Mallige idli

Idlis are small, round, steamed rice cakes. They are used in South India and eaten for breakfast, typically with curd, chutney, kesari, or pickle. When you’re eating them, you need to eat quickly, in order to prevent the iddlis from getting soggy.

The other day, when I was looking for a recipe for idli, I saw a recipe that said “mallige idli”. I thought about it and I had no idea what this meant. So I decided to Google it and see what it meant. It turned out it was a very popular and well known idli recipe. I didn’t know what to do with this information.

I am really excited to share with you this recipe. It is my first attempt to make this dish and I have had great success. It is a Bengali recipe popular in many households, and is usually made with rice flour. The taste is simple and it goes well with all types of vegetables. This version has been made with idli flour.

In Mysore and other areas of Karnataka, mallige idli is extremely popular. Mallige means jasmine blossom in Kannada. Mallige idli is a soft, sweet, and white idli that looks like jasmine blossoms. I used idli rava instead of upma rava (both are different). Idli rava is available in Indian shops (some use idli rice as well). To make it soft and tasty, I used flattened rice (poha), cooked rice, and curd/yoghurt. Remember that although the soaking and grinding methods are the same for all idlis, the ingredients used may vary, which is why each of my idli recipes is unique and tastes different.

To make soft idlis, I used cooked rice instead of idli rava in my idli rava recipe. In addition to cooked rice, I utilized poha (flattened rice) and other ingredients in mallige idli. I continue to explore and share the recipes that I like with you.

For additional details on grinding and preparation, see my idli recipe.

Soaking time: 6 hours, grinding time: 1 hour, fermentation time: 11 hours or more

Time to cook: 12 minutes

South Indian, Karnataka cuisine

4–5 persons (about) 20 idlis (medium size)

Mild spiciness


  • 2 cups rava for idlis
  • 1 teaspoon methi seeds (fenugreek seeds)
  • 1 cup urad dal
  • 1/2 cup poha (flattened rice)
  • a handful or 1/2 cup cooked rice
  • 3 tbsp. curd
  • 2 to 2 1/2 cups water, or as needed
  • a pinch of salt (to taste)



  • It’s important that the batter isn’t too thick or too thin. It should have the consistency of condensed milk or custard.
  • I sometimes simply use the same amounts of urad dal, idli rava, and poha. Soft idlis were served.
  • If the batter gets too thin, just add more rice flour and continue to ferment. Idlies will be delicious. Experimentation is something I never stop doing.
  • The batter will be light, airy, and fluffy if it ferments properly. If you overmix, the airy bubbles will disappear, and you won’t be able to make lovely soft idlis. So, while preparing idlis, don’t stir the batter.
  • While grinding, use the same water that was used for soaking. Also, use a spatula to ensure that no urad dal or cooked rice gets caught on the edges of the grinder during grinding.
  • Cooked batter does not cling to your hands as raw batter does.
  • It will come out easily if you lubricate the idli plates with oil (just a drop and apply it with your fingertips on the plate) and then add the batter and steam it once it has cooked.
  • If you don’t have a wet grinder, let the urad dal grind in a mixer for a time until it becomes hot (add cool ice water if the mixer gets too hot) since the urad dal has to be ground thoroughly in the mixer.


today, I am going to share my favorite recipe for idli pongal. I have never been a big fan of idli pongal, because it just never tasted like idli to me. And yes, I made it with milk (instead of dahi), as it is traditionally made. But what I like most about this pongal is the fact that it is made in a pressure cooker. And I have to say, it does not taste like idli made in a stovetop steamer, it is different.. Read more about mallige idli hotel mysore and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are idlis called in English?

Idlis are called idli in English.

Which idli rice is best?

Idli rice is a type of rice that is steamed and fermented. It is usually eaten in South India with lentils, vegetables, chutneys, or sambar.

What are the benefits of Rava idli?

Rava idli is a type of Indian breakfast that is made from rice and fermented black gram. It has a slightly sour taste and can be served with chutneys, sambar, or coconut chutney.

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