COOKIESUsing cooking spray, coat the bottom of a flat glass or measuring cup. Put a little amount of sugar on a plate and push the prepared measuring cup into it. Each dough ball should be pressed down gently until it is flat.

You don’t want to crush them too much since you still want your cookies to be soft and thick, but pushing them down helps them bake evenly and gives you a lovely level surface to frost. Between each cookie, you won’t need to re-spray the measuring cup, but you will want to push it into the sugar.

Preheat oven to 375°F and bake for 8-9 minutes. Allow the cookies to cool before frosting. Enjoy!


What’s the best way to create lemon sugar cookie frosting?

Butter, sour cream, powdered sugar, vanilla, a tiny quantity of jello powder, and a splash of milk go into this sugar cookie frosting. This buttercream frosting is my favorite for sugar cookies since it goes so well with a soft and chewy cookie!

To make the icing taste like the cookie, set aside a tablespoon of Lemon Jello powder before preparing the cookie dough, and then stir it into the frosting. This gives the icing a golden hue and an incredible quantity of lemon taste!


Lemon Jello Sugar Cookies with Frosting

Lemon Jello Sugar Cookies are wonderful lemon jello cookies! Lemon fans will enjoy this easy sugar cookie recipe with a simple buttercream icing.

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The no bake jello cookies are a quick and easy dessert that can be made with ingredients you probably already have on hand.

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