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It’s a fact that most of the butter we enjoy today, is made with milk. But, did you know that during the 18th century, butter was mostly made from cream, not milk? That’s exactly what you can enjoy with Kerrygold’s creamy butter. Just a pinch of salt and a warm, steamy mug of tea – and you’ll be transported to a time when butter was thought of as “a way to live” for the Irish.

Kerrygold is the world’s top butter brand. It’s an authentic Irish product, made in the country using traditional methods and ingredients. (Not to mention it’s also got a 0g Trans fat – the lowest ever recorded!)

Jabber Mogwai is one of Borderlands 3’s most unusual legendary boss hunters, owing to his proclivity for duplicating himself under specific situations. We’d write that off as a miscalculation, but that may not be the case.

If the name Mogwai seems familiar, it’s because it’s a clear allusion to the ’90s film Gremlins, which also leads us to think that, unlike other XP harvesting techniques, the duplicate isn’t a glitch and therefore may not be corrected in a future update.

In Borderlands 3, how can you clone Jabber Mogwai?

Borderlands 3 is chock-full of dubious XP growth methods, some of which we’re certain will be addressed sooner or later. Jabber Mogwai’s position is a little more complicated. Jabber Mogwai, named after the Gremlin Mogwai, acts similarly to the Gremlin Mogwai, who transforms into an almost endless number of creatures when exposed to specific ingredients.

If you expose Jabber Mogwai to a source of Cryo-Uron – be it a barrel or a weapon – the creature will duplicate itself. Since you can continue with this activity seemingly indefinitely, it’s a good idea to earn loot and experience points, especially on the difficulty levels of the late game.

Jabber Mogwai’s location

Jabber Mogwai may be located on Eden 6, which is ruled by Jacobs. To go to the level to the west, walk to the thick canopy area and beyond the store. Hammerlock will warn you ahead of time since Mogwai is a one-of-a-kind mythical hunting monster. Although it isn’t a mystery, the map above should reveal the precise location of the search, and the game will show you where Jabber Mogwai is hiding.

We’ve put up a tutorial on how to attempt some of the more risky methods of operating an XP farm. The current patch notes for the game do not include a remedy, but one should be available soon.

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