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People who are on a vegan diet are often looking for new ways to enjoy their food. Vegetarians, vegans, and people who have decided to cut back on meat often have a hard time getting enough protein and fats in their diets. We also all know that many of the foods we eat can be very high in calories. So how can you enjoy the benefits of a vegan diet without having to give up the foods that you love?

Vegan Keto is Impossible – Try These Plant-Based Recipes Now If you’ve ever read any of this site’s articles, you’ve already seen the importance of a plant-based diet. That is my opinion, but it isn’t the only opinion. If you’re still unsure of why a plant-based diet is better for your body, check out the infographic below. The human body, as you can see, was not designed to be vegan.

The keto diet has become increasingly popular over the last few years, as more and more people try it to help them lose weight. There are many different ways you can follow a vegan keto diet, from going full-out vegetarian to eating a vegan keto diet only occasionally. If you’re new to the diet and don’t know where to start, you can try some of these plant-based recipes to see if vegan keto is right for you!

You don’t consume anything that comes from animals? It is feasible to follow a vegan ketogenic diet. Yes, the ketogenic diet is a high-fat, low-carbohydrate, moderate-protein diet that has been advocated for its weight-loss and general health benefits. And, in many instances, the source of the fat is linked to animal products. The keto diet, on the other hand, may be adapted to plant-based meals, including vegan diets!


Keto? Vegan? Is it up to par?


These dishes are appropriate for vegetarians, dairy-free eaters, and those following a low-carb diet. Check out these delectable vegan keto recipes for anything from meals to desserts and everything in between.

Vegan bread with a low carbohydrate content


Image courtesy of the Sweet as Honey website.

Yes, vegan keto bread is a thing of absolute beauty. Bake a loaf, slice it, and put it in an airtight container in the freezer to eat at your leisure. We’re going to make avocado toast. The recipe may be found on the Sweet as Honey website.

Vegan sesame noodles with low carbs

Instead of ordering takeout, prepare a carb-free Asian dinner at home. You’ll think of more ways to utilize daikon noodles after tasting this dish. The recipe may be found here.

Vegan blueberry fritters baked in the oven


Big Man’s World is based on this image.

Is it strange that I’m already getting a taste for sweet berry flavors? I’m still trying to figure out how these delicious doughnuts are keto! The recipe may be found on the World of Great Men website.

Kale salad with superfoods that is vegan


This superfood salad should be your go-to for a healthy and delicious lunch. The most essential step is to thoroughly massage the cabbage, so don’t skip it! The recipe may be found here.

Chocolate ice cream that is vegan


Sarah Tribett provided the image.

Please, two balls! This chocolate ice cream is silky, dairy-free, and only needs 5 easy ingredients! Even better, it’s sweetened with monk fruit, so it won’t put you into ketosis. Sarah Tribett’s blog has the recipe.

Vegan hummus with low carbs


Without worrying about dietary limitations, bring this dip to any gathering! It makes a tasty and healthy snack when served with sliced veggies or crackers. The recipe may be found here.

Cauliflower cream sauce vegan


Photo courtesy of This Savory Vegan’s website.

This sauce is creamy and delicious, and it’s unrivaled with zoodles, spaghetti squash, or palmini noodles…. and you’ll probably eat spoonfuls as it cooks! The recipe may be found on the This Savory Vegan website.

Vegan Reese’s Fat Bombs


Keeping these goodies on hand is a simple approach to satisfy sugar cravings while also replenishing fat. Who doesn’t enjoy Reese’s Cups-flavored snacks? The recipe may be found here.

Vegan Pumpkin Cookies with Only Three Ingredients


Image courtesy of the Healthy Helper blog.

Is there anything easier than a three-ingredient dessert? You most likely already have everything you need! You may add additional ingredients to these cookies to make them more interesting. Use coconut flakes, almonds, or chocolate bits, for example. The recipe may be found on the Healthy Helper blog.


Find out what our nutritionist has to say about the vegan keto diet.


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You’ve tried the ketogenic diet but don’t want to eat meat? Or maybe you’re a vegan who wants to lose weight. No matter the reason, you may have thought that you can’t have a vegan ketogenic diet. Not so! This has changed, and so has The Keto Diet Cookbook! Written by two doctors, this book will show you how to lose weight and how to maintain your weight loss with a plant-based ketogenic diet.. Read more about low-carb vegan recipes for weight loss and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you be keto and plant-based?

Yes, you can be keto and plant-based. You just need to make sure that you are eating enough fat and protein.

Can you be vegan and keto at the same time?

Yes, you can be vegan and keto at the same time. There are many vegan keto recipes that are easy to make.

What can a vegan keto diet eat?

A vegan keto diet can eat a wide variety of foods. Some examples include: Vegan Keto Diet Foods Avocado, asparagus, artichokes, asparagus, avocado oil, avocado toast with eggs and bacon (for breakfast), avocados with lemon juice and salt (for lunch), black beans with salsa and guacamole (for dinner) Avocado, asparagus, artichokes, asparagus, avocado oil, avocado toast with eggs and bacon (for breakfast), avocados with lemon juice and salt (for lunch), black beans with salsa and guacamole (for dinner) Avocado oil Avocados Bananas Beets Blackberries or blueberries (fresh or frozen) Broccoli florets or broccoli spears (cooked) or broccoli slaw Butternut squash Cabbage (cooked) or cabbage slaw Carrots (cooked) or carrot sticks with hummus and cucumber slices Cashews, macadamia nuts, pecans, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts (all raw) Cauliflower florets or cauliflower rice (cooked) or cauliflower mash with butter and salt (for breakfast) or cauliflower mash with butter and salt and bacon bits for lunch Celery Chia seeds (ground) or chia seed pudding with berries and coconut milk for breakfast Collard greens (cooked) or collard green slaw with avocado oil and lemon juice for lunch Cucumber slices, cucumber salad, cucumber soup, cucumbers in yogurt sauce with dill and mint leaves (for dinner) or raw cucumbers in a vinaigrette dressing for lunch. Cucumbers can also be sliced into sticks and dipped in hummus Cucumbers can also be sliced into sticks and dipped in hummus Dried cranberries or raisins Edamame (boiled) or edamame salad with avocado oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper for lunch Eggplant (cooked) or eggplant slaw with avocado oil and lemon juice for lunch. Eggplant can also be sliced into sticks and dipped in hummus. Eggplant can also be roasted on a

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